Sunday, March 26, 2006

No I'm serious!

I am having a mini hangover.(Yes I know I told you that I would stop this week but it was a bash and the beer was free.Am I forgiven?)Anyway entreaties for mercy aside, some international students had a bash and I went for it.It wasnt all that but it also wasnt that bad.Some new gals from the UK are here for a short exchange and one of them has been to Coast,Naivasha and the Mara so it was fun to chat with someone who has seen the wonderful sights from back home.Anyway there's this dude from Rwanda who also never misses these bashes so he was there and had taken a liking to one of the UK gals and was dancing with her whenever the opportunity presented itself.So at some point in the night the chic slipped away from him and came to chat with me and her gals.At this point in time I was feeling a bit cheeky so I asked her, "Why are you running away from your new friend?" and she goes, "That dry humping is getting a bit too much for me" to which I said; "I thought that you enjoyed having crotch up your ass?" And then we all burst out laughing.Yes that's me I always say something to remember!
I have this chic whom I share my Thursday class with who is a good pal and we dont talk that much but on that day I was feeling a bit flirtatious. So what happened is that I decided to lay on the compliments and little somethings and of course she told me that I was laying it on really thick so for my troubles she took me out for dinner that day ( Yes Shiroh and co ladies take me out too you know! ) and so when we were chatting at the table I told her about the chastity thing and I am saving myself. The chic almost choked on her food laughing. Which brought some interesting things to mind. (By the way nothing comes for free because now the chic wants my help on the next class assignment.) I told another chic that I was chaste and she was like "until you meet the right girl!"Only three chics whom I have told this have taken me at face value everyone else is skeptical (Not that I go around flaunting my resolution but when the issue of sex comes up I like to share so as to get opinions).
When we were talking about sex with the other Kenyan dude here I told him that I have put myself aside and the boy laughed at what I said long and hard.This is what he said (kinda crude so I am going to leave it in swahili/sheng) Ai?Aco ati umejiweka kando?Hakuna kitu kama hiyo! Wewe ni msee unaweza sherekea senye ya dame mpaka itoe moshi! Huna huruma wewe huwezi bakisha msee wa next kitu! Unakaa mhuni wa madame wewe!
So I get to thinking, I know I dont look like a freak ( babe since you have my pic please answer that for me ), nor do I look sleazy (I'm the kind of guy you can take home to ma and pa with no problems at all) so why don't people believe me at all?!Aco can save himself for the right time (okay and the right girl). You believe me don't you?


spicebear said...

i believe you, mostly beacause some people cannot believe that because they can't do something no one else can and i've been on the recieving end of such sentiments. it takes alot of character to decide on something and stick to it regardless of what people say, it sets you apart from the mindless folk

acolyte said...

@ spicebear
Thanks for the encouragement, I think it's just like you said; ppl hate on those who set out to do things they cant.

Shiroh said...

"....and the beer was free" Can't resist that one Aco can you?

she took me out for dinner that day ( Yes Shiroh and co ladies take me out too you know! )

I see what you are upto? Aco when you kuja i promise dinner for 5 days straight. And no assignments to boot.

And ooh i am as chaste as they come so my and your goals the same

KenyanMusings said...

Some pof us are involuntarily chaste aka right people and stuff never show up, and it aint pretty.
Nut I see some hope in the horizon.

Ala! I thought I told you and babe to lay off humping dry crotch on my blog. LOL

LoooL, that senye word sucks. LOL@ kutoa moshi.

walakini, how was the weekend? Good I hope.

KenyanMusings said...

...And oh hell NO! I do not believe....tsk tsk....

akiey said...

Rhaaahahah, LOL! Truth be told, if your own homie thinks that of The Aco....then even akiey finds it hard to believe that...afterall "Unakaa mhuni wa madame" despite their girlie posts,LOL x10!!!

Babe said...

Aco is not like that according to what he was told by the Kenyan dude regarding 'senye'.....aki that word is well and truly crude!

He has the cutest smile, cheeky but cute that the comment suggesting he is 'a ladies man' would be meant for the ladies instead of Aco. To some respect, he is a ladies man, he doesnt use his body though, but his intelligence and am sure that is what confuses people as to why chics are attracted to Aco. glad he is saving himself for the right girl. Not alot of men would do the same. As hard as it may be, I think it is the bravest and most special gesture that any man would do in this day and age of STIs

Ms K said...

Dude, I really don't have a comment but I had to LMAO at your buddies comment!!!! Ati mpaka itoe moshi? Gatho!!

LOL post your pic and we'll tell you. LOL or email me as!!

LOL and I'm investigatine this babe bizness. Guess, Mutumia, ni nani?

Milonare said...

Now you see why you head up the Bilas train?

By your own admission you shud be heading it up...

That Rwandese dry humper was left there steddy and all?

Guy must have cursed you! LOL

And by the way, jamaas who proclaim chastity usually are out to get themselves some. Not always but usually LOLOLOL

Prousette said...

I do believe you mostly because it is less stress kujujazia what someone can and can't do and still would believe you if you said not.
What does that make me?
I've never heard of the senye word before my gutter vocabulary just got enriched. Mpaka itoe moshi huh...?

acolyte said...

@ shiroh
I am going to hold you to that promise!As for you being chaste that throws a whole new dynamic into the works!Your post is almost ready!
@ kenyanmusings
Yes that word is indeed harsh.As for kutoa moshi I have no comment!
@ akiey
Despite all the coarse comments I make I am indeed a good guy!
@ babe
MWAAAAAAA!!!!!That's one more that I owe you!
@ Ms K
Mutumia and I are good pals but she aint my blogheart!As for the pic I ration the use of my image on cyber space.
@ Milo
I refuse to head the train!As for being out to get some I wouldnt say that coz my motives are pure!
@ prou
Ppl love being sceptic coz it is the easiest thing to do.As for that senye word I think it's coarse sana!But as for kutoa moshi I think when the right time comes we'll see.

Babe! said...

sawa Boo! Mwaahhhh right back at ya!

Joseph Walking said...

Acolyte i just have one question , have you noticed that since you decided that more women chomoka from the woodworks.

Acolyte said...

@ joe
Yup!I think they are sent by the evil one to drag us back down!

Kenyangal said...

@ Aco, keep spreading and advocating your thoughts on celibacy e.t.c it would be so cool (and dating so much easier)if more men thought the same way

acolyte said...

@ Kenyangal
The gospel is already out there but few are strong enough to follow it!

Udi said...

aco- if we lived in the same city you would probably be my boy. But i odnt see how I would be encouraging you to stay celibate. Coz me i would remind you everyday how good it feels like to burst a nut without the use of your hands. i am already getting nyeges thinking about mamas right now.

Acolyte said...

@ udi
good thing I dont live in your town then!You would turn me into a sex addict!

Girl next door said...

I respect the choice of being celibate. Not a very popular view this days, esp. guys. It's very possible--easier for some. Some lucky woman will get to value your choices someday.