Friday, April 07, 2006

10 reasons part 2

I just past by girl next door's blog (one of my all time faves) and saw that she had done a post about 10 reasons she would like to be a man.Much as I feel mantastic about being a man I am going to put down 10 reasons why it rocks being a woman!
1.Multiple orgasms
2.Women can cry and still look strong
3.Make up!Any plain woman can make herself a princess but as for us; if you are whack, you are whack!No make up for you (unless you are an actor/tv star or drag queen!)
4.Men do all sorts of things for you ie carry your shopping,change your tyres coz they think you shouldn't have to.
5.Men buying you gifts and stuff to get your attention and affection (no-one buys us men jack!)
6.You can play with children and not look like a child molestor
7.You can be emotional and rip into people and it will be written off as time of the month (try that as a man and see the flack you will get!)
8.You don't have to be macho as a woman
9.You can be a gold digger or high maintenance and not everyone will hold it against you (try selling yourself as a jigaloo as a man it's a no win situation!)
10.You don't have to chase after men, they come running and you have your pick!

So ladies before you complain you don't know how good you have it!Besides that's just the tip of the ice berg!There are loads more reasons!Have a good weekend people!


mama shady said...

alalalala!yani i saw youre post and chekad!oh, wait, i think im meant to say yohooo!i got to youre blog first( i'm still fresh at this bloggin thing)
anywho,ati we should be glad?!the way things are going nowadays, you know with role reversals and what not,mambo yamebadilika!heh!although i agree with 2,,oh we wish!
nice time!

acolyte said...

@ mama shady
Congrats!I still stand by number 10.No-one has it as easy as you chics do when it comes to dating!We men have to do all the legwork!

Girl next door said...

Thanks for the compliment! There are some advantages to being a woman as you've shown. #3 is funny and so true, amazing what make-up and some artificial enhancement can do to one's looks.

acolyte said...

@ girl next door
You're so welcome!Take advantage of it while it still works!

Kenyangal said...

One reason I love being a woman is that I am allowed to love pink.. On the other hand I would love being a man because.. (hmm I was going to say because they think laterally but then I pictured myself as a man and realised I wouldn't want to be a man at all!!) Think about it! dirty urinals, having to pee while standing and looking at someone else's penis, having a penis in the first place! having to pursue women, having to drink guiness (yak!) having to watch football with a bunch of men,not being allowed to cry, not being able to buy lots of pretty shoes and clothes, being responsible for a wife and kids...NAH, life is very tough and unfair for women but I think I'd rather be one anyway.

Milonare said...

Not to mention the soft spot below the belt, above the knee, in the middle...

A swift kick there and you'd wail to high heaven pleading to be a woman any day. My dictionary has that situation as the definition of agony!

LOL at mantastic LOL

Nakeel said...

Thanks Aco for making me Love myself more with your ten reasons.
At some point I have felt like to exchange and be a man for some days and hover anywhere anytime.

acolyte said...

@ Kenyangal
My dear that did not mean you declare open season on men!Think about it! Women have dirty toilets too!Besides we can pee anywhere we want!Looking at some other person's penis is optional you know, plus we dont have all the gynaecological problems that you have!Pursuing women can be fun and it gets even better when they turn 30, desparate and pursue you (man-karma at work)!Watching football with men rules!Who wants to buy pretty clothes and shoes that go out of fashion so fast?Being responsible for a wife and kids beats having to give birth any day!You may enjoy being a gal but I enjoy being a guy!So don't knock it!
@ milo
Yes the crown jewels are a weak spot but I hear a shot to the tatas in the case of gals has the same effect!Don't try it at home!
@ nakeel
you should be happy to be a gal but know that there are ops that can make you one of us!So feel free to join us anytime!

Milonare said...

LOL times thirty at a shot at the tatas


Kenyangal said...

I wasn't knocking guys! I was just emracing the differences between the sexes..

Prousette said...

So actually you are really glad to be a guy but there are positives that the gals have that you envy... hmm.

That list rocks.

acolyte said...

@ milo
Yeah it is kinda funny when you think about it!
@ kenyangal
My bad!
@ prou
Yes diversity should be embraced!We are here to compliment each other!