Monday, April 03, 2006

Underneath your clothes...

We all have a piece of clothing in our closet that we are truly ashamed about and never want anyone to know that we own but for some reason we still keep it.It could be some shoes with a whack design,a kaunda suit,kenya uniform skirt,KANU colors tie,mothers union panties or tired boxers.Yes disown as much as you want but we are all guilty.What is my secret?See below....

My very own passion killers!Winnie The Pooh boxer shorts!I have never worn them when I know I am going more then one mile past home, lest I am in accident and as the EMTs strip and search me; "We don't have a name for this one but looking at the underwear he is a Winnie the Pooh fan.A grown man wouldnt buy such underwear so he must be mentally handicapped!Let's send him to the mental ward when he comes to!"Also these could really kill the mood when getting lucky.After wining and dining a gal, telling her the sweet nothings that need to be told and after long steamy foreplay taking her to the bedroom.Then on striping off my shirt to show the glorius Acolyte chest then lastly the trousers.This would what she would say,"Oh Winnie The Pooh!That's so cute!I remember watching that cartoon as a kid!What's the Donkey's name?"At that point in time the girl's mind has shifted away from any carnal activities and is now in flashback mode and my porsche of passion will be left revving in the garage.
In my defense they were a gift!I would not in my right mind buy such boxers!But rest assured that these are worn in the privacy of my own home much as you ladies wear some old school breast plate style bras complete with the iron lining and mothers union ngothas (as seen Bridget Jones Diary) but please please please do not bring those vestments to the love chamber and I too (on behalf of all men ) will not.And instead will don a pair of these!

I am superman and I am here to save your love life!

ps:One great person born today in Acolyte month is Eddie Murphy!Yes he may be making crap movies now but in his heyday he rocked!Who can forget Raw,48 hours,Beverly Hills Cop,Nutty Proffesor,Boomerang and Shrek?Quote from Shrek:[To huge dragon]
What large teeth you have! I mean white sparkly teeth, I know you probably hear this all the time from your food but you must bleach or something, cos that's one dazzling smile you got there and do I detect a hint of minty freshness?

Beverly Hills Cop Quote:
Disturbing the peace? I got thrown out of a window! What's the f**kin charge for getting pushed out of a moving car, huh? Jaywalking?!
Dr Doolittle Quote:
Dr. Dolittle: You'll be the most famous bear in the world!
Archie: Bigger than Pooh?
Dr. Dolittle: If you get this right, everybody will be saying, Winnie the Who!
(dedicated to my boxers!)
That's Eddie Murphy for you!One more great person brought to you by Acolyte month!


KenyanMusings said...

I am first.
Hey girlie post destoyer but winnie the poo fanatic in his free time, what a contradiction.

LOLOLO , nice post. Yaaay for beverly hills cop mara fifty.

Dude, er, are you sure about that chaste thing? Because you are really thinking down south on this one.

Those boxers rock. I love navy blue on a man...

Babe said... can you come here and embarass me like this? I thought you liked the boxers when I bought them for you. Besides, you weren't complaining when you wore them the 'first' night of role play?!!!

You have some serious making up to do! You do know that, don't you?

Ms K said...

LOL those Superman ones ROCK!!!!!

Kenyangal said...

Ok why does the acolyte 0.4567 have a baby pink roseflower duvet? Anyway moving on to the boxers.. i like the pooh ones and the navy ones.. the other two are bordering on geekious lol

Prousette said...

Those Winnie the Pooh boxers sure do not suit you or the instigator for that matter. Did you borrow them from nick and then refused to return?

kritik said...

skeleton in our closets..
got the 80's Y-front ngothas..
those that had a ka hole for who knows

acolyte said...

@ kenyanmusings
Every man has a deep hidden secret and that was mine!As for being chaste just coz I can talk about down south issues dont mean I'm doin' em!
@ babe
They are nice for playing the "cartoon" game but....O.K I'm sorry I'll make it up to you!
@ Ms K
@ Kenyangal
In my defense my regular one is in the laundry!That is the one my sis gave me when I got here!Note to self:buy only dark and sullen colored beddings!
@ prou
they were a gift!!!Also now way me and Nick can fit into the same piece of clothing!ps:I hear the Instigator died!
@ kritik
I remember those ngothas so so well!

Joseph Walking said...

lol acolyte funny post dont know about desplaying the boxers but funny post you can see how all the women are excited

acolyte said...

@ joe
Hmmmmmmm, you actually do raise a good point!

Mocha! said...

eeewwwww.....ati Winnie the Poo! (I have lengad the H on purpose)

Lakini you have a point...the pants for Bridget Jones as you politely put it "Mothers Union"! I refer to them as 'Bakuli' underwear coz they resemble a bowl. I have a few, for them days coz they are comfortable. They are passion killers though. Avoided where necessary.

How precise are the Playboy ones though. Kwanza the position of the bunny....LOL!

acolyte said...

@ Mocha!
ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!Ati bakuli underwear!Yaani I am not going to forget that one for a long time to come!You have made my day!

spicebear said...

pooh bear underwear? LOL, you have hilarized me. well, i shouldn't speak. me i have my pink panther and hello kitty underwear! i am most definately feeling the superman boxers though ... :-D

Shiroh said...

Who ate my comment?

KM, sweetie i was here first, thanks God to aggregator.

Anyhow, the 3 last boxers rock..

Milonare said...


Those ngothaz LOL

Ati chiles are feeling the superman ones? Trust. LOOOOL

Let me not even mention my skin-tight ngothaz LOL

Acolyte said...

@ spicebear
I think hello kitty is more then appropriate for women's undies, don't you?
@ shiroh
You first?here?nah!But the last boxers do rock!
@ Milo
Do you want to have kids in the future?

Abby said...

hmm .. interesting choice of topic ... is your intention to have fellow bloggers mentally undress you next time you meet?
btw - nice blog, perusing your archives.

acolyte said...

@ mama mia
Now that you mention it....Thanks for passing by!Enjoy the archives!

nick said...

Id kill for those S boxers!!!!! KILL i tell u!

now eddie murphy: he has come a long way but i think he should never be forgiven for distinguished gentleman/vampire in brooklyn/pluto nash/the deniro movie nad the steve martin movie

but majority of his flicks were super dont forget comin to america