Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Weekend in pictures!

First things first!I feel like shit!I feel like a truck ran me over and as I was laying their battered and bruised, two big women came sat on my head then one of them took a dump in my mouth!
Anyway last night there was the International Students Dinner.Yours truly volunteered to cook!What did I cook?

One of the best childhood treats ever!

Not as perfect as mum used to shape 'em but since these peeps dont know how they are supposed to look I was home free!

I have a new found respect for proffesional chefs coz standing in a hot kitchen making something as simple as simsim for 100 plus people is not easy!My right hand is now almost immune to hot things after almost burning it several times (but unlike M's favourite chefs I followed all hygenic precautions knowing that these peeps dont have stomachs as strong as ours)!The dinner was held in our Uni's ballroom and food from over 30 countries was on offer.The unfortunate thing is that since I was serving I didnt get to taste most of them.There were also some performances and a fashion show.Here is the day in pictures!

Waiting to get into the kitchen!You see the gal on the far right?I have a post about her waiting in the wings!

Where most of the work was done!

china in the house

Two of our Kenyan folk representing!

The DRC folk do their thing!

My pal representing for the spanish folk!

Colombia in tha house!

Of course the Dominican sister couldnt be left behind!

The Dominicans do their thang!

The Spaniards are like hell no!We'll show you how it's done!

TThe gals were dancing to some British number from way back - The chic in the centre is British the one on the left Spanish and the far right American

One more shot coz it was a good performance!

Of course our African sisters had to represent!

And they brought the house down!

One of the two b-day gals!

After the dinner I had to drop into my room mates bbq!Here are some nice young gals!No Milo/Whispering Inn/>d,udi they are too young for you!

Then rolled back to the digs of the International Student who throws the best bashes!Good thing he's coming back next sem for grad school!This bash was so good that the other b-day chic who came by didn't want to go for her own bashIt can't stop,it won't stop....

That gal with the yellow top made me wish I had a camcorder coz damn she can move!The digital camera couldn't keep up!

My new pal looking a bit worn out!She's a perfect example of what happens to me alot!We met at my room mates bbq and on the way to the Int'l bash I comment about the way there are too many churces in my town and the way I dont go and she tells me that she is going to pick me up for church next week!Church going women stay away from me!I don't want to go to church!But ya'll can come around when I wanna get hitched!

My Rwandan pal tends to an Ethiopian fresher who got really messed up.How did that happen.....

A pal makes sure he let's it all out!
Anyway how did he (wasted dude in the pic above) get that way?He came to the bash with kind of early and I met him and the pal when I was going to my roomies bbq for a techical appearance.So at the bbq I had a beer and was on my second but then my ride rushed me so I had to leave half behind.So on getting to the bash the Rwandan chap had checked in and this dude tells his pal that he is going to keep up with his pace.All well and good.But then I checked in with a vengeance and took two beers at once to make up for lost time (you know Kenyans and free booze).So now he thought he could keep up with the two of us and he ended up crashing.What some people need to know is that some of us are seasoned proffesionals!We have had many years of training under great luminaries so DO NOT TRY TO KEEP UP WITH VETERANS OF THE BAR!Anyway I was among the last people to leave and for my resilience I was rewarded with some take away pints (Yes babe I know I am supposed to be quitting!).Did I go to bed?Hell no I had someone on my mind so I gave babe a call and the shameless woman was just waking up!But it was still great to talk to her even though I was winding down but it's the thought that counts right?Anyway moving on.How can I be up from 7 a.m the day before!Cooking,walking,serving,taking pictures,socialising,dancing and on my feet most of the day go for a BBQ and a bash, cause a pretender to the Beer Mtungi Fraternity to crash and burn and still be able to functional perfectly?It is because I am The Acolyte V2.0!Accept no substitutes and bow down!
ps:My blog has the best pictures!You all live in my town through me!Ya'll better recognise!
pps:Forgot the cable for my camera in my apartment so I had to go back!I bet I was a sight at that time coz a walk that takes me 10 mins took me 20 coz any sudden movements that caused my head to shake a little bit extra then it could withstand caused me great agony; so I looked like a geriatric on an afternoon stroll!
ppsII:Babe gotta thanks you for the photo infection coz an anti camera dude like me from having a very small photo collection now took over 120 pics in 2 days!
Anyway I am off to watch flavour of love re-union!Hasta Manyana!


Kenyangal said...

Wow i can't believe you made simsims for 100 people!! Was it served like dessert appetizer or main course? It looks like you had fun!!

spicebear said...

flavour of love reunion? lol, i can see that i am not the only one addicted to bad tv ...

KenyanMusings said...

SOudns like someone had a good weekend.

Er, get a chaste room babe and you already!!!

That is so nasty the way you said about church girls staying from you unless you wanna get hitched......I did not miss it at all. I hope someone yells at you for it, because my week is beginning and I haven't the energy to yell now...

Girl next door said...

Cool pics! The international night is a fab idea getting everyone to represent and be patriotic.

akiey said...

Fun, fun, great fun & more unhindered fun is the rule in my books. You all had a great one togther, obvious from the pics & the tale-tell.

Now I know where to drop by for that on the go simsim Aco, shauri yako. You just got yourself an intruder in your kitchen.

You ahd this coming...

Where the heck is Acolylte's picture in all this?! I feel cheated, I really do.

Whispering Inn said...

Wewe jamaa, ebu give your boy a holla next time you're partying.
You seem to be going to parties that ROCK!
Looks like you had a tite weekend, bana.

Mocha! said...

Glad to see your weekend was aiight. Like Akiey said....I feel cheated too that your pics are not included in here. Wasup with that?

Na huyu babe ni nani? I will have to start chunguzaing! tihihihi!

As for the receipe...YOU ARE WELCOME!

Shiroh said...

Yummy yummy...the pics are nice. So where is your pic, Aco dear. Glad you had a blast.
Ulihanya hanya ama ni aje

And my word verification is fkcozy. I mean cozy the last two digits is what you had you chaste thing

nick said...

damn that sounded like fun...damn even more fun than watchin TV.
yet u feel crappy-is of how

LOL a chick had katikad huko on ur digicam she is still cause its not moving at her pace. ha ha haha

>d® said...

Hot damn Aco, that seems like one heck of a party. It ain't no party until someone retches!
Props on the cooking man; I strait up know I couldn't do it.
The ratio at the bash looks off the chain too! That's definitely my kind of party. Glad you had a good time.

acolyte said...

@ Kenyangal
The simsim was part of dessert.The main courses rocked!Even though I didnt get to eat half of them!
@ spicebear
We are many!
@ Kenyanmusings
Yeah the weekend rocked!As for church gals I have lots of love for 'em so dont take it personally!In fact they make things easy for me (staying chaste!)
@ girl next door
I am most def coming for next years!
@ akiey
Just make sure you call in advance!As for my pic ya'll ain't ready for it!
@ Whispering Inn
The int'l bashes rock mpaka peeps drive all the way from ATL!I will holla at you for the next one!
@ Mocha
One step at a time!You are most def welcome for helping out with upishi!Chunguza well!
@ Shiroh
mdogo mdogo!As for hanyaring that story is bilas!Remember I am saving myself!

acolyte said...

@ nick
If that chic danced for you, you'd sell your tv!
I had to represent for the ppl!As for retching there always has to be a guilty party!

Movie Buff said...

I miss international dinner..... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Anywho... glad you had a ball... and I cant believe you watch Flavor of love...

acolyte said...

@ movie buff
Si you pitia next year?Most def I will come back for it!As for flava of love it aint that bad!

mutumia said...

Wow! Maximum repsect! Simsim for 100+ people. That's crazy!

Flava Flave!

acolyte said...

@ mutumia
It was so crazy that I am not doing it again!I hear season 2 selections are on the way!Sign up!

Adrian said...

sounds like you guys had a great time - except the ones who needed supporting...

Acolyte said...

@ adrian
There are always casualties!

Mutumia said...

Aco--- gotta admit we (OK - I do) watch Flava 'cause of the ick factor. have you ever seen anything so rodent-ish like that ka-guy? kwanza wiff the grills in his 'teef'... thithi galore! Can't wait for Season 2

acolyte said...

@ Mutumia
Yes that dude is a mess but the drama is priceless!I have a whole post that I am going to do on that show!

Milonare said...

That church dem is sawaz...

I just cant imagine you as a cook - LOL

LOOOOL at the Ethiopian wannabe LOL

And age-wise, my cutoff is two national exams so there!!! LOL

Acolyte said...

@ milo
Yes I may be goin to church this Sunday!As for upishi, hiyo ni lazima!So as for your cutoff, do you date them before they do 2 national exams or after?