Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The people's choice!

I have several papers and a presentation weighing down on me this week.So my mind may not be able to produce one of my usual stunning, wonderful, deeply insightful and humorus posts that you all know and love!So instead what I am going to do is to take the first acceptable 10 topics offered by you bloggers and readers out there and write posts on them.Okay people get cracking!


Stunuh Jay said...

Me First!
Yippeee. Hope your papers went well :D

Stunuh Jay said...

OOh OOH! Here's my topic:
Sleeping Attire

acolyte said...

@ stunuh
Writing one take home CAT now.That's a good topic but I am sure that you know that you mamas will get it with both barrels for whackass nighties!Looool!

Joseph Walking said...

mmmh tempting. and since i cant post on your blog and not think about my good buddy d-shy here is my topic .a list of 50 things i wish(that you acolyte)d-shy knew about men that i think she doesnt

acolyte said...

@ Joe
Now that one is a hot one!Most def coming to a post near you!

Mocha! said...

LOL @ Joe's suggestion. Nice one mate!

Here is mine:

The weirdest combo of food you have eaten for a week coz of msoto!

Walapangaz Aco! Manzee, back on the school grind and I feel you on that paper(s) thing. All the best. I will also be busy cracking the whip at my exam piece. I guess it is good luck to both of us huh???

Shiroh said...

Your pet peeves.

acolyte said...

@ mocha
I guess we need all the luck we can get!As for topics that one I covered sometime back, I know it is hard for you to keep track of what goes on here!So another topic is in order!
@ shiroh
I thought you knew by now?But anyway I will post on that too!

The Devious One said...

Morning...how bout life in the "ville"

Mocha! said...


Wacha I chambua my brain then I will be back to weka another topic! I hope it toboaz the list.

*Hint Hint*

nick said...

"Things that make ACO"

ive been workin on a post like that and am stuck..talkin bout deodorant/toothpaste/wrist watch...

superman vs spiderman/batman

and tato would like to know the movies ur waiting for this year

acolyte said...

@ devious one
I think I have a brief post on that so I will cut copy and paste for you
@ mocha!
Think hard and long...
@ nick
That would take several posts to say what makes me.As for movies since I dont go to the theatres much (damn expensive) but X-3 and MI-3 are on my list for now!

mocha said...

Thinking HARD and LONG....wewe, ebu stop encouraging other dreams. Ama this is your way of coming back to the our shagadelic world pole pole? LOL!

AHA! Here is my topic:

How the Acolyte intends to break his celibacy! Details please!

The Devious One said...

kumbe wewe ni XMen fan....now we're talking !

spicebear said...

damn, i'm drawing a blank here. but i like stunuh's and mocha's post ideas. i will be back when my mind is not feeling like its full of mush!

dangerously_shy said...

@Joe - That there suggestion has been noted and stored away for future reference in a file next to matches and a tyre (coincidence? I think not!)

@Acolyte - Ignore Joe, everything i need to know or care to know about men i do (which is very little by the way) My suggestion is "Top ten most annoying questions men should stop asking women"

Do you love me?
Where are you going?
Do i satifsy you?
Do i look fat?
Why do you need two dildos?
Is my pal better looking than me?

UGhhh!! puh!

Ps- I understand a belated birthday wish is in order? give me a minute to slip out of the gold bunny suit and into something frilly and crotchless so i do a b'day jig

acolyte said...

@ dangerously shy
Thanks for the good wishes.I will be coming over with some cigars and cognac to watch the jig!I think that both yours and Joe's suggestions got burnt in the store due to close proximity to the tire and paraffin!