Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Still room for more!

Hey people these are the blog topics that I have so far that have made the cut!
1.Sleeping Attire - Stunuh
2.My pet peeves - Shiroh
3.Life in the "ville" - Devious one
4. "Things that make ACO" - Nick
5.How the Acolyte intends to break his celibacy (with details)! - Mocha!

So 5 more slots!I will start with the easiest one....My pet peeves!Coming soon.......


Keguro said...

Kenyan Superhero: Give a name and description of powers, as well as an idea of the costume.

Acolyte said...

@ Keguro
Well I will work on that.At the moment I have Captain Corruption and MP Man!Will work on their abilities asap!

Shiroh said...

Ask him about Tony Adams or John Barnes and the dude was lost!

I could be lost too

...loving it. But i have to comment book first. When i came i was first so let me finish. And thanks for choosing mine as the first. Wewe it is working

I truly penda what i have read so far

Shiroh said...

I am becoming a blog idiot now see me commenting on another post. Sorry Aco

Kenyangal said...

LOL @ Shiroh, you're killing me!! Please don't drink and blog..Ask him about Tony Adams or John Barnes and the dude was lost!
I could be lost too

Prousette said...

The firsts in your life,
first kiss, shag, day at school-if you can remember, flight etc.

acolyte said...

@ Shiroh
Wacha blog racing!It can be dangerous for your health.
@ kenyangal
Yes Shiroh is on a level of her own!
@ prou
I have never kissed, I am still pure sexually but I will share about the rest!

Mocha! said...

waaaa....i didnt even think it would make it.

*rubbing hands in anticipation*

can't wait for the post!

acolyte said...

@ mocha
I aim to please!

disappointed Joe said...

i see after making the cut i was rigged out again.Acolyte its all good i jua you didnt want to anger the future Mrs Aco.but you have lost points with me

acolyte said...

@ joe
D-shy ain't the next Mrs Aco but I am sure you can come up with another suggestion!

The Devious One said...

@ ACO...after al the "work" I put in on my magotis and U give me slot # 3 ??
sleep with one eye open !!

I rub my hands in anticipation as well ( headin off to sharpen simi ...)

kelitu said...

Acolyte ati you have never been kissed? I must be a nun then...

acolyte said...

@ Devious one
The list was not in order of priority so you could still be number one!
@ kelitu
I thot I saw someone who looked like you when I was saying vespers at the nunnery last week!