Thursday, May 25, 2006

I am not amused!

No this is not a rant per se.I leave that to the proffesionals like Kenyanmusings.But I read this story in the EA Standard, and it made me raise an eye brow in concern.It is amazing how not one or two MPs can afford to jet set around the country each carrying 1,000,000/= while their constituents suffer making ends meet (while they complain that they need to be paid well for the work they do!) as the country trudges under the load of corruption and innefectual public policies.
This is an excerpt of the conversation of when the inadvertent bag swap was discovered and the bags returned to their rightful owners.

Sunguh: Oh my money…where is my bag? What will I do? I am going for elections and I had all my money inside it.

That raises an interesting question.Why would an MP be carrying 1,000,000 to an election?I think that some of that money may be used to buy votes.It's sad that wanainchi only get to see their elected officials and their ill gotten gains come polling time.Amyway I am sure there are bloggers who can comment on the above issue far more eloquently then I can hope to.

Seeing as today is Africa day (I am ashamed that I didn't know that seeing how few public holidays I am privy to once I came here!), I read this story about how much Africa is losing when its' productive youth leave the mother land to do odd jobs abroad as they have no hope in their respective countries of origin.The writer then tells of an incident that occured on his flight to Nigeria

At the very last seat in this Jumbo plane was a young Nigerian man, definitely not more than 25 years old, sandwiched between two bully-built White British immigration officers and handcuffed to both of them. I made enquiries from the air hostesses since my initial attempt to talk to the man’s captives was rebuffed.

The BA air hostess casually informed me that it was nothing unusual, that these things happen fairly regularly, that the man was being ‘removed’ and assured me that his noise would reduce as soon as the flight settles in the air.

Even sadder still was the general indifference of most of the other largely Nigerian passengers. Many of them have become inured to this kind of routine humiliation of fellow citizens. One even advised the wailing young man to ‘shut up and try again when you get home’.

It is a sad state of affairs, but you have to admit his fellow passenger's comment was funny,‘shut up and try again when you get home’.Although the thing is that some and many do try and get back.An American friend was telling me how he has friends in Immigration and how they had deported this Nigerian dude from the States 4 times and each time he had a different alias and a different passport.The dude himself said that he has so many aliases that he no longer knows which is his real name!

Then to round things off here is an article about how you can fake it till you make it!

Pic Of The Day:Tony Njuguna as El Presidente!


mutumia said...



Msanii_XL said...

Pic is hilarity..

Fake till you make it..there are some cats who bide their time and they eventually strike it big..personally I abhor fake-ists..Thats just me though

Shiroh said...

I am not amused too.
Njesus...why wait until deported. Does Africa suck that much or at least thats what is illustrated.

AS for Gor Sunguh well

KenyanMusings said...

When will such a bag land at my feet so I can GET MY WALK ON..

Hey Aco....

Prousette said...

Aie... on top of being greedy our MPs walk around with 1mil bob in cash in their bags... no comment.

Nakeel said...

Gor Sunguh ni fisis and he will die like in that hadithi atapasuka msamba.

For faking it .. aieh

AK said...

shocked too. two Mps on one plane, both carrying bags of money of not less than a million each wow!!

This must be a popular trend amongst MPs. Let's do the math: out of the 222MPs (or are they more now?), how many take off for the weekend?

Say 100 go places every weekend carrying bags of money, not less than 1 million each. So we have
Sh10 billion carried by those nutty mofo's roaming the countryside.

Those aircrafts must be the most liquid joints in Kenya away from the banks..

acolyte said...

@ Mutumia
Sema gal!Mambo?
@ msanii
Yes that pic rocks!Yes the people who suck are the ones whom fake so openly tht you can feel it!
@ shiroh
I think it is in your mind if Africa sucks or rocks, things are what you make them out to be!
@ Kenyanmusings
That's two of us who are wishing for such a windfall!Weekend plans?
@ Prou
Not too funny is it?
@ Nakeel
As the saying goes..Malipo ni hapa hapa!
@ ak
With those stats you are tempting me to fly back and hijack the next plane full of MPs at Wilson Airport!

Ntwiga said...

Nice picture of Tony: it actually looks like the Baks, does'nt it? I took this photo of the 3 of them at an event where they performed in Naivasha in September of 2005.

And I also blogged about those MPs and our money last week. What I find amusing is that they did not think to pick up the cash at the Kisumu branch of their banks . . . and why do they need to transact their business with cash anyway? Whom are they bribing?

acolyte said...

@ ntwiga
You do have a great pic of the crew!Seems your fam has fun things going on!I also thought that the sheer amount of cash those fat cats were carrying pointed out to something untowards going on!These people need to style up real soon,real fast!