Saturday, May 27, 2006

Summer Heat....

Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!The summer heat is here!Today it was so hot that when I made the 3 block walk to the store I felt like I was swimming against a tidal wave of sheer humidity!I miss Fall and Spring temperatures where you could take a walk.
The first purchase I am going to make is a nice mountain bike!No more walking for this brother!Then to save on the aircon bills I am going to buy some big ass fans!Then Ice Cream, Sodas and Beers for the fridge are a must!
With the amount of air pollution these Americans do with their SUVS and Muscle Cars Summers are only going to get hotter and hotter and hotter!
It is seasons like this that make me miss Kenyan weather, I would give an arm to be at the Coast right now with the warm summer breeze running through my locks (yes I went to get my hair locked a few weeks back!Pics coming soon) and to have a cold Coke in my hand as I wade in the Indian Ocean.Ah the good life!You don't know what you have until its' gone!
But this heat cloud has a silver lining!All the summer plots and the gals putting on skimpy summer wear!Wooo Hooo!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

i feel yu aco and it has not even hit july yet come that time is when yu wish yu had enough cash to be goin home during the summer holidays and coming back when the temps have cooled

mocha said...

glad to see you are enjoying the sun....huku is full of manyunyuz. ati your dreads are up and growing....LOL!! cant wait for the pics.

have a nice weekend Aco!

egm said...

I just finished setting up my aircon before reading this post. I used to do the fan thing, but last summer I said enough and just went and got me an aircon. And kesho it's supposed to hit 90. I know that's low relatively speaking for y'all down south folk, but up north in Boston, that's hot. And especially for this time of the year!

Big ups on the bike decision. I got me one some years back, and I have never regretted the purchase. I'm also looking to buy a new one, as the other one has been tormented enough. Nothing beats biking.

nick said...

i thrive in heat...i cherish heat..ebu enjoy every waking sweating moment damn it. na hukus its been raining on and off its gettin annoying. enjoy cycling thru this heat
enjoy dreads thru this heat
of course the summer movies as well in this heat

Ati pics comin up where have i heard that before


spicebear said...

i hope the fan works out for you. i did the whole fans thing last year cos the elec bill was too high and i discovered that all they did was blow the humid hot air round and round, no relief. now i just budget really well for those high bills that i know are on their way.

this heat sucks! mid and upper 90's already? this summer is going to be murder. all these people with SUV's should be taxed extra. as you said cos of them its only going to get hotter.

acolyte said...

@ Anon
Yup, this heat is a killer!It's a shame that air tickets are so expensive!
@ mocha
Pics are most def on the way!
@ egm
I do feel u that fans arent that strong, but they do save cash!The south has heat on it's own level!I'm goin bike shopping this week.
@ nick
Heat rocks but not humidity!Enjoy the drizzle it really cools down things.But pics are most def on the way!
@ spicebear
Well Ill try out fans and see how it goes.Global warming is a bitch isn't it!

kelitu said...

this heat is a pain in the tush! manze and my Muchemi(weatherman) has promised a very strong Bermuda High so it will be a hot,humid and very dry summer...crap! aki i might hamia alaska for the next 4 months.

Girl next door said...

When the heat is out full force and somebody says, "you must be used to this, being from Africa.." it pisses me off! Dreads are cool.

acolyte said...

@ kelitu
Please take me along when you are moving to Alaska!
Yup that pisses me off too!Peeps think to seem to think that we live in a desert!