Thursday, May 25, 2006

Nice and Short!

I think after the last 3 super long, serious posts some fun is needed.I got this on Mashada and decided to share it!I don't know the answers so lets have some fun with this!

We are in a big bash.lots of Africans;Nigerians,Cameroonians,Ghanians,Botswanans,Zimbaweans,Kenyans,Ugandans,South
Africans and Tanzanians.

Lets see who can spot who in the crowd.

crowd A

Sharing the same chic who haz been shagged by most of the men she's dancing with.they are really dirty dancing but good dancers.All of the dudes are friends and they all shagged this chic knowingly that their homeboy waz currently tapping that.and the homeboy knows what's going down but doeznt care. Morals dont live here!

crowd B

Talking about business.and how to get rich real quick without breaking sweat.

crowd C

Discussing soccer loudly and how their country is potentially better than all other african countries in soccer and politics.Very cocky.

crowd D

Sitting next to where the alcohol is,some of them trying to pursade the gals to come closer but none of them are venturing too far from the alcohol.not even for the flyest honey in the bash.

crowd E

Complaining about home.the economy at home.the F8cked up situation at home.cursing the white folks.

Crowd F

Think theyre better than most other africans in the bash.Infact,we all should be priviledged they attended.

Crowd G

Competing with Crowd D on drinking but they cant do it quietly coz they're as loud as Crowd C.talking animatedly about the upcoming World Cup.

Crowd H

Mixing and socializing freely.not standing in bands of their own nor have a common agenda.some are drinking,some are pimping.some are just chilling.

Crowd I

Very courteous and polite.soft spoken and bear a sharp contrast to their african geographic neighbour country pples character.

Identify each country accurately.


mutumia said...

I= Tanzanian...

Ebu I do some more research and come back with the correct answer. What's the prize?

mutumia said...

1st= Mutumia

Prousette said...

Nigerians B
Cameroonians C
Ghanians, H
Zimbaweans E
South Africans
Tanzanians I
The rest no idea.

What's up for grabs?

KenyanMusings said...

F South africans

B Nigerians

D or E kenyans....

Ehe, leta there like, kama Primary mathematics where the answers are at the back and kina people like Milo, have to peep huko nyuma....eee?
ama semaring multiplication tables and you flow through 2, 4, 6, 8 then you get to 9 and things become rocks cos, now what is 9* it 63? or 56? aiiiii or 72?

Hello darlin; doin fine?

mama mia said...

A - Botswana
B - Nigeria
F - South Africans
Those were the easy ones.

The rest, well....
C - Cameroonians?
E - Zimbabweans?
H - Tanzanians?
I - Ugandans?

That leaves D for Kenyans ... seems to fit "Sitting next to where the alcohol is.... none of them are venturing too far from the alcohol...." yeah, definitely kenyans.

spicebear said...

crowd c - cameroonians

crowd d - kenyans

crowd e - zimbabweans

those were easy. now to guess the rest ....

crowd g - ugandans

crowd i - tanzanians

and the rest i have o idea. wapi zawadi?

acolyte said...

@ Mutumia
I wish I knew all the answers so that I could give a prize, but I dont!
@ prou
Nice guess, I think we'll do this by consensus.
@ KM
I am very sawa!What about you?Imagine I am bila answers?I jacked the quiz from a forum!
@ Mama Mia
Seems our people love their pints!
@ Spicebear
I am bila the answers so what I will do is tally the answers and work from that!

Archer said...

Hey Acolyte. Lemme start with the obvious ones.
B: Naijos (most definitely!
E: Zimbabwe (rather obvious!)
F: South Africa (the way these peeps don't consider themselves to be part of Africa)
I: Tanzania.
The rest I guess are
A: Botswana
C: Cameroon
D: Kenya (the pints part yes, part b...I beg to differ)
G: Ghana
H: Ugandans.

Acolyte said...

@ Archer
Nice guess!Let me tally the results and see what I come up with!

Came by to check if results are out said...

Assiiiii, now how will we know wewe?

Good weekend?

Have a nice week.