Sunday, May 21, 2006

Latest tunes

The one and only...Jill Scott!

I just love the retro cover!

When you see that logo you know the music is going to be great!

Yes this cd cover looks whack but it has nice tracks on it!

This cd isnt as good as his earlier stuff but still makes for good listening!

To make up for the drudgery of my summer job, I have been beefing up my music collection.Other then the Alanis sounds that I mentioned in my previous post, above are the latest family members!
plus:The Ministry of Sound Annual 2006 (Australia version) is a jewel!It has a slight 80's dance/disco influence to the beats on most of the tracks and isnt too high tempo nor ambient slow!It just goes to remind me of how Americans have no business in the dance music business!The best dance/techno/trance or whatever you call this genre comes from Europe.If I ever get round to it I may even put up an audioblog so that people can listen to some of the tracks!


Stunuh Jay said...

I think I'd like to listen to that Jill Scott... she good!
I'm a due hard fun of STING. I just think he's music is awesome.

Ntwiga said...

If you liked Jill Scott then you need to get the Dana Owens album by Queen Latifah.

No rap in this, the CD showcases what can only be described as a tremendous voice. I recommend starting with the track Hard Times.

Mark my words, 5 years from now, this woman will be a serious contender for jazz artist of the year when the Grammys come around.


Acolyte said...

@ stunuh
Yes Sting does rock and that Jill Scott album is great!
@ ntwiga
I did hear one of the tracks from that album and I must say it made for great listening!I will most def try to get hold of it!Keep the oldies coming on your blog!