Monday, June 05, 2006

One day on the train

Nick wonders what movie he can talk to Kenyanmusings about

The bila train moved slowly through the countryside.Milo sat next to Kenyanmusings attentively listening to her brief sojourn off the train. Nick sat in the back talking to Movie Buff about the last movie she watched. Kenyangal browsed through the latest issue of bridal dresses, all remained was a groom and she would be good to go!Kenyangal decided to get an opinion on how one of the grooms in the magazines looked.She knew she could count on Acolyte for a sarcastic and funny comment.She looked to where he usually sat admiring the scenery.He was nowhere to be seen.She panicked!She told Milo and the rest of the passengers.They searched up and down for The Acolyte.He was nowhere to be seen.
The Acolyte was no longer on the train.......


Kelitu said...

Lmao! Just made my day bro. :)

Joseph Walking said...

acolyte you are not helping the few minds out there who think we are one and the same person. changing you blog template just as i changed mine isnt going to help.i would love to say great minds think alike but you miht be my arch nemesis so ill just say a change is as good as a rest

guessaurus said...

What!! No more abstinence? Are you gonna walk or trot or run or hitch a ride to the next station - or is that your destination for the time being?
Ah do give the rest of the story my dear LOLOLOL

Movie Buff said...

ha ha ha ACO..... lmao....

Thats all Im gonna say!

acolyte said...

@ Kelitu
My pleasure!
@ Joe
I guess it's just a great coincidence that we changed our blog templates at the same time.Ah I have my hands busy enough with D-shy to take on another nemesis!
@ Guess
Well let's just say I thot I could hang out on the platform without the train leaving me behind.But where!The train was gone before I knew what was happening!I will give the story soon, I just have to make sure I am not jinxed the same way KM was when she told her story!
@ movie buff
Well that says enough!

Shiroh said...

Hey Aco has gotten some.

Huko ati jumping out of the bilas train waah!!!!

Ms K said...

DESERTER!!! Ha ha!

KenyanMusings said...

Now how did I become an odiero? aiii, Clear Tone nuthin!!

Ehe, eti now you are off the train. So much for chastity haki!! the heroes are falling. I shoulda just been my own role model. Now what is the meaning f this surely? eh?
Tebu do not use KM's name in vain. She may or may not be on that gaddamn train......but me, I will never say, vile KBW are jinxed, nyinyi wote, no one will ever get constant strokes. Ptttu ptuuu **spitting**...thats a curse!!

Aki dont tell KBW, they will jinx it for you ile mbaya mboff. But, see, you already told by virtue of announcing that you are off the train. May the curse befall thee!!!! Muahahhahhahha

Enjoy your week in the sunshine my friend.
One weeek, and you will be back on, kwanja hapo next to the dere, yaani, the dere's favorite cos you never shuka you know? you know we are just going to buruburu, so we will be back in a few to pick you, and your torn shoes, and your luggage hapo tu tumekushukisha.

Washana na Nick and I. I have it on good authority that his strokes are underway. haiya! me I am not saying anything.

mama mia said...

LOL! nice one..

bankelele said...

That train is cold

Prousette said...

Will be interesting to know why you got of before your destination, lakini there is another train headed the same direction passing in two days. Make sure you get on...
should we be wishing you well?

Your ex-baby mama said...

HA ha ha ha ha haa... yaani that train is bila passengers!!! I thought KM just used to inspect the train from time to time no? Well.... Good on you mate! Now gets to blogging about the off-train ride!

mocha! said...

LOL.....good on you Aco! Wacha the rest of us 'enjoy' the rest of the journey. Hopefully, not for long!

Udi said...

LOL- Weee daddy, how do u jua all those people are on the train.

acolyte said...

@ shiroh
It was about time!
@ Ms K
What was a man to do?
@ KM
It seems lack of sunlight in the train worked wonders for you!
I have not fallen, I have just descended to the level of mortals to see what it is about strokes ya'll love so much.
As for the 411 that will be given when I feel the jinx isnt as strong as it was in your case.
Take your time as I won't be back soon!As for Nick, ebu give us the 411 on daktari's strokes.
@ mama mia
@ Prou
Well wacha I take a tour then I may get back on the right train!
@ mutumia
Now since you got off it got so so boring that I had to follow you.Ebu you blog about how you shukad then I will follow your example!
@ mocha!
You dont have to be on the train for long..the jack rabbit works wonders!
@ udi
Now when ppl air their dirty linen some of us are listening!

Couch 'tato said...

Gai i disappear and i have been attacked and u have disappeared from the train...kwani u think we are chezaring hide and seek ebu reappear and sit with us fair and square

ebu tell them KM

mutumia said...

ati what? ati who? see Aco, the good thing with me is that if you boot me, I know how to stay booted. I mean, I was booted on KM's blog!! Hadharani!!! Not even ati at my place ama kwako!! In full public view with a KBC TV crew!!!! Yah... Sawa tuu... I know and I remember but I also hold no grudges ingalau still, lakini mtoto ni wako.

So.... story za off-train vipi? me I've blogged about it already, it's of how? Si now you unleash (stories not--- yah)

Lastly, smooches *marking old territory that's already been vacated* You see mimi siogopi mtu. Aco and I go way back. All those women ng'u-ng'uing, mlinikuta hapa nikiwa na Aco so ... tell whoever is flava de jour to relax a rir' bit)

Ni mimi wako-- Mutumia

acolyte said...

@ 'couch tato
Hit and run is lazima my guy!You snooze you lose!As for getting back on the train, I have refused!
@ mutumia
Now with those sweet words you know why you will always be wife number one!Those other ones come second!
I see you are a mama of roho safi!No grudges!Lakini usijali tutapatana huko mbele ama?Peeps betta recognise!