Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tag!I'm It!

Girl Next Door tagged me, so I have to do the neccesary.This is how the tag goes:

Post six weird facts/habits about yourself.
These cannot be used against you later on : )
- At the bottom name the six people you will tag next.
- Leave them a comment to let them know they've been tagged and to read your blog.

6 Weird Facts About The Acolyte

1.I have a low attention span when it comes to most things.Be it class,friends,hobbies,women etc.There is a post where I say how proud I am for blogging as long as I have because at some points most things begin to bore me and I move on so to have kept on for 400 plus posts is a milestone for me.The worst thing is at times I am totally fascinated with something or someone, then one day I get up and it's out of my system and onto the next thing.I guess that is why I have very few close and long term friends and why it takes a special kind of woman to keep The Acolyte interested...
2.All the hangers in my wadrobe face the same direction.I am not an order freak but their are some things that I like done in a certain way.You may find my room a mess but the books and magazines must be in a pile, the shoes must all be in a row, the cds must be in a pile and in the closet the hangers must all face the same direction.
3.I can't stand dirty sinks esp bathroom sinks!The whole idea of washing my hands or brushing my teeth in a place filled with grime just sickens me!When I moved into my second apartment here, I had room mates who would fill the sink with dishes and leave them their for days!I resisted cleaning them and would only wash my own dishes till they began using the washing machine, but the bathroom sink that I shared with one of them had a layer of grime; ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!I had a special brush to deal with it and before I used it that sink had to shine!I guess this habit stems from the whipping or nagging we used to get as kids from my mum for leaving the kitchen and bathroom sinks filthy.
4. I once got sick when I ate some eggs at the age of 8 or so.I have never eaten an egg since!
5.My mother is a light sleeper and past those genes on to me.Also I can tune into certain sounds and ignore others when I am asleep.That is how I can sleep through the sounds of a fan and air conditioning but I can hear the foot steps of my room mate outside my room, people talking or if the radio goes off.Plus I can't live without afternoon naps!If I don't get one I get all slow and cranky by 3 pm.
6.People don't believe it when I tell them I am a deep introvert.I pretend to be somewhat social so as to detract attention from me.Affability is a mask that I wear to fit into society, most of the time I would rather be left to do my own thing in my own part of the world.So the next time you see me yukking it up with a crowd just know that I am doing Act 1 of my play!
Anyway I tag Mutumia, Nick, Movie Buff, Devious One, Mocha and Guess!


Guessaurus said...

Ouch Aco I knew it wasnt long before this tag got to me. Aha, havent I already proven that I am as weird as weird can be.

as for your six things:
I also have all my hangers facing the same way
Cannot believe that I can brush my teeth in a grimy sink - I would gag till november.
Have a very short attention span and get bored really quickly - by people, things, situations etc and I am also a deep introvert whom everyone, including my mum calls anti-social. Me <-------- Antisocial?

There - my tag is finished.

Acolyte said...

@ Guess
There is no escape!Do the honorable thing and keep the tag going!I see we have alot in common!Unfortunately I see point number one getting me back on the train sooner rather then later!

Couch 'tato said...

i dont know who to kill first u or S! for tagging me...kwani what part of PAX dont you two get

-LOL ati hangers in one direction
freak! let me think of mine....
-hey ur as antisocial as i am.

egm said...

Yup, I identify with the hangers bit. They have to face the same direction, and even the shirts/coats, etc, have to be on the hanger with the open ends facing the same direction. My books have to be on shelves, and my magazines have to be in piles by title and date (preferably)

acolyte said...

@ couch tato
That mambo of you being on everyone's blog but yours had to end!Seems us bloggers are anti-social bastards!
@ egm
Now you are on your own level!Arranging mags by dates?!I am sure you must hate it when ppl come over and leaf through your collection and leave the mags in any order!

Girl next door said...

No eggs, that's interesting! Dirty sinks are disgusting! You can't avoid seeing it when you're standing in front of it. I'd never guess you were introverted if you didn't say so.

MOCHA said...

NGOMONGO WEWE....i kuja here with intentions of reading your daily entires, I pata you have tagged my ass.

Well....I will keep the fire burning if you insist...LOL!!!

Kibet said...

I feel you on the whole Affability Social Act! Share the same fate. Tho' i've never understood how anyone can hear the radio go off & still allege to be asleep!!?? That just ain't right!

acolyte said...

@ kibet
Thanks for passing by!I guess my attention span for sleep is so poor that I need music to distract it to sleep!

Silver said...

I was about to scroll past this but the title just grabbed me! Just thought to add my two cents if i may;
"Bloggers are untisocial"?? Quite true. I believe anyone who spends more time cmmunicating with/through a PC than with real people has lost all social skills or is about to!
The hangers thing, GUILTY as charged, not to mention i too love to see my shoes stand at attention in a neat row (toes in). They cost a bomb so they should be "present and ready for inspection SIR!".
On the other hand i am i total Extrovert with a slight superiority complex who is under the inpression that his ugly mug is loveable!
Nice one dude...

acolyte said...

@ silver
Let's face it!If I was more social I would have less time to post on my blog.Not to say that I don't have social skills, I just find that people can be very tedious!
A wee superiority complex has never hurt anyone, as long as you dont think you're God!