Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Damn Bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems worse than I feared.The folks at nationmedia decided to go the way of the East African Standard and make most of their website pay to view.I have several problems with this
1$60 for an annual subscription is waaaaaay too expensive.Who are they targeting?For that $60 there should be exclusive web content,video and audio too.The NY Times charges a similar fee for times select and I must say it is worth it.If you are going to charge that much then make it worth our money!
2.Why in God's name is an editorial cartoon premium content?!So much of the Nation site is premium content that now the Standard which started this offers more to read than the Nation!
Anyway here is my suggestion for anyone who may be interested.I would like to set up a paypal account where we can pool our money, pay the subscription then all those who paid would have the password so as to read the Nation as they please.What do you think?Anyone interested?


Kagz said...

Despite my blog hiatus I come in 1st (LOL)....and looks like i'll ONLY be 1st here coz you are ALWAYS first on most blogs...ggggrrrrhhhh!

Ati $60 ? Wacha ikae! I'll be informed by phone or email when i'm communicating with my pals.

Its more xpensive than Fortune or BW subscription !

Lakini Aco even you you're kidogo fired...paypal a/c for Nation?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

egm said...

One of those things you see coming from a mile away when they first initiated signing in to read news.

Good idea bout the paypal. Would definitely be interested.

acolyte said...

@ kagz
Congrats once again!I also feel that $60 is way too high.The paypal account would be to raise funds for the group membership.
@ egm
I knew it would come sooner or later once they got people hooked.There is no shame in my game.Once I have at least 10 yes votes I will set it up because with around 13 people the cost goes down to around $5 per person and even my broke ass can afford that!

Irena said...

Acolyte: I know, I was so pissed off yesterday when I went to read the Daily Magazine only to get a message that "this page is premium". First of , $60.00 for what they offer = Forget it, I will read Kenya times plus they forget some ofthe same articles they are telling us to buy are featured by AllAfrica webpage.If it was something like $15.00 I would partly consider it. With so many platforms of getting news from Bloggers, discussion forums etc, who need Nation's Magazine plus half of the topics featured in that Daily Magazine/Weekender are recycled or a replica of the same in FT or NewYork Times plus their Finance Magazine on Tuesday is not a well articulated as Benkele's blog. So count me in, yaani .Plus you can just have someone in Kenya scan the magazine(selected pages that I need to read) and send it electronically and much much cheaper...

bankelele said...

Damn shame, NMG hitting up the Kenyan internet community like that. As you say - who are they targeting? I doubt if the standard have made much money from their site, maybe just enough to offset some IT costs.

For comparison sake, I don't think I have read a Maureen Dowd of Thomas Friedman column since the NY Times started 'times select'. can't afford to!

Irena: Thanks :->,
I wonder if they will shut down allafrica

Acolyte said...

@ Irena
I so feel you as I don't think we get value for that $60.I dont know if the Allafrica web page will still show content anymore.I do agree that some of their articles are really wanting!I did earlier try to find someone in Kenya to scan the articles for me from Pulse in vain!But I think this harambee effort would be a better way of sticking it to them!
@ Bankelele
I do feel you about the Standard, their rates are way too high!As for times select content I think my membership is still good so hit me up and I could send you the text of the articles!

Archer said...

@Kagz: don't be so happy about being 1st here luv, its just coz I felt I was monopolising 1st place so I decided to relax.
I also noticed the same shyte on Nation last night and I got so pissed off! Students can't afford $60 to read their supplements. In that case I'm all for the paypal A/c idea. Do your thing and hola at me. That applies to Standard as well.

spicebear said...

i wrote a letter to those people telling them what they are trying to do is bollocks (but i used nice words) goodness, even the editorials are premium content. useless twits. i agree, for 60 bucks they should have audio and video clips as well as articles of substance.

as much as i love to support all endevours kenyan, they have got to be joking if they think that guys will shell out $60 bucks.

Udi said...

Wacheni story of paypal. Send an email saying we will boycott the site. Less traffic means their advertisers will bail out. Wawache upuzi. Who is running Nation now. Money hungry clowns

Anonymous said...

ok, somebody should do a seminar in kenya called doing business with the diaspora 101. how come everyone is trying to rip us off - first the quality of nations reporting is woefull - ther business section which im interested in is a collection of press releases. $60. i cant pay that much to read mutahi ngunyi, and kwamtchetsi makokha et all.

on theother hand nation is just the latest disaporexploitation business venture. i wnat to supoort and invets in kenya but some o this schemes are just plain exploitation
from real esate - i dont what some of that pricing is base d on sometimes. then you have the stock brokers with half ass websites.

bana! lakini $60 for the nation. i rather pay bankelele that coz the bsuiness insight(on kenya) i have got from that blog is more helpful tan anything on i have read on the nation

Kagz said...

Archer : ha ha ha.
Thats NOT true. That life of yours of eating ice cubes & onions is what is keeping me in 1st place.(LOL)

Acolyte : me NOT back to give my vote for paypal-nation but to say that it got me thinking. Most w/kends i'm at Barnes & Noble/Borders trying to read the Harvard Business Review.
(NOTE : Only recently did they start having unsealed copies on the shelves).
Will hook up with my 2 purpose-driven pals to pay for subscription (Hard Copy + Online Access)coz its not cheap!!!

For once there's an Anonymous guy who is not Nonosimas :)

Anonymous : i've a pal in Kenya who i'm trying HARD to convince to start blogging about Business In Kenya. He is a consultant in his 20s, one of the smartest Kenyans i know & a silent milionare.

However, if he starts blogging i dont know how i'll inform you coz you is Anonymous.

acolyte said...

@ archer
I guess it's the same story you are talking about in your last post, as long as you are abroad everyone thinks you are made of money!Its disgusting!I will most def keep you in the loop!
@ spicebear
I also sent for those standard clowns a letter but it seems they didnt listen at all.I think these people need a major rethink on both sides (Nation and Standard) have you ever tried using the search engine on the Standard site to search for old articles?It's pure bollocks!
@ udi
I dont even think a letter of boycott is neccesary.If a cartoon is premium content it is obvious that most of us will no longer visit the site.So let them learn the hard way!
@ anonymous
I do agree with you, as soon as you are abroad every Kenyan tries to rip you off!I also think that the business reporting in Kenya leaves alot to be desired. But as you said it is more of the same.I hear that trying to run a business from abroad is a nightmare as they are so many pitfalls!But if all else fails we have bankelele's blog!
@ kagz
I love reading free 'zines at Barnes and Nobles too!I do feel that your pal should share some of his wisdom so we can apply it.I dont intend to push paper forever!But anyway no matter how Kenyan companies try to milk us, we will survive!

m said...

These guys are nitwits. Charging for premium content is like City Hoppa starting a frequenty flyer club. Ridiculous!

Their readership is going to drop like nogthas on k-street.

acolyte said...

@ M
That is a great analogy.I think those peep's egos grew too fast for their own good!

Prousette said...

Hindiots! Si they can stay with that paper of theirs online (and offline as well) if they are going to be writing trash and expect me to pay through the nose to read it.

Exploitation indeed.