Sunday, July 16, 2006

Picture post!

What do you do when you are feeling tapped out of words, but still want to blog?You do a picture post!Today boys and girls, The Acolyte goes to the store!Enjoy.....

Time to go shopping!

First things first, replace the burnt light bulb in the kitchen

Time for some soda to slake my thirst

Cant forget to pass by this aisle!

Time for some dairy products

Aimless ceiling shot

I decided to crouch in the trolley and take a shot!

Time for some meat!

No way I leave without some marble cake and cheese cake too!

Where does the time go?

I just dont feel like cooking tonight

ps:some white lady was stalking me during my final moments at the store, more on that tommorrow!


Archer said...

1st! I think this is becoming a bit too frequent. Sema ukweli Aco, blogger's block is finally beginning to catch up with you, ama?

nick said...

@archer:this dude defies blog block...a toi was born blogging
...oh and aco be very afraid of stalkers that bebas arrows e.g archer(always commentin fao) maybe that white lady was archer in(or out) of disguise
hahahahahha kidding arch

@Aco:LOL at crouching shopper hidden camera...hope u didnt look like a shady mwafrika taking pics everywhere flash flash flash..tho that meat section looked kinda nice and did i see fanta somewhere?

Movie Buff said...

Aco... I miss when alcohol was sold at walmart or even at gas stations. Huku Maryland u have to go to a liquor store..... URGH!!!!!!! and super walmart? The closest to me is one hour away. I dont even want to talk about it. Im depressed!

Viva McDonalds

spicebear said...

kumbe you are one of those crazy grown people who ride in the cart?

figures. :-D

hehe, you were being stalked by some white lady? lets see, black person with dreads .... welcome to my world aco. i'm looking foward to that post kesho.

Nakeel said...

Aco are you sure u didnt break the cart in bid to get the exclusive pics?

Now u being stalked (cant deny the baby locks on a dark man) hebu next time when u head there tell her eeh miss later not today. Can try to sambaza maybe thats only what she wanted.

acolyte said...

@ Archer
I am going to fight blogger's block with every breath in my body!
@ nick
I had to be tactful and take some of those pics without looking like I was doing so, hence the aimless ceiling shot!Yeah there is Fanta here but it isnt half as good as what you dudes have back home!
@ movie buff
Ati Walmart bila pints!!!!That is heinous!Now my dear friend when you left GA I thought you were going to the big city?Seems you just went back to the small town life style.Walmart super center one hour away?!
@ spicebear
I couldn't resist the ride!Ebu toboa for me your stalking tale!
@ nakeel
You are not the only lightweight in KBW you know!Now with white folk you never know what they are upto so I will have to duck if I see her again!

The Prophylactic Watchdog said...

since you're no longer on the bilas trains why didnt u pitia the kondomu section ? ama thats a trip to Sams Club ama Costco where U buy in bulk my dear ?? tihihihi.......

acolyte said...

@ The Prophylactic Watchdog
I would rather by the prophylactics at CVS where the stock moves fast and no-one bats an eye lid when you buy a 24 pack!

Kagz said...

Just noticed that you've been blogging since 2004 & are still going strong.
Good for you coz me looking for an exit strategy.
The KBW forum might bring me back.

Pics @ Walmart???
Dont get me started!!!
Pliz gv me your camera. I PROMISE to put it to BETTER use :)

Mc Donalds
Visited 2wice this year - jana and late June. I ONLY buy Chicken Nuggets coz of the Honey Mustard Sauce.

As for fight btwn you & The Prophylactic Watchdog...ha ha ha

acolyte said...

@ kagz
How can you be bouncing and the way you came in with a bang?Just space out your posts if psyke and material is the case.Look at Milo and Nick, those peeps post like once a month and they are still loved by all.
My friend I live in a small town where there is little to take pics of, so I take pics whenever and wherever I can.
I admire your discipline.I must say ever since I started rolling with an American mama my visits became weekly instead of monthly.
Prophylactic watchdog is a hoot!