Monday, July 17, 2006

KBW forum,gold rush and women who make you want to use a crowbar....

I was at work and I was surfing the net.I realised that there is a major lack of credible Kenyan forums on-line.Some of them are full of drama,insults and nonesensical threads ala mashada or are just bland and flat like
It is with that in mind that I think that KBW should start a forum for KBW members.I have noticed that often a blogger raises an interesting point and there ends up being loads of replies ie M's you can't have your cake and eat it thread or KM's Hard f*ck,the wedding,old people thread. I don't intend for this forum to replace blogging but there are times when the flow of threads is slow and other bloggers are experiencing blogger's block (nick,milo,guess et al).So it would be nice to have a place where people can chat and discuss issues away from there blogs.Plus there are 200 or so blogs, so it would be good to find one place where many of these issues have been brought up as it is hard to visit most of these blogs and keep up correspondence.
Of course membership would only be open to KBW members so as to keep away the trolls.As a KBW member it would be in your own best interests to maintain the good conduct that you try to uphold on your blog.All that would have to be put in is a filter for swear words and an admin to check it once a day or so because I do think as adults we should be able to interact in an orderly manner where a full time admin isn't needed.Anyway that is just an idea I am tossing in the wind.
I am getting tired with how empty school is.Right now the campus is a ghost town, most people have left for the summer.I cant wait for the next one month to pass so that I can blend in with crowds, see old friends and meet new ones.There are 50 incoming international students coming next semester, this number includes those coming on exchange and those who will be full time.So I would say around 30 students should be coming as not everyone who is accepted chooses to come to the school.If I was in Kenya this would be a time my undergrad college mates used to call gold rush.The old chics would be dumped and people would rush for the fresh meat.Of course as a fresher, you would have a prime piece of real estate scoped out only to be usurped by one of the old boys on the block and end up empty handed.This experience ended up leaving us much wiser and prepared for when the next freshers would appear.
Sometimes I wonder why women wonder why they can't get a man when most of the time they have their best pal plastered to their side like an unidentical siamese twin?Most dudes will not make a move when your pal is with you at every moment.Let me give you an example, there are these chics from the UK who came for exchange last year.These two would spend every moment together,take the same classes,eat together etc.Now The Acolyte had been working hard to build a rapport despite the fact that it was like chatting up a hydra.Things went well and The Acolyte decided to make his move and invite one of them to his crib so they could have a talk, have a drink and watch some dvds of this Chappele character she had been hearing about.So The Acolyte tabled his proposal and the girl goes, "That's great!When do me and Mandy (not real name) show up?"At that point The Acolyte knew things were futile and consigned the girl to the LJBF (Let's Just Be Friends) bin.And then at the end of the year these two gals were complaining how they were on the bilas train the whole year.These are the kind of girls who you meet at a bar and you want to tell the bar tender, "Could I have two Coronas and crow bar please?"(so you can break that damn bond!)Ladies please, you need to give a brother a gap because not many men can handle courting a chic to an audience or you will keep on complaining how you went out and met no-one interesting.
flashback!:- I just remembered some years back going to the Coast with some friends who had relatives who owned a beach side house.Now this house was three floors and had a flat roof where you could sit and enjoy the sun set and view.Now my pals dad when he got there would get high and insist on cooking for us.Seeing as he was a good cook the owner of the house was more then willing to accomodate him, the only catch is that he wanted to cook as he watched the sun set.So the poor house boy and gardener used to have to carry the cooker to the roof and back down every day for a week and a half.Poor bastards!I used to see the hate as they used to glare at my pal's dad whenever he would bellow that it was cooking time.I am sure they drank themselves silly on madafu (coconut wine) the day we left.


The Devious One said...


Im on true e-stalker mode..wacha now I go soma

acolyte said...

@ devious one
Don't be gone too long!

KELITU said...

1st: i am suprised that mashada is still alive...damn!

2nd: LMAO! @asking for 2 coronas and a crowbar.

3rd: your pals dad is plain M-A-D! I can just imgaine him wearing a "Kiss the Cook" apron. LOL!

kelitu said...

Okay hold up, you guys have a Super Wal-mart?!! Damn you should see the one i go to, it looks like a neighborhood kiosk. Taking pictures of it would be a crime to say the least.

acolyte said...

@ kelitu
1.I'm just as suprised too!
2.Harsh times call for harsh measures!
3.The dude used to be tipsy come cooking time, it was so funny!
-Pole on the lack of super Walmart, I feel your pain!

Kagz said...

I feel you on many levels...
(have you noticed how i like numbering)

1. On the need for a KBW forum. Good thinking my friend :).
It should factor in different topics of interest to both those living in Kenya, US etc.

BTW, my pal met her fiancee through Mashada !!!
(No questions please :)

2. I'm in for Summer Sch too but unlike you my sch.strangely has a VERY HIGH turnout this time around.

3. Oh the joys of being a fresher in a PUBLIC Univ. How i miss the GOLD RUSH days!!!

4. My male pals & i use to LJBF line in this manner..."That chic swang me friendship".
Another female-favorite is " LJBF, its not about you, its me!"

5. Me cant wait to go and visit a pal's house once again in Msa. this Dec. Beach front property that is to die for!!!

AOB: As for you & Kelitu getting xcited about a is sooooo bila words!!! Actually, i'll pick that fight in her crib (LOL)

Kagz said...


Kindly refrain from numbering when you are making a comment.

That is MY style!


Kenyanchick said...

But Aco, what happened to the stalker?? I want details. Maybe we could discuss THAT in a forum...

gishungwa said...

i love the forum idea LOL and lockout the Anons. Gold Rush oh the bliss, used to have a quote that afadhali gari mzee at least you can get the spares locally LOOOL,oh that was in 2nd year after we were dumped.
I must say that some guys are like that too always with his boys, case of BOGOF(buy one get others free)that scares the heck out of me so i run kabisa.
Nyali, then the beach and the nyali barracks cheap liquor at the beach; picture this a tot of Amarula at a stagerring Kshs.18 is that heaven or what? WTH bring the bottle.
Cant wait to be back.

Shiro said...

By the way Aco, there was a chatroom,who i guess few knew about. Dunno if its still there?
Idea of a forum good

acolyte said...

@ kagz
Well the great thing about numbering is that it keeps your thoughts in order!
1.With all the muck on Mashada it is amazing your pal could pick someone of substance out (I am assuming he is of substance!)
2.Lucky you, here I am tired of seeing the same faces day in day out!
3.I bet you miss being the gold!
4.It takes a strong man to survive an LJBF.
5.That sounds like fun!Can I come?
As for me and Kelitu, you know how we country folk get at times?
@ kenyanchick
I will post about the stalker today!
@ Gishungwa
I guess with the forum, the concept that people know who you are will keep people in check.Gold rush days rocked!Mpaka I used to help with orientation so I could get first dibs on the goodies!It seems BOGOF goes both ways.Barracks have always been a source of cheap hangies for me!All that liqour for next to nothing is just plain criminal!
@ shiro
Well no-one told me about it, maybe we should ressurect it?

Kagz said...

1st...typo = fiance & not fiancee.
Haven't met Mr.Mashada but me need to go & check him out coz Guy 1 was a serial loser...& i've told her a zillion times.

2nd...diffn/same faces dont mean anything to me coz i'm not as social as you.

3rd...oh yes!

4th...i've used the LJBF line a zillion times...coz i've only dated 2 guys in all my life! I take life too seriously (LOL)

5th...You are welcome. That Nyali house makes me want to work hard in life. Back yard has a pool then a gate to the beach...Ai Yawa :)

6th...Kelitu is not country...her blog name is "msichana-wa-town" LOL

Girl next door said...

A forum is a great idea. Ati ordering 2 Coronas and a crowbar! That's funny. I think chics like having a buddy with them for confidence or something. Or we want a buddy to come along and also assess the dude if we think he's attractive.
Somebody actually met their fiance on mashada?

acolyte said...

@ kagz
1.potato, potatoe still sounds the same!
2.My driend, I am mr anti-social in the flesh!
6.Well country is very relative you know.Some people think a town of 500k ppl is country while those who come from a town with 40k population think it isn't.
@ Girl Next Door
Nothing wrong with having a friend with you to keep you company,for confidence and assesement sakes.But when this friend is moulded to your hip, it's going to be the two of you for a very long time.I too am still marvelling about the mashada tale!

Prousette said...

Smiled all through your post at the crowbar lakini aco you have latent violent tendencies.

the forum idea is a plot.

acolyte said...

@ prou
No my dear, you are the one with violent tendancies.This is because crowbars are always used to lift things or separate things that are stuck together; I don't know what you use crowbars for?I'm afraid of you now!