Thursday, August 31, 2006

21 Questions

1.I know I have said it too many times, but when was the last time you heard a cd that you knew you would still be listening to 2 years down the line?Haven't come by too many myself?

2.Does the fact that I have two out of three meals at my desk in the office mean I have turned into a drone?

3.Eve Desouza said that Kenyan men in stato are on another level (she went to several states when she was here) yet Kenyan chics here complain about how Kenyan men should step up their game.So is it that Kenyan chics here have higher standards then those back home or what?
4.Is it me or do you have to use more spoons of American sugar as opposed to Kenyan sugar to get the same taste in your coffee or tea?

5.Why do I think that BET is one of the worst thing that happened to black people in the States?0% programming of substance other than Sundays of course then back to music videos and black sitcoms!

6.The U.S is having a major problem keeping their children in high school, In Kenya we have more students than we have high schools; isn't that ironic?

7.Did Carnivore ever get new music to play over rock night?People can only listen to it Smells like teen spirit by Nirvana and Zombie by The Cranberries for so long.

8.I think most of the tribal animosity in Kenya is caused by politicians.

9.Is it me or do people in Kenya just seem to dislike Kikuyus because of the current administration, even though Kamau on the street has little to do with them?

10.Isn't it about time that people in Kenya who don't even have one album to their name stopped calling themselves artistes?

11.Hasn't it hit the Nation that far fewer people are visiting their website after they started charging people to read their magazines.

12.Why do you have so much money before bills?And almost none after you pay them?

13.Why does the customer service number take forever to get through but the one for adding services and paying bills go in almost instantly?

14.Don't the faces of those people who have fake smiles on hurt at the end of the day?

15.Why does that dude who graduated in May still come for our student gatherings?Dude I'm trying to get out and you keep coming back in?!

16.Why is e-etiquette at a premium nowadays?

17.Other than KBW why do all the other Kenyan forums on-line suck?Or at least those that I know.

18.Why do some Kenyan musicians have the nerve to call themselves International artistes when all they do is perform for other Kenyans in other countries?Nonini is not an international
artiste but Kalamashaka and Ukoo Fulani are (they have European gigs to their name at various festivals).

19.How come I really want a Bidii Yangu t-shirt like the one Jua Cali has in his latest video but everyother dude in Nairobi wants a G-unit t-shirt?Irony once again!

20.Why is Foxxy Brown despite being a rich, doing stupid things like stealing belts?

21.This here has to the dumbest bastard walking the face of the earth.I won't even talk about it.Just watch the video!Do you know anyone more stupid?


Movie Buff said...

I just walked into the office and this is what I get to start off my day!!


Ill be back once I do some work!

The Devious One said...

Good 21 points ! As for Foxxy, she needs to be locked up in Shimo La Tewa Prison for 6 months...diva my ass !

Buff again U steal my thunder......U have been warned....

Msanii_XL said...

1..lots, Supreme Clientele i leanr new things about the cd everytime..

21. Thats not dumb thats acting, no one in the face of the earth can be THAT stupid

bwehehehe at Nonini he was miffed at being called local..TOOL

Half 'n' half said...

Funny funny list, but there is one I have been asking myself, Why do people book spaces at Acos?
Answer to 19: Grass is greener and all.....

Half 'n' half said...

me again, you know it takes like 30 mins to load that clip, so...Anyway I think whoever did the paternity test is more stupid than that husband atleast he can say he was "blinded" by love. What excuse did the Jerry springer wonna be have?

Shiroh said...

1.I know I have said it too many times, but when was the last time you heard a cd that you knew you would still be listening to 2 years down the line?Haven't come by too many myself?

I wish i could answer you. Me thinks MJ's CD fits the bill
8.I think most of the tribal animosity in Kenya is caused by politicians.

Me too

17.Other than KBW why do all the other Kenyan forums on-line suck?Or at least those that I know.

Because KBW protects itself from such individuals. Look at how straight Stackofstiffys has become

19.How come I really want a Bidii Yangu t-shirt like the one Jua Cali has in his latest video but everyother dude in Nairobi wants a G-unit t-shirt?Irony once again!

Talk to me nicely,i might just get you one.

kalenjin said...

1. Quite a while ago. (Avril Lavigne - Under my Skin)
4. You are not the first one to complain. Heard my Uncle mention that too.
8. Very true.
10. Washindwe. Artistes gitu kani?
14. Plastic smiles - Plastic surgeons. I think you can have a permanent smile surgically effected. Botox on the other hand...
19. Mimi nataka moja lakini siishi ulaya!? Zapatikana wapi?

Movie Buff said...

1. CDs I still listen to 2 yrs later?

Heather Headley and Pink [First Album]

10. and 18

True True... oh so true. Like when I was in ATL... Bamboo was there feeling oh so hot. I guess he forgot how he was booed off stage during LA 7s.... I thought he was saved... ama that was a ploy much like the R Kelly "I believe I can fly" story???

mocha said...

LOL....congrats MB.

D1...we need to pull up our especially!

Aco....this list is just too 'POWERFUL'!!! Aki, I am slowly joining the #2 bandwagon.

acolyte said...

@ Movie Buff
@ Devious One
That woman needs serious help!
Hmmm Buff Devious showdown!Don't forget you still have a secrets post due!
@ msanii
I do know that those cds exist but they dont make them anymore!
As for that dude, the less said the better!
Nonini is local, apende asipende!
@ half n half
Pole sana for you Kenyan peeps coz net access there is a bitch!I think Maury wanted to say he did the right thing and did the test.
@ shiroh
I think I neglected to say that few cds like that are made in this day and age!
I have to pass by stackofstiffys and see how it's going.
As for the Tee, we'll talk!
@ kalenjin
Seems my list isnt off point!
I thought those Tees were on sale in Nai?
@ M buff
The cds are there but are so few!
As for Bamboo, I am going to lay into him next post!BTw I am still waiting for a secrets post!
@ Mocha!
I guess the office is taking over us!Good to know my list had some impact!

Anonymous said...

the music industry is no longer the same...looks like we'll have to wait for a while before anyone unleashes anything timeless... or am i just being cynical? thinks not!

You call a wannabe dad dumb? he may be...but Maury takes the trophy for the do you waste good $$ on a parternity test when its obvious the kid has too much melanine? Maury is the dumbest!!!!!!!!!!

acolyte said...

@ anon
people it seems make music for instant sales, that's all.
I do agree that Maury is an idiot too because a test wasnt neccesary at all in that case!

Movie Buff said...

I did do the post. Read Friday's Random post. I got it all explained there.

I am so waiting for that post on Bamboo. Someone needs to tell him SOMETHING!!!

Acolyte said...

@ M Buff
Just took a look.Taught me a valuable lesson that post did!

The Devious One said...

@ Buff ati he was booed in LA hahahahaha I saw him in a joint na humu and he had mahewas...for what now and ure grinding jus like everyone else ?? Kubaff yeye !

Acolyte said...

@ Devious One
I am going to put him in my blog ngoja tu!

Archer said...

I'm late yet again. Aki these late afternoon naps...

nick said...

COZ all of us make KBW and we rock!

-no it doesnt mean ur a drone it means ur too busy posting on blogger! LOL

Archer said...

1. Brandy: Full Moon, Basement Jaxx: Rooty
4. Same as SA sugar
8. Who else causes tribal animosity in Kenya? Don't we all live, work and learn together? Ain't we all inter marrying?
9. True
10. Very very true
11. They're obviously trying to save face by denying the obvious. I read the Standard more despite its biased reporting.

Movie Buff said...

D1... he sure was. And someone was taping that stuff and so it was all over the internet in feb. I dont know how is able to think he is an artist.... the wannabe....
*I like Kabinti though*

Hey Archer darling!!!

Instigator said...

@ Movie Buff
You have to get hold of that footage!We have to tear that wannabe a new one!

Archer said...

@Buff: hey groupie numero uno!
I personally think Bamboo is one seriously talented rapper. One just needs to listen to Nairobizm to understand why. About his "savedness," toilet quickies, massive ego, I have no words. I'll wait for tomorrow's post.
Hey Devious!
Did you read my last comment yesterday? I suggest you do :-)

Instigator said...

@ Archer
Do you know that during free styles Bamboo raps from a notebook.That's real talent, straight from Kasuku notebook!
Also one song doesnt make you an MC!

nick said...

hey guys the party is over at my blog

Movie Buff said...

Archer... Im not saying he is not talented but just like Kanye... his ego will be his downfall.

Aco... Poi had it on her blog but she deleted it so I will have to dig some deep archives to see if I can get it!

egm said...

2 - Drones aka "Your time R belong to Us" peons. I'm chatting with a friend located nyumbani who has been at work since 8am and is still in the office at 10pm. She's one unhappy woman!

4 - This here sugar is diluted!

13 - They want your money. But when it costs them, it can wait!

acolyte said...

@ Archer
Pole for missing but at least you had a sweet nap!
Now as for Bamboo, I think that buff and instigator have hit it head on!That ego is going to bring a boy down!
@ Movie Buff
Cant wait for that video!
@ Nick
Wacha tabia mbaya!

acolyte said...

@ Egm
If that mama isnt being paid OT then I feel her pain!
Seems if they water down the sugar they know we will buy more!

The Devious One said...

@ Archer I read your comment and I say..please come along and bring the beverage that we shall both enjoy and I will be wearing my chastity chupi so the jokes on U buddy hahaha

And Im sure I'll be quick to dodge U gongain me with ur crutch hhhahahahah

Archer said...

@Instigator: I'm not a rap/ hip hop fan at all so I can't really claim anything about Bamboo's skills. What I do know is that I really enjoyed Nairobizm.
@Devious: now why d'you raise a brotha's psyche then bring it crashing down to earth like that? Its ok, I'm enjoying the chase!

Girl next door said...

#4 is so true, I've found 'Sugar in tha Raw' from Hawaii is the best. #10--too many wanna-be's. They should wait till they have some solid evidence of their work. #15, the dude is probably craving the social atmosphere. Great questions!

Anonymous said...

@#21 Maury's show for me falls in the same category as jerry Springer. FAKE. Bogus actors. All such an obvious set up. That that child ain't white is obvious to that man ergo, not his child. Ati paternity test, from a white dude ona blac child. Silly.But that's entertainment for the idle I guess.
LOL at that Question list.

The.Hanyeé said...

Technically, 8 isnt a Question...

Funny that you mention Rock Night..that used to piss me off sana...Rock at Ka-choi on Sunday nights was too deadly, much better in terms of music content that the Carni version...tsk tsk...

acolyte said...

Thanks!I will most def try and get hold of some of that sugar!Dude needs to make some new pals!
@ Anon
Yes Maury doesnt always seem legit at all.
@ the.hanyee
I quit going to carni when they played the same songs over and over, but kachoi rocked!

missmfa said...

Hi all! For anyone interested in joining their fellow rock fans in promoting rock music in Kenya please check out and join:

By the way, I can never get enough of Zombie and Smells like teen spirit. The Cranberries and Nirvana are two of my favourite rock bands!