Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Roundup

I went for the International Student's bash this saturday.It wasnt as good as the last two as most of the other students had left for the weekend; the bashes are usually held on Thursdays when everyone is still on Campus.So the crowd was pretty small.But the music was ok, liqour flowed and I met someone I hadnt seen in a long time...Mr Hangover!I now remember why I havent drank in a long time!It took me the better part of Sunday to recover!Never again!I'll post pics after I get this Monday-itis out of my system.

Other than that I am now suffering from an extreme case of Monday-itis. I didnt watch much of Obama's visit but saw a clip or two and read about it in the on-line papers.I saw the usual renaming of schools thing that people do.I think there are some of those schools that have gone through a slew of name changes.First they had the Kenyatta era name, in steps the Nyayo era and a new name, next comes NARC and a name change may have occurred; after that Obama steps into town and a new name!I am sure The Senator was asked to fund new classes or so for the honor of having a school named after him.At this point I could go off on how Kenyans equate people from abroad with money but I am too lazy to get into that, I remember how when my sister went home for vacation someone had the nerve to ask her to help pay her kids school fees; anyway moving on...
I am sure his nose must have been stung by the smell of fresh paint and barely dried tar on the roads.I have always known that the best way to get things like roads in your area fixed is to have some major dignitary like the President visit. I remember there were some government offices just off Mombasa road where I lived.This road was not in the best condition and would account for half of the time it would take you to go to the CBD.But when a new office was opened and the President was coming to open it, that road was fixed in record time!It's pathetic that it takes visitors to get anything maintained.

This month's cable bill is here, seems my roomie is back to his porn watching behaviour.I think it's about time I introduced him to the internet.This issue of a bill with my name on it having charges for items like "barely legal"," backyard babes" and "hot and spicy" isnt very amusing!

We have some new Kenyan students here and there are these 2 chics who come from my roomies neck of the woods, so at least now he has people he can talk about home to.Problem is that these chics keep on complaining about how boring it is here (which I do agree) but do not make any effort whatsoever to make new friends. They spend all the time they are not in class together and even refused to go for the international students bash.I know it's daunting being in a new country but if you don't go out of your way to meet new people and experience new things you'll always pine for home. I'll tell you how they and the other new Kenyan dude have the idea that if they move to ATL life will be peachy; but I'll comment on that some other time.

Anyway it's almost lunch time and I was too lazy to cook anything to carry.Time to go and deal with that!A tolerable Monday to everyone out there!


Joseph Walking said...

Good to hear you had a nice weekend as for obama.........

Five Reasons why Obama’s visit won’t add sufurias in my Grandmothers kitchen.

1 having lived in the united states for sometime now I am acutely aware of the inability of Obama(or the congressional black caucus)to uplift African Americans let alone Kenyans in Nyanza who are not his electorate).

2. When it comes down to brass taxes Obamas liberal ideas are fundamentally in a collision course with African traditions and ideals (his views on gay rights abortions etc)And i wont even go into american foreign policy.

3. Through out the trip, the foreign press have continued to report negatively on Kenya but positively on him as an individual (Obama vistis notorious slum, press involved in shakedown, corruption in Kenya, tribalism) etc

4. For more than three years the United States has imposed a travel ban on Kenya for no reason other than to maliciously damage Kenyans reputation yet no travel ban has been placed on the UK which has suffered serious attacks from home gown terrorists. (Obama being a member of the senate foreign relations committee must have known that this illegitimate travels bans were in place maliciously.)many kenyans here in the states including myself have writtten to his office several times with no reply while other senators on the committee have replied promising to look into the matter.

5. Since my Grandmother isn’t in the shirt printing business or Obama poster making business can anyone tell me how his visit has helped majority of Kenyans?

All the same karibu kwenyu

Acolyte said...

@ joseph
Strong opinions but well stated I must say!

POTASH said...

I tend to agree with the general thinking that Obama's visit to Africa is of little consequence to the man on the street, but the ultimate question is, why should it be?

At the onset Obama is American as the whatever senate committee he sits on. When he goes to Africa he goes to represent the American people, and that from a Governance point of view, means he goes to represent Americas political and financial hegemonies.

As a representative of America, he will have failed by pushing any such agenda as would prove detrimental to American foreign policy. He can also not give what is not his to give or within his ability to... yes like a road to south C. It isn't even in his interest whether there is a road there or not, unless it leads to the Coca Cola plant or the US marine compound.

This all brings me to the shouting about Edward Clay, when people used to say that he was only mad about corruption when we stopped buying landRover... but of course if we aren't buying UK merchandise what the hell is he doing in Kenya. He represents certain interests and his brief is to make sure that Kenya tows such a line as is favourable to the UK interests....yada yada!

Aco, I guess I cannot comment on a posts that doesn't exist, so to bad for those who had a decided interest in my opinion on your previous posts.

mocha! said...

Hey Aco...glad to see your weekend went down well.

That Obama pal in Nai was telling me that FLIGHTS...yes, you read that right....FLIGHTS to Kisumu were fully booked. Even during Christmas time, flights to Kisumu are never half booked.

As for your roomie and the cable bill.....LOL!!! Try explaining that to someone who doesnt know you. TIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI!!!

Have a nice day Aco!!!

Kenyanchick said...

The dude's AMERICAN. I don't know why this is so difficult for Kenyans to understand. This slightly pisses me off because:

1. If he'd had the exact same mix of half Kenyan, half American and had come back as a boozed up drug addict, most people would have disowned him and his 'mzungu' tabias.

2. This adoration sends a very bizarre message: that with enough hard work you too can be a US senator (??)

3. These same politicians fawning over him and his Kenyan 'roots' are the same ones who won't entertain the thought of granting Kenyans the right to have dual citizenship. I'm sure if Obama asked... ah, now I'm just pissing myself off.

Acolyte said...

But I must say that the fact that he came to Kenya does help bring to light some of the problems Kenya is suffering.
But of course you are right he represents American interests first and foremost.
As for the gone post, I had expressed some "unsavoury" views about mentally retarded individuals that rubbed two people the wrong way and they proceeded to wreak havoc on my blog comments.
@ Mocha!
Yes I had a nice weekend.Seems that everyone with Jeng blood was down in Kisumu to see Obama!
As for the calbe bill the less said the better!
@ Kenyanchick
I do agree with you that first things first he is an AMERICAN!
1.Most definitely!
2.Well it sure as hell isnt that easy!
3.Our politicians are a waste of time and money!I cant remember the last time they passed a piece of legislation that benefited the people, time to go check to make sure!

Aulelia said...

what part of the states u study? hmm if they think us is boring, they should try the hills of country england...

acolyte said...

@ Aulelia
I am all the way in rural GA!