Thursday, August 24, 2006

Guess who's back!

Those langas at blogger finally let me back in my blog!Damn I missed this place!I am not moving to Blogger Beta till they iron out the bugs!I am going to be one of those old dudes who refuse to move to the new government funded housing preffering to stay in the old houses that are not as good as the new ones because it is better the devil you know than the angel you don't!
Aco proceeds to roll on blog carpet, close curtains and run around blog house butt nekkid than falls asleep on bed with a blissful smile on his face.....


egm said...

Welcome back dude! Looks like only 4 found you in your summer cottage. The rest were left wandering around in a daze.

mocha said...

LOL....welcome back dude!!!

egm....i swear you have inside info!!! LOL!

@Aco....can I come ad sing you to sleep???

Nakeel said...

Good to have you back bro. Hope u hanging on well..

egm said...

@mocha kbw makes molasses turn green with envy. I just caught this kabla going to bed and saw the post :)

Haya, next time I'll wait till you post kabla I do it :)

Shiroh said...

Pole for sumbuanaing with blogger, and werocamu back. eeh still waiting

Kenyanchick said...

Don't ever leave us again. Tch!

Acolyte said...

Yeah now I know who my true fans are and who the fakers are!
@ Mocha!
Thanks for the welcome back!You are welcome to sing me to sleep anytime
@ nakeel
Im fine thanks!
@ shiroh
Iko tayari!
2 Kenyanchick
I never will!

egm said...

@mocha... go comment on his new post kabla I do. I have told you! :)