Monday, August 21, 2006

The Nightmare's reign continues, fat people, my lack of TV fervour and more Kenyan music for me!

I know few of you watch UFC but I am going to blog about it anyway.I watched UFC Fight Night live on Thursday last week and watched Diego "Nightmare" Sanchez vs Karo Parisyan. Sanchez was one of the winner in the Ultimate Fighter series and has gone on to prove that he has the mettle to survive in the UFC racking up 17 victories with no losses. Karo on the other hand is a more seasoned fighter who came in with a record of 23 -3. Let's just say this is has been ranked one of the best fights of the year.It had everything from stand up fisticuffs, ground action, submission attempts, at one point Diego Sanchez landed on his head after a judo throw and Karo even got one of his teeth knocked out in the last round!The reign of the Nightmare continued with a unanimous decision. I can't wait till he takes on the welterweight champion Matt Hughes!But my words are inadequate when it comes to describing the fight so here it is in three parts.Mixed Martial Arts at it's best!But if contact sport isn't your thing best give it a pass.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

One thing I am not happy about the new semester is the proliferation of human blimps all over the University. Some of these continuing students look like they would burst if you poked them with a pin, others have roll upon roll of fat on their bodies that make breathing seem like an olympic activity, with some of the women you can't tell where their chests stop and their stomachs begin, I think without a mirror some of the dudes have never seen their dicks.
How in the world do you look at yourself in the mirror, sorry mirrors and be happy with what you see?Some blogger who made it her role in life to argue with every point I made said that those people are unwell, that only counts for 25% or less of those tubs of lard! Then the pussies here try to say it's an illness in itself. Goddamn it!Just go ahead and enable them why won't you. I think it's just plain retarded to go ahead doing the same thing that is making you miserable, "Oh people don't like me coz I'm fat, so guess what?I'll go eat 3 tubs of ice cream and 4 bags of candy and maybe I'll feel better!"
Idiot!And you know what?People don't get obese overnight!you can head that bus off at the pass!This summer I gained 10 pounds and within 2 weeks I dropped 5.Get with the program people, get with the damn program!

I have realiised that there are few programs that I watch on a regular basis on cable, what made me think of this is how some bloggers are drooling at the new season of Prison Break. It seems to be a nice show but has never caught my fancy.The only shows I am waiting to resume are The Shield and Smallville.Other shows I watch if I find them on air but when the semster starts usually TV takes a back seat.I also dont go to the movies much, I prefer to watch movies when they come out on DVD at my own pace.But I cant say no to a good novel once in a while though.So all you idiot box fans enjoy your shows!Oh speaking about Prison Break rumour is that Wentworth Miller (the star) is gay but still in the closet; but it's not been confirmed so don't go blabbing it at the water cooler!

I got an MP3 with loads of Kenyan music that was released after I left Kenya and some classic hits I never got hold of.I now have 70 something extra Kenyan tracks to listen to!I know some of you want me to share but that is going to be very hard as they are all on my MP3 player and I need a pc to download the music onto, and seeing that I dont have admin rights on my mkebe at work it ain't happening anytime soon.I also got a cd of Kenyan videos, most of which are on google video and youtube, but I have to say the ones that I hadn't seen before like Jimw@t's video for Under 18 and Jua Cali's video for Bidii Yangu made my day!This is one of my faves from back in the day when Nonini was still with Calif records.
I changed my work schedule so that I can work the whole day on Mondays in exchange for free Fridays, so it's going to be a long day!


Couch 'tato said...

@archer/devious/m.buff/mocha/egm...bite me i'm first!!!!!!

@aco:tranfer that blog mojo into tv fervour

-shield mpaka nxt year:cant wait for lems murder investigation to get started
-smallville:i think thats next month with clark all locked up
-prison break:were u making fun of us????ebu get ur dvd's and get started and catch up

Half 'n' half said...

Iam still not getting what the fuss is about prison break and lost...about the fat people I will just say this, there really are some people who are comfortable with the way they look, sometimes it can be your own issues about fatness that are projecting onto others

egm said...

@ CT, enjoy it while you can! :)

#aco and CT... TV? What is that? I have no recollection of said device :)

@ Aco and HnH Sure, fat folks are more prone to health issues than those not fat. But I have to agree with HnH on this one. I have seen fat people that relish being big. They look down on anyone not as big as them, with the same fervour that you Aco look down on them. They can't understand why anyone wouldn't want to be big. Some men will not look at any woman smaller than a certain size. Their women have to be huge.

I don't agree with them, but I let them be. If that is what they have chosen for their lives, well, ain't nada I can do to change a thing.

acolyte said...

@ couch tato
Congrats on coming first!With all the masomo I have no rush to watch any extra shows!
@ half n half
The thing is that people here in the states aren't fat there are more obese and most of them arent that comfortable hence the burgeoning diet industry here.I love my body and its getting even more beautiful as the days go by!
@ egm
Do you know as obesity increases they have more health issues and as a result the cost of health insurance goes up for everyone as they spread the cost of taking care of all of them across the board?
I havent met many people who openly relish being big but maybe I havent just met the people you have.

kalenjin said...

Every one should carry their own cross as far as weight is concerned. Being fat is all right as long as you are fit, do your cardio to lower the health risks. Obesity on the other hand is unacceptable since you become a time bomb for health disasters ranging from back and joint probbies as well heart disease.

But i guess at the end of the day whatever rocks your cradle!

acolyte said...

@ Kalenjin
I do agree with you when you talk about being fat, you can be fat and live well but being obese is another kettle of fish altogether!
But anyhow people are free to do what they want to do!

The Devious One said...

@ Couch...a conspiracy I say ...a conspiracy !!!

I really dont watch either of the show and I had started watching Lost but when I saw the fat dude wasnt losing any weight depspit ethe circumstances they were in,. I was like go fool someone else...but thats jus my opinion !

egm said...

@aco, not just health insurance. I was reading an article that might have been tongue-in-cheek, but might still have some truth to it, about how obesity was unecomnomical fuelwise as well. The bigger you are, the more a car's engine needs to crank to transport that extra weight. Thus more fuel burnt. Obesity surely affects more than just the individuals concerned. But unless that whole mentality is changed, they will just stare at you blankly whenever you try to show them any different.

@D1 haha, ati not being fooled any more? Well, so much for television!

acolyte said...

@ Devious One
You do bring up a valid point!If a dude can be marooned with very little to eat then there is something not write!
You do have a point about how the rest of us are made to bear the cost of obesity.
But as you said it they people at hand feel that it is their right so who are we to question them?

Anonymous said...

wow! really entertaining, but that fight sure was gory!!! Great entertainment though and probably somthing to look out for in the days of bad tv.
A distended girth never sneaked up on anyone, all that blubber packs itself slowly (of course with some help from gluttony). I understand your apparent anger coz am also not amused that am forced to see all the disgusting flabbiness whichever direction i turn. yuck!!!

acolyte said...

@ Anonymous
I have seen far gorier fights myself but I agree with you.There is nothing wrong with some baby fat but having several spare tyres and chins is just plain wrong and unhealthy!

Kagz said...

We are not drooling...We are XTATIC!!!!

Ati Smallville???
By ratings, PRISON BREAK is America's No.1 tv show in Fall. The suspense is unlike any other prog.

Try it & you'll get hooked! Better than any Grade A veve!!!!

I've done some research and they say W.Miller is NOT gay. But you never know...where there's smoke there is fire.

BTW,he is a Princeton Grad.
[*wink*wink* @ EGM...yet another BNS!!!]

I NEVER do DVDs. Me i'm BIG SCREEN all the way!

I used to have such a neg. attitude towards obese people but its important to distinguish the problem from the person i.e obesity vs obese people...smoking vs smokers...sinners vs sin!

AOB: Ningependako kutuma salamu kwa e-friend wangu Nick..."je, unaji-enjoy???"

acolyte said...

@ kagz
I wish you fans the best.

I have a host of sites that say he is gay but at the end of the day I really dont care.

I guess I will warm back up to big screen with time.
As for obese peeps I have no love for their habit but there are some nice obese peeps out there!Nice blimps!

mocha! said...

@Couch 'Tato.....I will hold you to that. Ebu weka chocolate sauce/whip cream karibu na useme 'nwe! LOL!!!

WWWWEEEE....Prison Break and Lost are the bomb. Shame, here we are still waiting for Season 2 Prison Break to start. Pipa ya US when it comes to their entertainment. LOL!!!

This vibe of OBESE peeps is just too depressing. As for mirrors and pin tendancies....LOL!!!! LMAO!!!!

Aco...when you get admin rights, si you do like that?

acolyte said...

@ mocha!
Seems I am in a minority as regards those shows.But when I get admin rights I will shtua you chap chap!

kelitu said...

Wentworth Miller is still hiding in the closet for reasons only he knows. The rumour mill has been buzzing about him for years. And anyway who in Hollywood isn't gay?! Even if they are not a practising one, they do indulge in gay-sex.

Still i love Prison Break and will continue to watch it 'till it jumps the shark, tehn i'm off to another show.

acolyte said...

@ Kelitu
Who in Hollywood isnt gay?That's a good one!But with the orgies people have their you do have a point!
I'll try watch it tonight, see how it turns out for me.

Kagz said...

Half & Half: Ati "sometimes it can be your own issues about fatness that are projecting onto others"

Come to the US and see why we are fussing. We are not talking about fat people, we are referring to OBESITY!!!!

BTW, it's been declared a National Epidemic!!!

Mocha:In the US we are watching Season 2. The Hanyee pointed that out to me 2day & i checked to confirm.

Kelitu:Just like Aco, i really dont care if the man is gay.All those men in Prison Break are damn good actors!!!

Acolyte:What does 'nice blimps' mean???

Ati "i'll try to watch it tonight"...with Prison Break people dont TRY!!!
(Can Kelitu, Nick & The Hanyee give me an AMEN!!!!!!!)

Lakini you may need to "try" 2-5 episodes to understand why we are "drooling".

Acolyte said...

@ kagz
A blimp is one of those hydrogen filled airships that flies over football stadiums advertising stuff.I have always thought of obese people as walking blimps.
Prison break wasnt all that bad..

Girl next door said...

Everything and everybody is bigger in the U.S. There are big people, there are some overweight ones, then obese ones who are the most extreme. Obesity is a serious problem healthwise and socially. For those who inherited the genes, they're screwed for the most part. Most people's lifestyles and diets are the main cause. I think the focus should be on being healthy and feeling good about yourself.

That main actor in Prison Break is hot! (gay, str8, whatever.)