Friday, August 25, 2006

Derailer discussion, logical fallacies, religion and discrimination and eat my shorts!

Some jerkwads out there seemed to be apoplectic about the fact that I was planning to leave the Derailer in the lurch come December.So I took her out to dinner yesterday and we talked about us, she already knew that we most likely wont be together after and said we might as well just enjoy kicking it till then with no major expectations.So now all is right on both sides.To those of you who were cursing me, weeping and gnashing your teeth SHUT THE HELL UP!

As regards my last post.A muppet displayed a textbook example of logical fallacy /slippery slope reasoning in their inane prate. 1+1 doesn't equal 5!But that's the last I am saying about that.

Do you know that more blood has been shed in the name of God than any other goal.Do you know for centuries the church tortured and killed those who believed anything other than what they did?The Church for a long time has held back women under it's patriachal structure and it is often believed that when the bible was written that women's contribution was belittled and that was part of what the DaVinci Code was trying to point out (in addition to making Christ have a family which I dont agree with but that's another issue altogether). Many of these so called Conservatives in America who promote policies that do little good to people of color and those who live alternative lifestyles different from their family values structure are fundamental Christians? I have seen born again people back home sneer at those who are not born again or look different ie I heard a woman exclaim "a mungiki cannot preach to me!" when a young man with dreads went on stage to share his testimony. Question is how can people who claim to serve a loving God be so filled with anger and pride?

It seems my sentiments in my last post got some people's panties in a twist.Guess what?I dont care, it's my mind and I'll believe what I want.It seems in many ways I am not alone.This dude cracks me up!Have a nice weekend all!


Rista said...

OMG!! Aco, glad you n derailer got sorted... Have a great weekend :)

Acolyte said...

@ Rista
Since diff people said they would hex me, I had to get that out of the way!Have a nice weekend too!

egm said...

Looks like that post edged quite a few into action! Good that you and the D are now straight as concerns expectations.

Hayo mengine ya kanisa na discrimination and Da Vinci, plenty food for thought and discussion. Lakini time and energy are not on my side, so I'll have to say hold that thought.

Enjoy your weekend!

Joseph Walking said...

Acolyte ! you just have yourself a lovely weekend.

ps as for your other post and panties being twisted .lol maybe next time we will slow down so as not to have te commies & panties all twisted aiight!

acolyte said...

@ egm
Yeah it was good getting that out of the way.Liked your post!
@ joe walking
I guess we all have to take things slow.Have a great weekend too!

kelitu said...

Yaani people flooded you with emails not to up and leave derailer at a drop of a hat?!! Damn! Derailer should send them a christmas card for all their efforts ama?!

Msanii_XL said...

I have seen those same attitudes in the church I used to go to, JC must be looking at them like really?

Mimmz summed up your previous post perfectly..atleast you said your piece

about the derailer way to step up *sacarsm* you handled your B.I

Movie Buff said...

Aco I love that you stand your ground. ****Someone call me an ass kisser please!!***

Have a lovely weekend me dearest!!!!

LOL @ Christopher Reeve... but u know he does have a point!

Kagz said...

This is NOT an insult but i think you are SPINE-LESS because...

a. If you dont care what people think why did you DELETE the post.

b. You said..."I welcome critical comments".
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I earlier told you "i HONESTLY dont think so"

Once again, I AM A GENIUS!!!!!!

c. If you write controversial posts then EXPECT controversial comments.
If not, DISABLE ALL COMMENTS or block the IP addresses of bloggers like me.

d. If you use insults to attack those who comment then I'M SORRY BUT I DONT STOOP THAT LOW.

e. If you insult us then DISABLE the comment section like you did on the other post then...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

f. If you're accusing me for having connections and working for 2 great Kenyan companies then that = LOW SELF ESTEEM which you ADMITTED you have.

g. Why do you mention that 'derailer' is your girlfriend in SOOOOO MANY POSTS ON YOUR BLOG then you disown her by saying "she thinks i'm her boyfriend".

N/way, good you settled that coz NO ONE (male or female) deserves to be taken for a ride.

PS: Unlike EGM, i am NOT a people-pleaser and i am also NOT a perfect person.

People like JW and I, KEEP-IT-REAL!

As i wrote on the previous post...."We keep it real coz we laugh when posts are laughable and shun when posts are crappy.This does not mean that we are enemies."

Mimmz said...

I totally feel you on this organized religion thing. I hate the organized church too! Good gracious. The church has turned its people into zombies who just follow what their pastors say and refuse to think for themselves. A bunch of idiots, that's what they've become. I halted all church visits when a pastor got up and admitted they were havig internal wranglings over color populations in the church. It was all I could do not to throw up right there.

Having said that, I should clarify that I'm a firm believer in God. Just not his so called messengers on this earth!Which makes me super mad because God just isn't dumb. And I loathe that He has been so badly misrepresented.

Abolish church!

Anonymous said...

I concur that matters pertaining to your relationships with other peeps are solely your one has the right to cross into your tuff. Good for you, your issues seem to be well in your control.

Your post on "the church" is historically accurate, though "the church" has evolved over the ages and the true church which is not mixed up with the state is devoid of militant fundamentalism. Bigotry is by no means of the church, and objectively speaking, the prejudices of afew adherents does not do justice in reflecting the teachings the church stands for. Every sackful or fresh apples is sure to have afew worms!

acolyte said...

@ kelitu
Yup!I do think she has to buy peeps dinner!
@ msanii
I said what I had to say and dont regret saying it.Yes she said it best!
@ Movie Buff
Thanks!Have a good weekend too!
@ Kagz
I a deleted the post because of people like you shitting on it and also because I dont like having my secrets out in the open full time.It has nothing to do with ego at all!
I dont know what you did to call yourself a genius coz matter of fact you are turning out to be the direct opposite.If crapping on a post makes you a genius than you are not alone.
Your comments are not controversial they are simply inane.
Call me wrong but arent you the one who started insulting me?
Once again you are practicing fallacious reasoning, my pointing out your use of names rather than hard work to get ahead has nothing to do with low self esteem.1=1 does not equal 5!Please tell your boyfriend to send you to a better grad school.By the way did it ever occur to you that maybe I said I have low self esteem just to get people's reaction much like those people who are experts but say they are beginners?Besides I have contacts to but I didnt have to use them to get ahead.
You sure as hell do not keep it real, you are a pompous self sanctimonius idiot.
With people like you as Christians, the Devil must be on vacation because there is nothing at all different about you.You are the kind of people I reffered to in this post.I dont even know why you bothered bringing up the last post in this post, even Joe had the maturity to move on so dont compare yourself to him at all!But I have no bile or anger towards you because even the Good Book says forgive them because they know not what they do.
@ mimmz
Like you I have nothing against God, it's just his followers I dislike.
I think you did a good thing moving away from that church because God is supposed to be color blind.
I agree church must go!
@ Anonymous
Thanks for the your view.
I do agree that the biblical concept of the church and what came to be are two different things altogether.And yes there are worms in every sack the worm that decided to crawl out of it's apple and defacate on my post earlier on this comments thread.

veritas said...

Well, I'm afraid I disagree with you. The same way you would not define the muslim religion from a bunch of terrorists, you would define christianity from a bunch of fundamentalists.

veritas said...

Christianity just works well with certain religious policies because it has extraordinary flexibility than perhaps the Muslim faith who do not tolerate certain shallow things like women exposing their midrift and such.

There is a difference between being religious and being a vessel of God. I myself have been going to Church all my life with my parents and you could classify me as a typical mainstream conservative but I would not favour certain things just because it adheres to a certain religion like christianity.

If someone does bad, I don't care if he/she is christian, buddhist, muslim, tree nut, all those other 10001 religions in that types of religion dictionary. I don't care if he/she is black, white, purple, short, tall, fat, stupid, smart, ugly or pretty. I don't care if he/she is conservative, liberal, socialist, communist, social constructivist, nazi, whatever.

Detrimental people should be stopped at doing detrimental things to those people who are out to promote good for all wo/mankind. There is a limit to relative.

veritas said...

Oh by the way I faintly remember your strip show the other day and compiled my own strip list somewhere before I was botched up with a pile of work to do. They were really cool. Let me remember some of mine:

1. I am insecure.
2. I like looking at myself in the mirror.
3. I spend too much money on my hair.
4. I fear bugs and spiders.
5. I'm a snob.

Archer said...

Archer steps out for a week and all the village madmen (and women) come out to play! *smacks self on forehead* watoto wa siku hizi...

acolyte said...

@ Veritas
Thanks you for your many comments! Christianity is meant to be a religion of peace and love but intolerance and cult like behaviour has become the order of the day.
There are many people out here who are doing wrong and promoting negative attitudes all in the name of God and it is very sad.
I appreciate you sharing your secrets.I was chastised for sharing mine because they went against the grain.
@ archer
Tell me about it, it's amazing what can crawl out of the woodwork!

wanja said...

Aco, please stop wasting time with that kagz whore.She can't reason to save her life, how does you chiding her for using contacts to get ahead instead of hard work amount to poor self esteem?I understand you taking down the earlier post because I too would have done the same thing.
I feel so sorry for the man who has to put up with that spiteful woman.

JOE said...

holding aco and kagz hand and rocking to the music( lets move on

acolyte said...

@ joe
I respect you for moving on and I too did the same thing in our case but you can see who brought up the last post in this thread.

veritas said...

Yeah totally. I've changed churches so many times. I like charismatic churches because it's more a gathering than a religious meeting. I’m not into the swaying your arms in the air like a hippy so I usually sit with the calm people. The sermon is what I go for, in such a cynical world it’s encouraging and refreshing to attend once a week for me to release my spiritual inhibition to connect openly with God together in spirit with the body of Christ (others). It’s cool, you get to witness all sorts of supernatural happenings plus it makes my life more bearable to know I’m not the only miserable person out there questioning existence. I agree with you in that religion is such a terrible thing.

I think they should fuse religions together. I like listening to the Koran melodies when I’m on the plane, it brings me peace. I also like the call for prayers thing 5 times a day, I remember in Kenya hearing the call for prayers, it was cool, they should do that in charismatic churches. When I was in Kenya I visited lots of churches but as a regular I went to 3 different churches which I thought were really cool and certainly could sense the presence of God there. Rang’ala Catholic church in Nyanza, All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi and Emmanuel Church for the Deaf. I didn’t particularly like the charismatic churches in Nairobi but in Kampala they had some amazing churches, that place I sensed was more ‘Godly’ than Nairobi.

My church just released an album today, I’ve attached the links to 3 of them at the bottom. Tonight’s sermon was from this man who was dead, on the way to mortuary and came back to life. He shared his testimony on how he’d visited heaven and hell. I didn’t actually go to tonight’s sermon, I go to church in the mornings but I’m getting the CD to have a listen. You see sermons like these are interesting. By the way my Kenya blog is but I don’t blog on that much… don’t have much time to. Track 8.mp3 Track 6.mp3 Track 5.mp3

Kenyanchick said...

I don't understand fundamentalists of any religion. Believing in a god doesn't make you one.

Is that a difficult concept to grasp?

Kenyanchick said...

Oh, by the way, I added that hissing/pissed off cat avatar after the comments to your previous post because that's exactly how I felt, LOL!

I feel better now.

POTASH said...

Damn, lookks like I been missing on mad stuff. Now one of the protagonists has sent me to review your last couple of posts and give my Opinion. Yes, the pseudo-intellectual will engage you tomorrow...but first let me finish this brief for Kwani?
I Been busy Aco, just trying to get the creative writing in check...hope you been aight

acolyte said...

@ Veritas
Thank you for your comment.It is good to see that you dont confine your worship to one venue or denomination.
I will try and find the time to go to that site and listen to the tracks.Thanks!
@ Kenyanchick
By some of the comments I got from the last post I have decided never to overestimate human beings reasoning capacity.
Your new avatar rocks!
@ Potash
I did remove the last post as it did have some things about me that I didnt want to leave in the wide open.
As for your brief, let me know if it makes it to Kwani 4.All the best!

POTASH said...

Uhm, okay but si you send me the comments then...just wanna know what the bile was about?
potashke AT gmail

mama mia said...

hi all.
so much going on, hope you've sorted it out by now.
don't wanna get mixed up with all this, but i need to clarify for kagz sake coz she knows my name's wanja and she has a bone to pick with me, maybe:
am not the wanja above, it's not my style.

Acolyte said...

@ mama mia
Don't bother with that drama.I know Ive let it go...

Kagz said...

The Acolyte
I have moved on too but next time, its silly to write controversial stuff and then write "i welcome critical comments" then cause when the likes of me speak out their mind.

I don't plan to stick around "your part of the world" so all the best in life!

Mama Mia
I did not know your name is Wanja and frankly, I DONT CARE!

Ati ...I have a bone to pick with you?????????????????????????????

Mr.Nice introduced you to blogging and you have never met or talked to me, i have NEVER commented on your blog or talked about you anywhere.....and you dare say i have a bone to pick with you???

I know your private blog COZ IT WAS THE FIRST BLOG YOU HAD AND HAVE NEVER CHANGED THE URL and if i was a bad person i'd have added the link here but i'm above that kinda blog madness.

I'd suggest you stop mentioning my name ovyo ovyo coz i know sooooo much x-files about you...

I'm amazed you keep mentioning me and Mr.Nice on your private blog. This should be very childish for a married woman like yourself.


Acolyte said...

@ Kagz
There is a difference between being critical and being petty, spiteful and vindictive.I do hope you learn the difference.Good riddance!
I see I am not the only one you go around picking fights with.I guess people like you are brought into people's lives for a reason.

Archer said...

Sigh... and the lunacy continues... Good thing that I opted to watch this one from the bench.

Acolyte said...

@ Archer
You saved yourself lots of drama!

Girl next door said...

I strongly agree with your statement about a lot of blood being shed in God's name. Isn't it ironic that a belief system based on love and peace can inspire so much violence? The repression of women in most organized religions is another issue I constantly question. Sadly, most churches carry on archaic traditions and try to justify them as being biblical (which isn't always the case).

mia said...

Just a point of clarification, coz of false claims made above - I use wanja on the blog that kags accesses, and anyone who claims to read my (non-kbw) blog, like kagz has done above, KNOWS that name as it appears in several posts. That is the only reason why I mentioned it in the first place in my response above - coz I was so surprised at the coincidence above and needed to set the record straight... that is all. I have nothing against her, or anyone else for that matter. I'm surprised that she would break into such a sweat over it.