Friday, October 06, 2006


First things first, I am not longer a KBW member. The powers that be decided I was too much of a loose cannon so I was let go. But I will address that issue in it's full entirety on Monday. Friday is upon us! Woohoooo!!!!!!!! Let the pics roll!

Let me tell you a bedtime story, In a land far, far away.......

I'm sorry but this senseless abuse of cheap couches has to end! Oh!I didn't know Casper had a Kenyan sister!

So Mercy, did you use the rest of your sweater to make a scarf?

Kijana!Jaribu na utaona!Makes me wonder how we could ever get the nerve to concentrate with a dude with an automatic weapon in the room.

This looks like a anti-black out pre-emptive strike

Guess who's coming to dinner? Or should it be, guess who's going to be dinner?

Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!Someone stole my eye liner!

Everyone loves a clown!

No snide comments here, these girls look great!
Ps: I know that I owe ya'll a DJ CK post, so I am working on it as you read so you get to read two posts at once!


Devious One said...



Kenyanchick said...

On the KBW stuff, I have no comment. Give us a good in-depth blog first then I'll comment.

As for Esther: How long shall she kill our furniture/while we stand aside and look?

Anonymous said...

Pole mzee. Mafans bado tutaisoma blogu yako hata kama umeondolewa kwa orodha ya KBW. Nitasubiri hiyo post kamili ili nipate kuelewa yaliyotukia.

Those photos rock!

2. Hear! Hear!
3. No I used them for mittens for my boo Attitude.
4. How the hell did we pull that off?!
6. Yum!
7. Woi! Daddy! Daddy! Hawa wajinga wameninyima CHAT yangu! Waaa! Dude - Makeup? Ah well, siku hizi ni za Metrosexual.
9. Those chiles! (drool, drool)

D One said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
egm said...

Pole Aco for the boot. Waiting to soma on that.

Ah, for pic 8, I am with cucu Ndevias kabisa. The first thing that came to mind was aco diagramatically showing Ms. Mvaite how to apply deo. Yaani you just had to pull it out and show what words couldn't convey!

D One said... know they cant silence you...much love !

Pic 2 - Casper in drag and it looks like she used Ikemefunes Fcuk-me-I'm-a-ho- red lipstick !!!at the rate this mama wears pleather,she'll have a yeast infection in her makwapas...a first, for mankind !!!

Pic 3 - Mercy explains her ensemble "this my kitambaa was crocheted by this my designer friend Fubulicious Opiyo...and it comes with a matching sindiria and chupi...yessss"

Pic 5 - Dude in shock after getting a close up look at Casper...and as a result his left retina is damaged irreperably !!!

Pic 6 - Billy the Goat decides its time he came out.... of the closet ( cue- it's raining men song )

Pic 7 - Looks like Czar and Casper use the same (pale coloured) foundation...suck it up kiddo and quit crying like a biach ! you win some you lose move on !

Pic 8- Aco showing his roomie how to use deodorant...."now magdalina, you smear the rolling ball up and down your pits like this, you hear ?"
need I say more ? lool

Pic 9 - And the breastless anonymous mamas gathered for a pic....

Udi said...

Yaani you messed with the powers to be. Pole daddy.

Joe said...

udi- chunga daddy!i see the way mamas like your blog you are probably next on the chopping board. you jua to some this was formed as a pick up joint for women-u register then the emails come-phone calls -meet ups.and dudes like you are throwing a spanner in the works so go easy ama you will be in the cold with us lol

Quintessence said...

eyeliner dude...ROFLMBAO...ta for making my friday man...let the games begiiiiiiiiiiiiin, can't wait to read why the boot!

The.Hanyeé said...

Kenyanchick: Walalala...Good one! Bob would be proud!

Esther Wahome is bloody sexy..sadly she seems to think diving into drums of blusher or baby powder amp up that sexiness...NOT!!!
She needs to stay away from the pleather...mami, hapo hakuna dawa...

C'zars..the day he goes to jail (possibly for looking this shady on camera), he will make some hairy inmate at Shimo-La-Tewa very, very happy with tossed salad special...

Are those 2 girls rubbing tit-tays? Do that long enough and maybe we can light a fire from all the gaddamn heat!

acolyte said...

@ devious one
@ Kenyanchick
Post coming on Monday!
@ Aegeus
I will give ya'll something to chew!
LMAO, that isnt how I do it!
Keep it locked on Monday!
@ D one
How can you diss our mamas in the last pic.:-(
@ udi
You dont pull a lion's tail without being ready to pay the price.
@ joe
LMAO seems I should start charging!Well you do know haters will be haters, so I have already put on my blanket for the cold!
@ Quin
I see many peeps are primed and waiting!
@ the.hanyee
I do agree Esther has potential but her stylist has to go!
As for czars dude wouldnt last one week in prison. He'd get tore up real bad!

kelitu said...

Damn aco, thank God i jua the address to your blog, coz i thot i was lost when i was busy looking for you on the orodha and you came up missing...
ebu give us dirt...who dis you can' handle your realness?!

I am waiting to hear that CK vibe coz i want to vibe about my run in with him a few years back...*shudder*

kelitu said...

Before i forget, Aco that's not you in the 1st pic katiaaring a chic of the powers that be in KBW hence the boot...?!! Toboa!! LOL!

Movie Buff said...

@ Kelitu I had a run in with that fellow as well. [shudder]

@ Aco. you know some of us are loyal fans like whoa! Tutasoma and tutasoma!!!

And lol @ Casper comment

mocha said...


As for you Aco....are there more left in the archieves?