Thursday, October 26, 2006

Truth Is Relative

This is a draft post that was supposed to go up earlier this week but for some reason I ended up doing another post and leaving this one in the vault, since it is somewhat time sensitive I thought I might as well share it now...

I bet that was the phrase that was going through Aleksey's head as he did the video resume seen below. The dude's ego and stretching the truth has earned him an entry on Wikipedia, nationwide media attention and our laughter.Pay attention people, this is how not to pad your resume and how not to apply for a job!

Here are some comments about him on one of the blogs that broke the story;

Now I watched this with no sound...which is probably to my benefit as I would lose fewer braincells that way. Anyway...I like the comment on the bricks cause you never actually see that it's him...just that it is someone breaking the bricks.
And did we notice the shots when he was playing never actually see that he was playing someone else. All those balls look like they were just bounced over the net to him to hit.

What a waste of space.

Posted by: Janice

Someone needs to make a list of Aleksey Vayner jokes in the spirit of the Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer ones.
Posted by: Anonymous

If you can conceive it and believe it, you can put it on your CV
Posted by: Steve Meltzer

I think this guy should leave the country and go into the european porn business, he looks just like Rocco Siffredi!!!
Posted by: brennanp

I think some of us should be nice and become friends with him on Myspace. I unvolunteer myself as I have lost my account password!

Someone went out of his way to make a random quotes generator just for Alexey that has jewels like this;

"Aleksey was told once by God he could not walk on water, after he mastered that God said, yes but you are big and have slow reaction time. Aleksey then had his way with God"

"Aleksey turned down a role to play James Bond to spend more time writing his memoirs."

And yes, I have too much free time!


StackOfStiffys said...

First and now off to read.

StackOfStiffys said...

Poor Aleksey, now he's the subject of too much ridicule on the web!!!! He should hide under his bed for a while.

mocha! said... I to learn something from this dude???

Alafu, CEO of what and if he a pro. athlete, how come I haven't really heard of him??? Vile UK media pendas weird stuff, his didnt even make the final cut. LOL!!!

I think he should go back to the drawing board and restructure his whole image.

StackOfStiffys said...

...complete with plastic surgery and a new name!

Kenyanchick said...

Aleksey is The Man!! He exercised pretty poor judgement (and seems to take himself a bit too seriously) but come on, he's precisely the kind of guy Wall Street loves!

Movie Buff said...

This dude is my hero.

11 page resume? Full of lies?
He worked for the CIA and the Mafia when he was a toi?

It dont get better than this people!..... LMAO!

Msanii_XL said...

Lol...this guy oversold himself...


I had to wiki this guy

modoathii said...

negro please!

Anonymous said...

I just wasted 6 minutes of my life listening to Aleksey! He has inflicted me with enough agony to last me the rest of my life. Thank you very much!

mloyi said...

Samahani kurudi nyuma, ingawa tuko mbele sasa lakini ya nyuma bado tunayafikiria!
Wiki mbili zilizopita tulikuwa na acolyte na maneno yake (machafu!). tulimkaripia sana na kwa sautikubwa. Ndio ni uhuru wa kujieleza lakini wananishtua hawa jamaa wa CNN kutuma mtu rasmi kufuatilia hilo jambo! sijui kama lilikuwa ni jambo kubwa sana hadi hawa CNN kufanya hivyo!
Hii inatia wasiwasi sana ukiangalia historia inavyosema, mitazamo ya hivyo vyombo vya uongo na uhusikanaji wake katika kuchochea migogoro. Inanifanya nifikirie lengo la kumtuma huyo jamaa, jeff koinage ilikuwa ni kuchochea chokochoko ndogo iliyotokana na acolyte kutumia uhuru wake kutoa maoni.
vile vile sijui hawa jamaa waliishia wapi na hayo mahojiano na wanayatumia kufanyia nini?
Tukae tena pamoja tuelewane upya.