Thursday, August 03, 2006

Awwww hell no!I'm the only one who gets to post twice, nini talks smack, darkness!

It seems someone in KBW didnt get the memo.Other then Kenyan entrepreneur only The Acolyte is allowed to blog on a daily basis!Just kidding Movie Buff, blog on!
Now first things first, I was listening to Nini Wacera on Capital FM today and she says that wife beaters love their women.It is their passion and love that makes them beat them.A wonderful own goal!Some people should not be given microphones and be allowed to address the masses!She' s just given some gal an excuse to take on keeping an ass whupping!Ass hat!

"Hit me if you love me!"

My mum always told me not to diss people about something because it may happen to you.Well since I am pretty dark, I can lay into these peeps.Unless it's the camera, these must be the blackest peeps ever!No wonder they had a bash where people had to dress in white!No-one would have seen them otherwise!


Mimmz said...

Nini Wacera deserves an arse whooping. After all she will only misunderstand it as a sign of us having loved her stupid, archaic sentiments on physical spousal abuse. But she does echo the general, "not intelligent" sentiments the Kenyan radio personnel seems to carry on out loud on air, doesn't she?

And Aco, you had to post a photo of her in a nightie. It was enough of that first time we saw it, eeeiiiissshhh!

The Devious One said...

nightie ?? she wore it as an outfit for some thingamajig( insert 50 sharp knuckled ngotos for Nini )
then on top of that she has some serous verbal diarrhea coz I too heard the comment where she said that passionate women are the ones who chapa their women - nyang'au wewe..speak for yourself hefer !

I jus placed a *wanted* on the woman so whoevers game in joinin me ..NIONE KADO ( no typo )

Acolyte said...

@ Mimmz
Most of our radio personell are chosen on many criteria apart from intelligence.
Now what to do if that is the only pic of her that I have?Something is better than nuthin right?

The Devious One said...

as for those pix in that DARKNESS EVERYBODY heng ..( was it a pre-requisite to be two shades lighter than pitch black ?? )

I had to bring out my bright ass flash light and mulika to see them peeps...and then I had to explain to my mdosi why I'm mulikain the pc...jobless corner here I come !!!

acolyte said...

@ devious one
I thot it was the monitor or the lighting in the office kumbe it was the darkness bash!

spicebear said...

hmm, if only we could have a compe of who gets to post the most instead if who gets to comment first. that will be good for pople like me looking to be distracted, haha.

nini said what? i am bila words. she should know better.

as for the white party i shan't comment!

acolyte said...

@ spicebear
What will I have to do to make you TALK!!!!!!!

spicebear said...

aco, i told you i'm being nice today. must be the lack of something to do till it stops being so damn hot outside.

otherwise, i'm not saying anything!

Movie Buff said...

LMAO at the blackness of the people..... u done killed me.
And as I mentioned... today was a slow day at work so you will have to excuse me peeps. Aco.. dont jali... ur throne is safe. FOR NOW...... mwahahahahahahahahahahaha

Moving along to Miss Crazy over there!! Say what? First, let us not talk about the outfit. Devious One.. I am so with you and the *wanted*... I am so there! Where do we sign up?????

See, its people like this, when we move on step forward, they move us two steps back.

About radio presenters in Kenya... I shall just not say anything because that will be ONE LONG RANT!

Movie Buff said...

About the pics...... let me not get started on Hindiots [Kagz, 2006] who wear shades in the club!!!

makanga said...

Negroes in a white party...the ultimate celebration of blackdom. I hope they left soot all over that mutha....

Maybe she meant beat in the other know...."beat." I mean in that case, mamas will be lining up for passionate all-night-long "wife beaters," don't u think?

Archer said...

I think Nini's constantly trying to prove a point of stupidity! I wonder what the callers said about the wife beating. About her ka nightie, enyewe what tu-sticks are those she's trying to show us? What Aco would call "typical Kuyo features!" no offence to our sisters from Central province.

Kagz said...

I know that controversy sells but, Kenya is BADLY IN NEED of PROFESSIONAL radio personalities.

If Aco heard right then its really a pity to know that Nini said that.
She is my bro's good pal but i must admit she has ISSUES!!!

As for the white bash (or is it black bash)...2 thumbs up!!!
I am on the floor in laughter.

Ati Devious One is using a flash light??? My PC couldn't handle them and it has crashed :)

Archer : I am from Central and i CHOOSE TO BE OFFENDED.

Kenyanchick said...

I cannot begin to tell you how much this $(*% Nini irritates me. She's stupid, starved for attention, and has a completely misplaced attitude. She was rude to me once (at Soho's, no less) and I lost it. "I lived in Bed-Stuy, bitch," I hissed, in my best Puerto-Rican chica, LaToya-with-4-babies voice. "I'm a cut you." I actually said this. She stepped aside. Maybe she's not that stupid after all.

Half 'n' half said...

This is exactly what Nini wanted: For people to talk about her. Every single thing that s*** does is to get attention. Why else would she wear a nightie.
As for the pics, p1010191 chick looks like anatha Dinka over here tu.

The 'Licious said...

LOL......I have heard of stupid excuses chics give when jamaaz use them as punching bags to justify their sorry ass actions, but when a 'radio personality' like Nini comes on radio to make 'positive' comments regarding this issue......makes me wonder who her mom is and if she is proud of her daughter. Yep, I have gone there....SHOOT ME!!! Sheer UNGOMONGONESS!!!!

I can see Kaggz has been given my HINDIOT - sawa tuu!!! (off to patent it...LOL)

As for the white bash, the 'light' peeps and papparazzi were out of town...aka Mocha and clique. Thats the weekend we went to Scotland. Most of the peeps in there are dark, the club has a very dark ambience about it and the camera used didn't do any justice to them lot. OK.....I am kidogo biased, Dubwise is my pal and he is a nice jamaa to boot. So, can't really slag him off.

Back to this ngomongo chic called Nini. When I saw her nightie outfit, I was wondering where she left the rest of her clothes on that night. Secret garden perhaps if she was in Carni. You all know what I mean......LMAO!!!!

Aco, those pics for SOHOs are just too serious. Thanks for sharing!!!

Haiya, just realised that this must be my longest comment ever.

akiey said...

Aco, man, you're killing me with that link to the white party. I got a congested chest & this crazy laughter courtesy of you is just doing me in,lol!
So what happens to the rest of us non black Black brothers? we stay out...or do we wait for our Black Party to throw on dark clothes?

Nini Wacera pretends not know anything about domestic violence. Someone tell her to visit a battered womens' shelter & open her eyes/ears.

Archer said...

@Kagz: Nini? uta-do? Eh? Eh? UTA-DO? The comment would only offend you if you know it's the truth! It's not the end of the world if you've got sticks for legs! But I have reason to believe that unanitafuta.
I've just seen the pics for the darkness bash...waaa! I have a question (and No Kagz, you haven't copyrighted that phrase yet so shut it!) if some of those jamaz chuck their shirts and walk around the venue topless, do you think anyone would see them? Coz me thnks they'd blend in perfectly with the darkness!

acolyte said...

@ spicebear
Okay I guess I'll wait for the nice juice to fade out!
@ movie buff
My slow days at work are about to end so you can happily take over my thrown!
Nini is a perfect example of why radio presenters in Kenya are kubaffs!
Shades in the club is so so so ghetto!
@ makanga
Those peeps must have left soot, coal and other white reducing substances in the club!
I didn't hear her say dick whipping so I am sure she meant fists and kicks!
@ Archer
In Nin's case, stupidity would be too nice of a word!Roho safi those miguus of her have chokad big time!
Most def typical kuyo legs!
@ Kagz
I am sure you as a former proffesional in Kenya know that in Kenyan media it is who you know personally and biblically that gets you a job and not your intelligence.
Nini has always had issues.This is the mama who burnt her baby daddy's clothes, has been involved in girl on girl action several times in public, once bouted with a watchie (or rather was bouted).So this is no surprise at all.
As for the Darkness bash.For one moment I thought my monitor was on the blink or that maybe I had put on a pair of shades without knowing.

As for the white bash (or is it black bash)...2 thumbs up!!!
I am on the floor in laughter.
As for the miguus, I stand by Archer 200%!
@ Kenyanchick
Nini does take attention seeking to another level!
It's good to see that you put her in her place!
@ halfkenyahalfsudan
Even if she wanted attention I think there are bettter ways to do it because there are people who will take her advice literally!
The chic in the pic may be someone you know!
@ mochalicious
Now for a chic who is not being vunjwad to spread those same excuses is sheer and utter stupidity!Nini still lives with her mummy so I am sure she got support for her actions.
Wacha excuses mingi my dear, fact remains those are like the darkest peeps ever.But I am sure that bash must have shikad like a nonsense!
With Nini's racy rep maybe the rest of her clothes actually ended up in the parking lot!
As for the Soho's pics, did you see anyone you know?
Congrats on your new comment record!
@ akiey
It's good to know that I'm helping you feel better!
I think the yellow brothes will have to have a black party!
It seems that despite her drama filled past relationships Nini doesnt seem to learn a thing.
@ Archer
I see you are formenting beef with kagz.Go ahead, rock on!
All we need is red lipstick and those peeps can look like the dude who used to be in the crow's nest in the asterix comics!

baz said...

Not to condone wife-beating, because if he touches you once, don't tarry saying that you forgive him or that he will change. Leave him immediately. Tell the authorities. Also tell your brothers who play rugby.

That said, wife-beating isn't an ordinary act of violence. It is a form of perversity that stems from, among other causes, yes, in a twisted way, a passionate love for the victim.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't leave the bastard, just that the half-naked chick in the picture might have a small point.

Joseph Walking said...

its such a shame that in this century we are discussing wife beating when we really should be talking about polygamy -lol

nick said...

look at in really look at her... and please tell me if she shud be discussin stuff on radio...however i think presenters choose to rattle an audience just for the sake of spicing things up

@aco damn right hell to the NO!

You are officially KBW's POST HO! and i dedicate TLC's SILLY HO to you! keep it up..achana na MovieBuff

Acolyte said...

@ baz
It may be a result of perverted passion but if she can a woman should get going the very first time it happens because staying justifies it in the man's mind.
@ joseph
Feel free to initiate discussion on the issue!
@ nick
You do have a point.She doesnt look like she should be counselling anyone at all!
As for being the post ho!Thank you for the compliment you comment ho you!

Movie Buff said...

@ nick... I can smell from a mile away when u r dissin me....

acolyte said...

@ movie buff
Is there a beef in the making?

savage said...

She might be dumb and an attention whore,but she is kinda of hot and great for a one night stand.

acolyte said...

@ savage
She may look hot but I here the reviews for her performance arent that good!