Sunday, August 21, 2005


I went for the Black Students' BBQ today.I may not be black american aka akataa as i here them being called by Africans but I am black and I am a student teehee.Met some really nice people there I think it is since we are in a small town people decide to put away the old beef that exists between miroos and akataas.But most of the atendees were freshers so I could be wrong.I will go for kesho's meeting and find out what the deal is.It is amazing how fast these ppl mature, I met some chic and I was talking to her I had her pegged at 24 but seems she was 18 but the booties she was carrying.I had shamelessly choread as we say.She could not believe my age as according to her I and another Kenyan chic do not look out ages at all ( a good boost to the ego I must admit ).But I also went to hook up a cell phone plan so I ended up being dirt broke only 7 bucks to my name till refund checks come around.Also I start my assistantship jobo tommorrow so no more bum time which is good anyhow.

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