Friday, August 26, 2005


Damn free liqour!I feel like shit!A neighbour had a bash last night and I went over there were beers and hard stuff.So the crowd was cool but at like 12 they left for the club , me bila crew and bila car decided to stay and fagilia.So beers were over so I moved to hard stuff.Damn kuliharibika!Hardy remember getting home.Good thing my boss is not around.I have gone to the washroom twice to mwaura ( throw up- remind me to tell you where that term came from ) and since i did not have bfast most of it is mahewa or as we called it in colle vapour.
I am also having a small headache gotta take some tylenol.good thing i have some stock.There are no kayos for singles here.So now I am on cold water for most of the day.I was planning on going to the gym but screw that I need to recover.I have rarely been this messed up when it was on me.If I you ever see me on hard liqour fee free to kick my nut it ain't worth it.

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