Monday, August 22, 2005

just gotta talk

I guess today is one of those days when I have more morale to blog then usual so enjoy it while it lasts.Has my second lecture today at least I was not the only black person in the class but I am guaranteed to be the only Kenyan in my class I can put my money on that.There are not too many Kenyan students in this uni and the ones who are are just not my type of people.Of the several that are here two are chutis ( I'm not racist but I'm not close to them ),4 chics one who is rarely on campus,one who is but i do not see, the other I do not like and i think it goes both ways and a fresher who is pretty good company.
I have met some other Kenyans in ATL who are not bad but let's look at it on the plus side at least I will concentrate on school more.Anyway who says we have to be pals coz we are Kenyan?Yes it does help for the bad times but if we don't get along why force issues?There was this akataa chic who looked so Kenyan in my class mpaka I had to vibe her she had that slim nai kind of figure, avery Kenyan face mpaka the kuyo forehead ( sorry ladies but we notice these things all the time! ) but i forgot to get her name.She's most def one for the future if I want to feel I am with a local gal apart from when the domez begin.
Also I was looking at the town crime stats.No one has been murdered here in the last 3 years!In nai it was hourly,God bless that city!Ooooh and I passed by my new digs the cable was working great, no more boredom.Yes bumming for several weeks before uni gave me this cable addiction, the telly would be on even if I was not watching.Or maybe it is coz I could not afford DSTV back home,compensation perhaps?Anyway it is getting late and let me walk to what will soon be my ex home and get ready for my new home!

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