Sunday, August 21, 2005


Today has been a totally wasted day.I now know how cats feel or close to it.I have been dozing on and off most of today.I tried to cook some fries but i dozed so they burnt, with this summer heat there was no way I was cooking more so I looked for the good ones and threw the rest away.Yes I can be lazy but so what!I passed by the apt that I am moving too and started looking at some of the tapes at the vcr owned by one of the guys who lives there and the guy had like 3 pornos.I have nothing against porn but the less viewed the better.I also think that it takes away the incentive to hook up if you are single and the incentive to work on your sex life if you are married.It does have some pluses but I do not feel like getting into that at the moment.
I have not told my roomie that I am shifting but I will let him know sooner or later.I just for the life of me cant stand that house so I will be away.
Soon I do plan on going to some church here, yes I know I am anti church but this is the Bible belt and a small town at that come sunday everything shuts down.So to have something to do on Sunday morning church it is then maybe I will have found something else to keep me occupied.

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Milonare said...

Hey acolyte

Pole about the burnt chibangaz... Wachana kutusi maporno... Those things can teach some skillz that spice up manguvano!!! ;)

Why you anti-church?