Monday, August 22, 2005

Day 1

Just had my first day at work today.I will be reviewing the school's websites and later on updating them.It was really interesting how this happened as I am no comp whiz just that some years back I applied for a jobo at braeburn.Part of the job description was to update the site, i did not get past interview 2 but i got an interest in web design.So I never did go to comp colle but i huffed and puffed and taught myself.After some time I got that jobo that I mention in the early days of my blog.And look at me now what I did for fun is now funding my education.Though now I have to get back into it seriously as there is no michezo with now I am getting hands on with the mac and you know in Kenya how we are pro pc.anyway all in all that and getting into my new apt soon it has not been a bad day.
Oh the first Sunday liqour licensces are coming thru woo hoo!Another excuse not to go to church!Just kidding I will still go to church too.Almost time to go find a nice couch in the lib to sleep on before my only class today.

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