Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Don't Fall For This.....

The best captions go up manyana but as for now enjoy this as you wait!


mutumia said...

I swear Aco you are a damn fool! Good one!

Keguro said...

I think her response should have been:

"there's not much to steal!"

Nakeel said...

Looool @Keguro..

Aco thats deadly..Am sure she was looking for something to do and she go it.

Yummy!!!! said...

Aco....are you sure this aint your signature 'chat-up' line?

Just kidding!

Nice one though!

As for the winning captions for the pics a couple of posts back....???(still tapping fingers on table - IMPATIENTLY)

Guessaurus said...

Your loonie status have been renewed for the forseeable future.

LOL & LOL @ Keguro

Prousette said...

I do not think it is even remotely possible that someone used that as a chat/pick up line lol!!

Acolyte said...

@ Mutumia
Gotta brighten up the day!
@ Keguro
She looks like she could take a joke!
@ Nakeel
I am sure she did her part for the cause!
@ Mocha
You would be surprised at how well that line works!
@ Guess
Good to know that I am still in the club!
@ Prou
You would be surprised at how far some men would go!

MSANII said...


Scrumptious! said...

prousette...i think aco has just confirmed something!

aco...niaje unalenga captions vibe hivyo? ama not enough ingoho for your bones?tihihihihi

Flattering eyelids at aco... said... bad! just seen them when i hit publish button.

Acolyte said...

@ scrumptious
What have I failed to confirm?You see dem results are up for all to see :D!

>d® said...

Hmm, what would the CIA possibly want with a ding-a-ling? :D

nick said...

LOL squared!!!! heh heh i can just imagine the voice over for the dude and babe
@keguro:to quote austin powers "Ouch baby! yeah! Very Ouchy! Oh behave!"

The heading can also be "don't fall on this"

Acolyte said...

Due to misinformation the CIA could have labelled it as a weapon of mass destruction hence the hunt!
@ Nick
Yes if only I had a voice over to go with it!Good alt heading!

M-X-L said...

@aco..did you say wepon of dissemination?

Farmgal said...


and you keguro lol

Acolyte said...

@ Msanii
Good one!
@ Farmgal
Yes at times we get way too serious!

Whispering Inn said...

My fellow mlevi, that IS funny! I wonder if it can be tried on a blond? Hmm....

Acolyte said...

@ whispering inn
why dont you try and tell me how it went then I will follow your lead!

Whispering Inn said...

@Aco - Oh, I see. You want me to be your guinea pig and laugh at me when I get slapped eh? Hehehe!

Acolyte said...

@ whispering inn
Well someone has to take one for the team now!

Joe said...

That's an old ReOdorant comic. Here's the new one:

acolyte said...

@ joe