Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Gender Diversity

Guest poster Instigatorxxl

I was reading some other KBW blog where the suffering many African women have undergone under men was brought up and someone commented that what they would do to make up for this was to always employ an equally qualified woman over a man.A very noble it seems, why don't we see how this pans out.
Let's call the company Femnet which is set up by a business loan from the government so as to uplift women or by a huge grant from some ngo eager to uplift women from the morass they are entrenched in.
To make the work environment more feminine oriented Femnet then goes ahead to grant their employees the following benefits so that the work environment is more woman friendly.
1. Twelve-months maternity leave on full pay
2. Paid leave when children are ill
3. Working hours 9AM - 3PM so that the mothers can pick their kids before traffic
sets in
4. Free (i.e. paid by the company) supervised creche for any kids employees want to
bring to work
5. No penalties (like loss of promotion chances) for those taking massively long
career breaks
6. No overtime after dark to avoid employees having to drive long distances in our
unsafe city at night, and no overtime at weekends so no-one is kept away from
their families

Perhaps there can be a few other informal rules, such as promotions not going to those who are most productive but to those who are most liked and get along with most of the employees, if you have ever worked in a predominantly female company you will note that women feel that they have to be friends so as to work together.So you need someone who is almost everyone's friend so that a good work environment minus bitching and petty squabbles is the order of the day, we can work on productivity later.

Obviously, to make it fair, this company shall not receive any government funding because these are Empowered Women who are more hardworking and smarter then lazy African men who have ridden them for way too long.Also they will most probably get a large endowment to get started so as to save them from the grip of evil patriachal African men and the retrogressive African society that works to their benefit.

Of course, Femnet would go bust in a few months.

Facetiousness aside, if a large company was full of just women and gave them all the rights they have - let alone those they demand - it would go bankrupt. Clients do not want to find that the individual they normally deal with is simply not there and that no-one else can help, or that their service/product is unavailable because key people are on career breaks or their kid is ill so they've taken the day off too. Plus providing all these subsidised rights in this hypothetical feminist utopia of a company would mean they would either have to raise their prices far above the competition, or accept a loss. Either way, it's bankruptcy within a month.

This is why as feminists push for more women in the workplace, they panic when men drop out of it. They will need men there to subsidise all these benefits for women as they are slowly legislated in African countries as they already exist in Western countries. When a woman is not at work because of maternity leave she is paid for work that she doesn't do and that has to be done by other workers or by a temp who has to be paid. Same thing happens when you have family friendly hours because some clients will still need your services at the time when those with children have gone to pick them up at school friendly hours. This has to be covered by someone; men and the few women who choose not to pursue motherhood and concentrate on career.Which will lead to resentment as the women who do not have families will feel that they are carrying more then their fair share of the load and like I said once women dont like each other in a workplace it messes up the team dynamic and productivity.

Feminists say they don't need men, but in fact they do, to subsidise all their socialist dreams of privilege in every part of society. As marriage is shunned and companies choose to grant hiring priviledge to women, feminists are going to find that the bottomless well of labour and money men provide is going to dry up. They'll be on their own, something that - although they will never admit it because it runs against their protestations of independence - they cannot stand because they know they will be ruined.

I will admit that this scenario is quite some way off from happening in the African society the fact is that women need men as much as men need women in life and that the preferential treatment of one over the other may seem as the best path of righting the wrongs of the past is not the best way to go.African men should see women as their equals and embrace the what makes us different so as to work towards a stronger society.But that is just a pipe dream few a ready to accept that approach and would rather wage a war of attrition.

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nick said...

2nd disclaimer: the above disclaimer is false...its a pure original acolyte productshizzle and any similarites are eniterely coinicdental and down right unfortunate

-12 months maternity leave-they'd be deliverin kids every year

u summed it up well and neutral-men need women as much as women need men

Prousette said...

A certain brand of feminists are funded to mislead the rest of us.
A woman friendly environment to me looks like this:
-flexi time but you have to put in a minimum of 6 hrs daily and meet all set targets. I have that where I work for women with very young babies and it works. You would be surprised that very few of us abuse it as we know it is a privilege.
For maternity leave you may take 4 months full time on half pay taking into account the half pay would pay for the temp.

@nick unless you have totally flipped 12 month maternity leave would turn you into a total wacko! I was dying to get back to work after 2 months!

Nice post Aco we BOTH need each other.

instigatorxxl said...

@ Nick
The Acolyte and I are two seperate individuals!No substitutes accepted!
-12 months makes this company family friendly!
-Try telling that to the "men are evil" brigade.
@ Prou
That is true, there are some feminists who thrive on strife and do not care for gender unity in the least!
That sounds like a good work environment!
I thot that the first year for a child is pivotal and that it is best for the mother to be there most of the time?But what do I know I'm just a man.
How many times must I tell you that Acolyte and Instigator are two different people!!!!!AAAAAARRRRRRGH!!!!

Louise Byrne said...

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