Sunday, January 15, 2006


I left the I.C.U. one hour ago.No I was not in an accident or been stricken by some deadly illness.I have finally passed the plateau of my hangover.I rarely have hangovers but when I do they are of I.C.U magnitudes.Yesterday one of the international students was having a bash and I decided to attend to represent good old K.E.N.Y.A, it was pretty good and all continents were represented, for a change I actually met an American who knew where Kenya was and even about Nairobi; I had gotten so tired of the blank stares,moronic statements and the impromptou geography lessons that I have to give that I usually tell people I am from East Africa.Moving on, one of my other new year's resolutions is no more drinking and it is one that I had been faithful to until last night.As I came in I noticed that there were no soft drinks so I decided to have a bottle of brown water aka Lite Beer.After having one I noticed that the supply of drinks was running low and I decided to grab what I could.So what had remained was vodka, so I went ahead and poured myself a half a cup and added some ice and lime juice.In my rush for the free vodka I had forgotten why prior to that night I had not drunk vodka in 4 years.First of all there the burnng sensation as it goes down your throat,then the unexpected inebriation that strikes you when you least expect it (I have had a friend who shifted from political discourse to cursing and jibberish in 2 seconds), the memory loss (I have a night that I have 3 different acccounts of, I know in my head I stopped those 2 from fighting; but I was told that I did an impressive job of kicking both of their asses- but that is a post for another day), then last but not least there is the hangover and dehydration if you didnt drink at least 500ml before you went to bed.
Anyway I got up feeling like someone had taken a sledgehammer to my head then ran over it with a semi truck and at the same time feeling like there was a dance troupe tap dancing in my skull.My mouth tasted like something had died in it and my tongue felt like sandpaper.I was felt totally drained so getting up was a herculean task, I could hardly stand sound so I watched the tv on mute ( thank God for closed captioning! ).To add insult to my injuries I had gone to the gym yesterday so in addition to my head, my chest was aching, biceps were spasming and my abs felt like I had gone 15 rounds with Oscar de la Hoya and Bruce Lee had used it as a kicking board afterwards.The headache meds I took seemed to have no effect so I could only drink water and fizzy drinks till my appetite returns ( vodka hangovers kill my appetite ).
But the appetite did return and I did manage to have breakfast at noon and luch at 4 p.m.I am now at 80% capacity, I have spent most of the day replacing the brain cells that I lost during last night's bender by reading a book for one of my classes that is so interesting that I intend to post on it soon.
Lesson of the day: Vodka is the tool of the devil!
Lesson 2: There is nothing as dangerous as free alcohol
Lesson 3: Don't forget the lessons of the past
Lesson 4: Always go to a bash with some of your own liqour/soft drinks
Lesson 5. Even under the influence some women still remain sexually unappealling
Lesson 6: Please learn from my mistakes and do not imitate me!


AfroFeminista said...

Vodka IS THE DEVIL! Ashindwe! Never, ever touch that stuff! would rather drink my own piss, than even have a whiff of vodo. . .Pole sana, glad to hear though you have almost made it to the no hangi side...

bankelele said...

pole about the after-effects. I think your lesson no.4 is the most important - know what you're drinking, always

Prousette said...

Alcohol in all its forms is a very important tool for the devil.
Pole Aco you shall go back to your resolutions I hope.

nick said...

Intensive Careless Usage..(ok when milo is away i'll play with words)

Pole sana-manze stick to fanta and passion juice u cant go wrong!

But if u wanta natural high-get good sets u square sky high

Farmgal said...

Even under the influence some women still remain sexually unappealling

the resolution didnt last that long did it?

Acolyte said...

@ Afrofem
Yes that is a lesson that i forgot and had to learn the hard way!It is good to be hangi free!
@ banks
Yes no.4 is very important
@ prou
Yes I am now back on the wagon,to stumble is not to fall!
@ Nick
That is a good acronym I will remember it.Soft drinks do rule but where did Milo
@ Farmgal
2 weeks is a long time my dear!But I am going back to it!

Stunuh Jay said...

Hey Vodka is nice....yumm. But you should try gin and lime spanke me! BUt have you ever gone to a foreign party, tell people you're from Kenya and the Idiot tells you he has freinds in Ghana...and the two are related how? Other than being on the same continent...we do not just pop over for the weekend on a weekly occurence!

Whispering Inn said...

Resolutions Shmasolutions! Pole she still looked ugly in the morning LOL. Glad you had fun (and paid the universal fine in the morning he he he!) I think you not only fell off the wagon, you drank the wagon! LOL at the lessons!

Mignon said...

lol...sorry for your ordeal, but it's not too late to continue with the resolution. you're allowed to backslide, u just can't do it too often! how's your other resolution on celibacy going?

Acolyte said...

@ stunuh
My vodka days are over!!As for dum questions like that you learn to talk smack or be patient.
@ whispering inn
ebu dont misread the story.That vibe ended with small talk.there was no morning after.I am now dried out and back on the wagon!
@ cute angel
It's goin really great!I have not even stumbled once!

Shiroh said...

I agree Vodka is the Devil. Can't handle it myself.

nick said...

by any chance did u and whipering inn hung togtther them vodoski bros

guessaurus said...

Tihihi - in defense of Vodka, I will give you a very teeny weeny secret that will see your next vodkapade going down smoothly.

Two Limes (squeezed)
And some lime slices at hand
A measure of Tonic water
A measure of Vodka.

I have it on good authority (and numerous personal testimonies from yours truly) that you NEVER EVER get a hangover from said drink. I was a wine girl but now cant stand the smell, same goes for Rum or any other alcoholic drink - that is my poison. Try it and if it doesnt work for you, I will put another present for you in the post (of course if you are still off drink, just ignore this and dont ask for any more presents .. :)

Acolyte said...

@ shiroh
Let's start an anti-vodka lobby group!
@ Nick
That was my first and last vodka adventure!
@ Guess
If I try again and teleza I will most def hold you to your promise!ps:If you dont like the smell of wine how can you prefer that of vodka,which smells infinitely worse?!

>d® said...

LOL at Lesson 5! So true.
Vodo doesn't do me in tho and I wake up clear-headed, albeit woozy. But that's way better than a dome-splitting headache any day!
My real nemesis is Henny tho. *shudder* Nothing worse than a Henny hangover.

Acolyte said...

@ >d.
Yes lesson 5 always rings true!Mad props man you're doing Henny while some of us have just moved up from cham and toyvo!

Msanii_XL said...

i see henny i ran away...the smell of it alone makes me throw up(yeah its that bad)...

he he @ no. 5..

my man Gatoride after such night and another one immediately after waking up would have done wonders for ya..

Acolyte said...

@ Msanii
Now you tell me and the way I have like 3 bottles in my fridge!

Guessaurus said...

I was seriously a non-vodka person till late-ish last year, one of my friends 'taught' me how to drink it.

The good thing about the smell though is that you dont actually smell it - it smells of lime, tastes like lime (a pleasant taste I might add). I never ever drink any alcohol that I dont like the taste or the smell of, hence no beer for this gal.