Friday, January 20, 2006

The good die young....

Yesterday was a sad day for me.My small sister called me and told me that one of my oldest friends was dead.No he had not borne an illness bravely nor was he in a road accident,He was shot during what was a botched carjacking or assasination.I remember meeting Justin when he joined my school in standard 3.We were such good friends then that people thought we were brothers, it didn't help that we both started wearing spectacles at the same time.We had a grand time driving teachers mad in primary school and even though we went to different classes in secondary school and were not as close as we were, we still hung out once in a while and shared laughs and an occasional underage beer at Jkay's in it's hey day.
After high school we parted ways.He went to work for his father who was wealthy and had several business interests and I went to university.Fate would bring us back together when he began dating my small sister's friend who eventually became his fiance.He had since stopped working for his father and had instead gotten some capital and a partner to start up an ISP that was doing pretty well and incidentally was the provider for the company I was working for at the time.Anyway he was great company,always had a smile on his face,a great idea brewing in his mind, a dirty joke for the guys and a good word for the ladies.When I last spent time with him and we went out for some beers at Tamasha he was telling me aboout how he was planning on settling down and how he had gotten some potential business partners in Canada who he went to see as I was leaving to come here.We never did keep in touch when I left but his fiance was a good pal of mine so I used to talk to her and send greetings.
This is a new thing for me because most of the close people to me who ever passed away were old or sick but never young.For me youth was second to immortality.It may sound foolhardy but I always thought that God would let the young live longer as he had more plans for them and because tears and funerals should not be wasted on the young.But that's just me, a dreamer.
I want to rant about how such things don't have to happen but this isnt the time.
To my friend Justin your star may have shined briefly but it shined brightly, you will be missed.


msaniiXL said...

Sorry about your loss man, RIP to Justin

nick said...

Pole about the loss-death brings such a scary awakeness of mortality.
Atleast you have memories of such great friendship cherish and carry them till your very end.
R.I.P Justin

Stunuh Jay said...

Prayers for his family. Sorry your bud died.

Mignon said...

hey aco, so sorry for your loss

Guessaurus said...

Sorry Aco for your loss - its sad when such a young life is taken away, especially by someone whose motive is so selfish.

Stay strong bud, and RIP Justin

Acolyte said...

@ msanii
It's sad
@ Nick
Yes we had some good times to hold onto
@ stunuh
I'm sorry too
@ cute angel
Thank you
@ Guess
There are some very selfish people out there and death never discriminates

Whispering Inn said...

Pole sana my friend.
Fare thee well, Justin.

Acolyte said...

@ whispering inn
He will be remembered

mutumia said...

Aco- Please accept my condolences. Pole, pole sana about your friend.

I pray that God gives you strength and hope to remember all the good times that you had with him.

RIP Justin.

Farmgal said...

my condolences dear!

M.O.C.H.A. said...

Pole to hear about your friend Aco.

Its a shame what Kenya has been reduced to nowadays in order for people to 'eat'.

>d® said...

Sorry about your friend, 4 real. Keep your head up.

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