Friday, January 27, 2006


I knew I had been infected by American ignorance after this conversation yesterday.I was talking to my younger sister who has been here around 5 years.
Small sis: I was watching this show on the travel channel and it seems Djibouti is a hard place to live.
Aco: That's in Ethiopia isn't it?
In my defense it was a long day.

How most Americans go to get togethers.
1.Get ready, buy 6 pack or bottle of Vodka, get to party house, say wsup to all and distribute what you came with to all, drink as fast as possible and make it home under buddies support
How Aco goes to American get togethers
1.Get ready, get to party house, say wsup to all and distribute rib cracking stories, drink as slowly as possible and make it home with as much take away liqour for being the last man standing
ps:Another Friday at the gym with a hangover.This isnt fun it's punishment

The one advantage of being the token black guy at some of these bashes is that so many white college boys want to hang with you so you can sign their ghetto pass and for those who get really curious about where I am from I sign their safari passes.As long as they don't act the fool and there is free booze, I am available on select dates.My resolution was against spending money on the hooch not drinking it.

Sometimes dealing with women is like making chapatis.Sometimes you have to be gentle,rub and caress their egos and other times you have to beat and roll the lumps out of it so as to have a well rounded chapati to cook.- Acolyte 2006 ©

Mind can't focus long enough to complete more then one cohesive paragraph.Time to go to sleep and regenerate brain cells!


msaniiXL said...

Djibouti in ethiopia..thats just wrong Aco..

Mr Jack your liquor up huh?

lol @ chapatis and women analogy..

Kenyangal said...

Are you licensed to give a ghetto pass???

Whispering Inn said...

Liquor and women, huh? Maybe we'll have a confessional on Monday, after the hangover clears up!

Mignon said...

aiii, djibouti is in ethiopia?

comparing women to chapos is very curious indeed!

have a great weekend :)

nick said...

ati Ji-booty in Ethipia(am shure that was the pronounciation nonetheless)

as for the chapati thingy LOL ha ha ha ha ha

acolyte said...

@ msanii
That is a tongue in cheek analogy so dont use it on the wrong ladies!
@ kenyangal
Well i think having lived in some hard nai neighbourhoods should count.But I am licensed to give safari passes thats for sure!
@ whispering inn
Bila.I know how to handle my liqour well enuff not to fall!
@ cute angel
It is amazing what comes to mind when you are under the influence
@ Nick
Welll since i have not had a chapo in several months they come to mind alot nowadays...

mutumia said...

Djibouti??!! is in ETHIOPIA!!!! ROFLMBAOTIS!!! Dang! Those are our neighbors!!

He he he Aco--- you'll never live this down. The chapo thing- what can I say? You, my brother, are wrong!

acolyte said...

@ mutumia
It was a long hard day!!!!!As for the chapo thingie you know how chics are.If you are too soft you gnash if you are too hard on them you gnash, so you have to alternate.But since you're a nut.........

Mocha! said...

I hope you have recovered!

When is your B-Day I post to you a globe?

m said...

:)) Mzee, hiyo atlas yako!!!

As for Djibouti -- my old man was jobboing there some months ago and he describes it this:

"Djibouti is a country that has absolutly nothing and imports almost everything, including water".

Not sure if he was pulling my leg but with my my old mani can never tell...

acolyte said...

@ Mocha
I am back on form as usual!As for bdays ongea with mutumia.that info is not being made public!
@ M
Roho safi it was a hard day.If your old man is right then if you can survive there you can survive anywhere!