Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Life Imitating Art

First of all it is interesting how life imitates art.In the last post I had spoofed global voices online Kenya about the way my blog can never show up because of the way the content is off the wall.Until mutumia pointed this out to me:

Kenyan Sphere Roundup

Sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya, Weblog
First thing, condolences to the families of Kenyans who died as a result of the collapse of a six storey building in Nairobi on monday. As reported by the Standard newspaper, “At least 10 people were confirmed dead. By 10.45 pm at least 75 victims, with various degrees of injuries, had been pulled out of the heap of concrete blocks and dust.”Acolyte on reading about the collapse of the building, notes at the end of this post “That’s so sad.It seems people never seem to learn from similar disasters of the past.Are we destined to repeat our mistakes ad infinitum?”
Best of all they previewed a part of my blog when I am not instigating,insulting and spoofing!So I actually sound cultured and civic minded!Gotta love the people on Global Voices Online!


Whispering Inn said...

Sad for the victims of the tragedy.

LOL @ Global voices not catching you instigating. Don't worry my friend, they'll catch you...... siku za mwizi ni arobaine! I'll be right here na nitacheka!

Acolyte said...

@ whispering inn
Yes it is sad.And true I will be busted when I least expect it...

Scruptious! said...


Congrats on your recognition! Case of good timing, wrong identity!

acolyte said...

@ mocha
It was all a part of my plan.

akiey said...

You actually made the cut!? Congras man & count yourself lucky since the people at Global Voices always feature the same handful of blogs most times they highlight Kenyan blogs...well, except when they feature female bloggers that's when KBW has more variety of blogs exposed.

Acolyte said...

@ akiey
I dont know if I will make the cut again but it was fun while it lasted.And yes it is usually the same blogs featured!