Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sometimes people make me want to....

This is my third post of today?I know you are wondering because you can only see one post for today.This is because they are times that I start writing a post and then the muse that inspired me goes for a jaunt without telling me when she will be back and I am left hanging.But I was talking to someone the other day and they inspired this post that will actually be finished.
When I talk to people and debate issues the people I respect most even those with whom I we do not reach consensus are those who make use of logic and deductive reasoning.Here is an everyday example
"All men are liars!"- vindictive gal
"hmmmmm what makes you say that?"- Aco
"They just are!"- vindictive gal
"Have you ever thought of taking a job
with the census bureau?"- Aco
"Huh??Why?"- vindictive gal
"Well for you to say all men are liars
you must have met and talked to and know
all men to come to that hypothesis.So if
the census bureau hired you they wouldn't
have to send out all those people during
census time and would pay you instead."
"Now you're talking badly!" vindictive gal
"Oh come to think of it how many lies
does a man have to tell for him to be
a liar?I mean you have told a few white
lies in your life.Does that make you a
liar?"- Aco
Deep furrows appear in gal's brow
and she frowns.
"Arggggh!You're just complicated!"
(gal storms off!)
-All this before I asked her exactly what
constitutes a lie!
Okay I agree I could have come up with a better example but I know you have all met some people who stick to some belief or theory that flies in the face of sense and logic.And despite all evidence showing the weakness of the theory stick to it like a life boat.Usually what I tell these people is let us agree to disagree and leave it at that but some of them refuse like a KBW blogger who knows themselves.And yes I know that I am not always right so when someone comes up with a better more firm arguement I either concede or use the line above.But for those who refuse to capitulate or my olive branch, this is what will happen next time:

So there you have it!How to deal with obtuse people.Can't wait till class on Thursday, haki ya mungu atanijua!
Disclaimer: The Acolyte,management of this blog and will not be held liable for the consequence that occur from reading the contents of this post!


mutumia said...

Wapi? Who? what? where? OK what did I miss? Whose obtuse? Is it the "men are liars" chick and is she in your Thursday class?

He he he I know who the unnamed blogga of the "agree to disagree" Aco salvo is. I will sell his/her identity to the highest bidder ya'll.

Start bidding!

Tee J said...

Ouch! LOL. Aco's pissed. Again...:-)

Mutumia, please do tell.

One of these days Aco I see u spilling ur guts to us. Don't hold it in. Let it all out dude.

KenyanMusings said...

LOL at what you will do to them that disobey you!!.
Okay, what is this post about?

Mutumia....tell already...(* rubs palms gleefully*)

akiey said...

Heeeey Acooooolyyyyte! Who's this that got you so mad? I see some pimp slapping coming her way soon.
If she's had problems with some guy that doesn't mean all guys are nasty liars..heck she may have lied a thousand times to the guy who then kindly returned the favour!

If it's too much for her ask her to bend over & let her kick herself in the arse. Might give her some reality check,LOL!

Mochalicious! said...

LOL Aco.....seems this past week wasn't yours at all.

Pole boss!

Prousette said...

It is a total pain talking to that theoretical chic and if you manage to get that far as far as conversation is concerned I think you deserve a pat, clap or something.

Kindly do the champagne thing do not stress your body cells for nothing.

acolyte said...

@ mutumia
Well the chic isn't in my class but there is another one I am going to deal with on thu, trying to tell that gal anything is like trying to teach a fish how to swim.
@ Tee J
Follow the trail of comments and you will know.As for spilling gut unless I am dismemebered it ain't happening soon!
@ kenyanmusing
well let's just say I like graceful disagreements that's all
@ Akiey
Let's just say those kind of women tire me and I dont apologise for the actions of other men!
@ mocha
Good days come and go but strong ppl weather them all!
@ prou
I have met such chics and that is the medicine they respond to best but I dont let such ppl bother me most of the time!

mutumia said...

@Aco: Salala! Stop haribuing my hustle.... I'm chasing paper here!!!!

KBW ignore Aco. There's no trail. Start bidding. Thank you.

Msanii_XL said...

lol@ the last thing. " wash you hands you are no pimp"

So is this Aco or instigator?

Acolyte said...

@ mutumia
As long as i get 50% hustle on!
@ msanii
there are times I wish I knew....

Keguro said...

Let's agree not to disagree

trademarked and copyrighted and you can't steal it.

But, you know, I'm one of those devious Mt. Kenya people. If I don't agree, I can be bribed to keep quiet.

What? I can trade in stereotypes!

acolyte said...

@ Keguro
Good one!I think I'll use it myself.Name your price and we can start talking.......

Keguro said...

Ahh, Mr. reporter.

You get an F for investigative journalism.

Simple internet check would reveal no copyright, no licensing, free to use.

C'mon, I'm Kenyan. We're not particularly well known for protecting our ideas, music, words . . .

Plus there's always that "connection": since I'm the brother of the cousin who went to school with your brother's first girlfriend, si you do like that . . .

I fall for it every single time

Acolyte said...

@ Keguro
I am a progressive I believe that every man should earn something for his sweat or at least neurons sparking but on the other hand due to the connections I will feel free.Look out for it in the blogosphere soon!

>d® said...

Aco man, trust me I've heard that a couple of times, the statement that all men are dogs and liars. One bad experience - or two... or three... - doesn't make it stereotypical. Or does it? :)

acolyte said...

@ >d
you dont want to hear what I tell chics when it comes to that on my bad days.....