Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sometimes people make me want to..... part 2

Has someone ever said something so stupid and irrational that your well honed intuitive mind can only say "huh?"A statement that is so moronic that your neurons don't even begin sparking but decide to prepare themselves for the next mental task you plan to dispense.
Here is the scenario.Aco strolls into the apartment after a long day at the office and having beaten the libido into submission at the gym to find a notice on the fridge saying this Aco & R (other roomies) we need to settle the bills for December now otherwise we will have no cable this weekend (also pegged to the amount is the elec bill).We need to be asking about the bills and paying them on time.That sounds normal apart from one thing.
This is the second week of January.Aco left the apartment on the 3rd of December after promptly settling November bills only to return refreshed and broke after Christmas holidays.
So I do what I do best, I ignore the notice.So one day roomie walks in finding me in the kitchen and asks me if I have seen the notice.I say I have and add there is no way I am paying for an elec bill that was incurred when I was not here same goes for the cable.Roomie says that he was in and out and that it was R who was around full time but as a member of the household (since when did we become a family) I have to pay.I say no way, then here comes one of the most imbecilic statements I have heard in a long long time, "You must have left something plugged in."
At this point my brain ran over what we could call intellectual road kill, a train no rather a mkokoteni of reasoning so half-witted that it didn't deserve to be acknowledged on the road of intellect but just ran down.I was like "huh" and ignored him.Firstly my Mum always told me when you travel disconnect everything from the wall (during them days KPLC could have a power outtage and you could come back from hols to find every piece of electronics in your house fried to a crisp due to a power surge) that and the fact that I never leave my t.v on.So I doubt a telephone charger connected to nothing would charge up the bill.
Anyway Aco will do what he does best,disavow the existance of that bill and if pestered let Instigatorxxl take over.A man should be allowed to tolerate many things but stupidity is not one of them.
Moving on I have a gal pal whom gives out this lesbian vibe.So her best pal is a good pal of mine too and works at the coffee shop we have in the library.After my evening class I strolled over and asked her whether her pal was a lesbian and she was like "no, but so many people ask me that.She actually confides in me how she would like to get a boyfriend and how her love is often not reciprocated by the boys she likes."Anyway this chic has a strong personality (not in my books) and is kind of eccentric.It also doesnt help that she is an theatre major so most of her friends are eccentric and gay to boot.When it comes to women when it comes to those with strong personalities I am either attracted to them and we could become good friends or it is instant conflict and I am forced to dispatch them to oblivion with my gleaming sword of logic and shield of sarcasm.What I would like to know is what kind of men do women with strong personalities date since most of them can't stand weak-willed men and aren't found attractive by strong willed men?Also any KBW ladies out there who have strong personalities how do you deal with this and how does it affect your dating life?That's my blog, starting in one place and finishing in another.....


Mocha! said...

USILIPE HIYO BILL....PERIOD! Roomies can be a pain in the ass, kwanza if they are hindiots! Aco...keep standing your ground.

As for 'strong' mamas and how they keep relationships going, having a jamaa who is on the same level as you are (which very rarely occurs) or compromise (but for how long). AARRGGHH....that is a 'ngumu' one. Someone.....ebu help me hapa!

Prousette said...

Totally concurr with mocha! hakuna kulipa bill ever heard of the song "kila mtu atauchukua mzigo wake mwenyewe" it applies totally here.

What do you mean by strong mamas? I could think of three types of strong
1.Conjestina Achieng'
2.Caroline Mutoko
3.Miriam Makeba

I do not think of myself as strong but kidogo kichwa ngumu and I get along with most so that's not a problem.

Whispering Inn said...

Oooh goodie, dirt and gossip!
Where do I start, Bill - Zero! (Unleash XXL)
Strong women, I am holding my breath to hear what the ladies have to say!
Lesbo chic, I don't know but it would be a blast to watch - y'know, her and a friend..... Marvin Gaye.... you catch my drift..!

acolyte said...

@ mocha
I agree.Zip zero is what they are getting.I find it a hard question too
@ prou
Thanks for the vote.Well I guess I am talking about number 2, strong character.
@ whispering inn
yup it will be nada for them.As for lesbo chics seems porn and music videos sell us short coz i went to the gay straight alliance table when they were having coming out week (b.s if you ask me) and i saw only one good looking lesbian the rest looked like a used farmers boot on a rainy day in Kiambu.

Keguro said...

"i saw only one good looking lesbian the rest looked like a used farmers boot on a rainy day in Kiambu."

How much do you weigh again? And what martial arts do you know?

Because, you know, I know the lesbian mafia . . . and they make WWE wrestlers beg for mercy

lakini, that's a classic line! "used farmer's boot on a rainy day in Kiambu"

That's going on my list of Aco's memorables--(the list keeps growing!)

msaniiXL said...


Thats roomies for ya!

acolyte said...

@ Keguro
I know woo hoo, kung-fu and fufu!:D I guess they didnt look that bad but compared to the music video "lesbians" they were obliterated.....
@ msanii
yes that was a classic one from mocha....

akiey said...

Aco, it's one of my crazy, busy days but I couldn't resist this so will give it a quick shot:

...what kind of men do women with strong personalities date...?

My $0.02 of a mind says they torment all kinds of men they try to hook up with bcoz such women are most often abrasive & agressive ni nature. Am not saying they have to be "lady like" but a humble personality is a big man magnet but such women don't see it bcoz they got too much steroids in their personality.

Whispering Inn said...

@ Aco "...used farmer's boot on a rainy day in Kiambu..." - ROTFL!!!
Holy Smoke! That was funny!
@Keguro - LOL @ lesbian mafia!!

Acolyte said...

@ Akiey
@ Whispering Inn
There are more where that came from.....

>d® said...

More power to the Acolyte! I can't do all that so I go play ball instead. Keep it up tho man; wish I could do the same.

Acolyte said...

With the correct "supplements" you can do anything!

Kenyangal said...

woi, i wish i'd seen this post earlier!So uch to comment about Fisrt of all the elec thing, i had the same problem coz our bill comes in 3 monthly installments and i moved in a month later than my roomates but i'm all about the peace so i agreed that we split the bill three ways, its not so much more extra (like 5 pounds) but at least there isnt a lot of bitterness thrown about. Though aco, if you had been living alone you would still have had to pay for elec and cable bills even if you had not been at home in dec, (there is connection and convenience fees and all that i.e. to not pay you would have had to have the elec and cable disconnected and then when you come back pay a reconnection fee) so maybe you could pay but less than your roomates.. (or i guess you could also not pay at all... hehe(nervous giggle)

And for the strong woman, I think i'm a very strong woman (prousettes three women combined hehehe)the way i deal with it is that i really sugarcoat it and appear to be very sweet and humble, thats the way my mum is, e.g at work she actually gets her way most of the time but the men there think she is such a sweetheart not a strong mama, it could be deceptive but it works