Saturday, January 28, 2006

Think about it...

From a blog I enjoy reading once in while:
Sometimes I think the purpose of adulthood is to survive what your parents did to you (even well intended ones.) Those things can run from the horrid -- abuse -- to the mundane, such as not being as neat as your father or mother.

What's really frightening -- and I think everyone but orphans go through this -- but you will say something and you'll think "oh my God, that's my mother talking, or my father talking" and you realize they are programmed in and dad, whether alive or not, are still lurking in there....

According to me this becomes more apparent the older that you get.What have you ever found yourself doing that made you think,"surely I am turning into dad/mum!"


Guessaurus said...

I identify with this wholly:

My dad couldnt stand when people didnt put things back where they got them from; neither can I - but I live alone so I tell myself off when I cant find things.

My mum always insisted glasses and knives shouldnt be put in the sink with the rest of the washing up, cos the glasses cant be seen and the knives might cut you - I would never put a knife or glass in the sink - they stay on the side.

When you wake up the first thing you do is open the window for fresh air and to remove condensation, my dad always said. That is the first thing I do - especially during summer.

My dad never allowed us to have posters on the walls of our bedrooms -I would never put a poster on the walls in my house, its tacky (Ok, dad, isnt it time you left?)

LOL there's loads more but I will think about it.

Fun funny funniest..

Acolyte said...

@ guess
I feel you on that.Let me rush to the torture chamber but I will give you some of mine when I get back!

acolyte said...

@ guess
I have recovered from today's session so here goes:
Much like my mother I cannot abide disorganisation.Not that I expect perfect order but some semblance of is expected.
My dad loved books,journals,magazines and newspapers.So I must have printed material wherever I am.The absence of which can drive me to even read the list of contents of the packages in the kitchen.
My mum would never let us leave dishes overnight in the sink.Sufurias only.So when I see my room-mates do it it itches at me but I know if I do them they will zoea.So I run and hide in my room to overcome the urge to wash them or kill my roomies....

Guessaurus said...

Aco - thanks for sharing.
MY mother has an open door policy when it comes to people coming to our place, I have the same. Which means I mentally and physically take in people even when they are not worthy - which I have been trying to dispense but isnt working, I need help there though.

My dad couldnt abide mess - I am the same, so saturday was a cleaning day in our household - and I tend to be the same and feel guilty, but I clean on sunday - all the way, every which way .. sunday. LOL
And as for those unpolished shoes, I will not go into - my dad would cringe at the state of my shoes sometimes :)

>d® said...

Morning Aco. Yeah, I'm like my Dad's mini-me more and more each day; which is not necessarily a bad thing coz my Dad cool as $hit.

But these days I find myself, particularly with my little cousins over here, being a little 'parental,' I daresay. Like, I find myself asking about their grades, their days at school. I make suggestions on how to improve the boys' fade-aways & ask them to pick up their bookbags from the floor. Dang, I really am my Dad's mini-me then!

Acolyte said...

@ >d
Tupende tusipende we have some of our parents in us!And it will come out when we least expect it!