Thursday, March 02, 2006

The More Things Change

I do love blogging about everyday matters and giving people something to laugh or smile about but I was reading the papers online yesterday I decided that it was time for a Public Service Anouncement.
After reading about the shutting down of KTN, the raiding of the East AfricanStandard printing press on Likoni Road where several thousand Newspapers were burned alongside the destruction of computers and the harrasment of East African Standard Journalists all I could do was shake my head. This is the same government that came into power in 2001 with a pledge to serve the people and a "zero tolerance" for corruption.
It seems after 4 years all that has been done is a total u-turn.I remember in the Moi days journalists were threatened, harrased and even detained.But I for the life of me cannot remember the government sanctioning thugs to raid a TV station and a printing press to vandalise equipment and burn newspapers.It seems that with time newer, more powerful and brutal methods of oppression are being developed by the powers that be.
One thing that the government must know that there is a reason that the courts of law exists, if the government has a problem with an article that a journalist has written he should be taken to court and charged with libel or sedition, all the facts examined and a ruling be given.Sending in attack dogs does nothing to bolster the people's falling confidence in the government or prove any point they have to make.
Michuki talks about the government being a snake that is ready to bite, he forgets that the people are the boot that can crush the government underfoot. Press freedom is an indicator of democracy often in nations where the press is not allowed to express itself freely you will find that many other freedoms have been trampled upon.
And where is President Kibaki while all this is happening?Much like Nero I think he is playing one man guitar as the country burns........
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strawberries are said...

Speechless is the word that comes to me.
Shock is another.
Fear will be my third. Afraid of what change this may bring about.

acolyte said...

@ strawberries
Somehow I have the feeling that this isnt the last attack on the press esp since next year is an election year....

Girl next door said...

The attack on the press shocked me too coz it shows that nothing has really changed. Same OLD powermongers ruling our country.

WM said...

On the other hand, would you not think these are the acts of the desperate and the getting-more-desperate? I assure you, gava is NOT having a good time, including our illustrious leader who is so aware of his predicament that he asked Kenyans to "pray for HIM." Not pray for the country, or the gov'mnt, or any other collective, but him.
Of course, press freedom is a thing we must protect with our last ounce of will, but, he! kumbe there is the blog world? How exactly are they going to confiscate/burn that? If any of you know have any friends at the standard, ask them for the copy that was destroyed and make it a point to put it on the blog. Really, they can't win: we're too big and too smart.
As for "girl next door": when I was in the archives I was looking at some sixties/seventies documents, and you would be amazed at the repetition we have. Michuki, Kibaki...they were all there then, and they are still there now. That's why I say: isn't retirement a concept that these people have understood?
Lovely post.

Shiroh said...

Well,when you rattle a snake...i didn't know we had snakes in Kenya. But again life is a jungle

Scandalized said...

The thing is that the attack on the press is even worse than all the other scandals put together. Shame on the Kibaki Government for having sunk so low and taken the good name of the nation with them!

acolyte said...

@ girl next door
I feel you on that 110%!
@ wm
You do have a good point coz most probably those were actions done out of panic!But yes I agree with you that it is time that the geriatrics made way, the old paradigm of age as wisdom no longer rings true.As for the Kenyan blogosphere they cant hold us down at all!
@ shiroh
Yes indeed life is a jungle
@ scandalized
Rest assured there are many of us who are angry and disappointed with the government!