Friday, April 14, 2006

Blog Wars....

I have learned one thing recently about human beings. Many people see their opinions are part of themselves much like children or limbs. This makes people hold them near and dear to their hearts.I have seen many people here in KBW equate a comment that is contrary to what they have posted as an attack on them.It gets worse when unfortunately it is in an environment where people are more likely then not to agree, approve and even add to the opinion addressed. The Acolyte on the other hand is known for playing the devil's advocate. I believe that you don't know what you believe in until you can argue for it ie it is easy enough to tell someone to be a christian but if you can't stand up and have a logical arguement with an atheist or a philosopher and give a good account of yourself then you need to study a bit more. My dissent is not Mashada style where after a post someone would comment with a statement like "That's total b.s!" or "Is that the trash they taught you?" Uh uh, I believe in attacking the hypothesis and assertions of whatever has been advanced.With my favourite antagonist this has led to situations like this.

The Acolyte duels Keguro on a beach

What would happen is that my comment would be like the medieval slap to the face with a glove, following which my antagonist would be aware that the time to duel has come.We would set a date and after sharpening our best katana we would then meet in the field of battle.Of course we would both get wounded, battered and bruised but at the end of the day new things would be learned and techniques would be assesed, improved or discarded.
On the other hand there are some other people (who will remain unnamed) who would see comments against their widely and wildly accept opinion as a total affront to them.So what would happen is that some of them would circle their wagons and shut The Acolyte out from their comments section by any means available and others would lash out with all the rage and strenght that they can muster.When that happens The Acolyte can only resort to his alter ego.

Be it night....

or day!The Acolyte is always ready!

What would start out as a tiff would turn into a heated pitched battle with in some cases collateral damage.Luckily no blogger has suffered any fatal injuries

The Acolyte saves an innocent baby blogger from the fallout of his last blog war

As the red mist would descend on the offended blogger.Often the arguement would shift from being about the issues at hand and instead people's parentage would come into question (someone would be called a bastard), manhood would be put into question, levels of intelligence would be querried, people would be likened to canines (both male and female) and other epithets so harsh that they can't even be sanitised would be expressed.The Acolyte would of course give a good account of himself in the field of battle but so would the other party; making The Acolyte quote one of the manliest men ever...Maximus Decimus "A people should know when they are conquered!"

The Acolyte's opponent gives a good account of herself in battle

Some opponents can be so tenacious that what would result is that the blog-battlefield would be left in ruins.Sometimes The Acolyte would experience a phyrric victory in the cause of battle by turning into one of the very same monsters he abhors greatly.

"Is this really a victory?"The Acolyte asks himself

As a result he would then be forced to fly around the blogosphere to fix the impact of what initially started as a simple battle of wills and metamorphosised into all out war

The Acolyte looks for survivors and the injured from the last blog war as he rebuilds the the section of the blogosphere that was ravaged by his raw power.

With time The Acolyte has grown wiser and instead of hurling himself into battle will instead watch matter unfold and then fly off into the stars....

The Acolyte observes, learns and leaves

So to you bloggers out there who I may have clashed with.It's nothing personal that's who I am and that's what I do.I am not attacking you, just questioning the opinion you have put forth.If you don't see it that way and choose to attack me instead.The nearest phone booth isn't far away.So let's all be friends who can agree to disagree!Happy Easter all!


Poi said...

Happy Easter, Aco!

Prousette said...

Happy Easter Superman, you know we love you anyway, no?

Keguro said...

Oh, superman, I am so glad you posted pictures of your muscles!

I always knew you were a cartoon character!

spicebear said...

hehe aco. protecting blog babies? LOL! don't worry, your bark is far worse than that non existent bite of yours. kwnaza i'm sure on the inside you are just pink and fluffy like cotton candy. before you stone me, i'm sure there is a manly version!

Abby said...

happy easter, acolyte, and happy birthday.

Couch 'tato said...

Our BLOG HERO is that what you are saying...saving blog babies( for soem reason i see kipepeo)

and u duelin keguro crouchin tiger hidden dragon style.

1.So from Acolyte BlogWalker(ANAKIN Skywalker) to Aco Vader
2.Froma slap with a glove to Mortal Kombat i wonder what the catalyst is
3.Like my first major battel where i "almost" lost-have u suffered a loss?

The Devious One said...

Aoclyte/Superman/Big Ben/Captain-Save-A-Ho( juding from the women in the pix )

Be warned that I have the kryptonite in my possesion 1

Nakeel said...

Happy Easter Aco..
Share wit me Superman.....

acolyte said...

@ poi
@ prou
Thank you, I love ya'll too!
@ Keguro
Shhhhh don't tell anyone!
@ spicebear
My bark worse then my bite?Want to put your head in my mouth then?Happy Easter!
@ mama mia
@ couch tato
It's a slippery slope I tell you!One slap can turn into the full hammer and tongs!I think loss is relative don't you?
@ devious one
I see you dont waste time in making connections.Rest assured I am ready for you!
@ nakeel
Happy Easter and happy meet up!

mutumia said...

Aco- Happy Easter and (needing my FFF kick), Happy birthday sweetie... FFF off the block---- eat my dust y'all!

acolyte said...

@ mutumia
You remembered!!!!Awwwww that's so sweet!

Ms K said...

Happy birthday dude!!

Oh by the way, I nominated you as Blogga most likely to cry after strokes. LOL!!

@Devious one
Chile, you just never quit do you!! LMAO!!

acolyte said...

@ Ms K
Thanks for the b-day wishes!Where is that poll I un-nominate myself!The only tears I would unleash after strokes would be tears of joy if the chic knows how to lay it down!

Medusa said...

Hello there fellow April baby..just checking in to wish you a VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY..Here's to you today and always..hope you're truly happy and content..Have a great day..and a great year..

acolyte said...

@ Medusa
Thanks for the good wishes!Hope you had a good one and have a great year too!

The Devious One said...



Acolyte said...

@ devious one
You arent late!Today is Acolyte Day!As for the card I am eagerly waiting!

Shiroh said...

To wish you a happy Birthday. Hope you had a great day.

P/s Before you can launch a blog war,; tip; always know your blogger.

Whereas it might be ok to tell me i am half a woman and half a man and that you can prove it it might not augur well with some bloggers!!

acolyte said...

@ shiroh
Yes I feel you on that kabisa!An ill launched war may cost more then it is worth!

gishungwa said...

Part of bloggin is oputting oyur ideas forth and comments are for others to either agree, diagree, correct or whatever they wantsee that is what makes blogging should have the liberty ot comment as you please. anyway was here 6 months too late belated happy birthday??

acolyte said...

@ gish
Indeed that it is but there is sometimes a cost to expressing your opinion.Thanks for the b-day wishes!