Sunday, April 09, 2006


Sometimes Sundays are one of the most mantastic days ever!You don't have to go to work or school at all!Anyway for me I got up really late and took a nice walk in the warm spring weather that is far better then the unbearable summer heat.I strolled into the nearby gas station and got a pint of ice cream for $1.99 instead of the usual price of $2.79, ah the Aco mojo at work again!
I then got back to the apartment where I called babe and enjoyed a 3 hour conversation with her while finishing up the 6 pack from the last bash and washing the beer down with ice cream (note to self:finish beers from Friday's plot!).Yes I know I may have said that The Acolyte doesn't like the phone but there are some people worth talking to for hours on end.
Come afternoon I got together with a pal and we worked on a class assignment.To get the brain juices wet I showed home some Kenyan videos.She made some interesting observations ie the chics in many of these videos (both Kenyan and American) are thin and light, she saw a scene of peeps throwing dice in a Jua Cali video and she was amazed coz that happens in the ghetto here plus the similarity in the booty shaking.She exclaimed jokingly that her black folk were leading everyone astray!In appreciation for The Acolyte's company and knowledge when we finished our assignment (or rather after I had 80% of the work!) she took me out for Chinese!Yeah Aco knows how to turn it on!Yes some women know how to appreciate The Acolyte!
Plus to add even more joy to the day Liverpool beat Bolton and Arsenal lost to Man U (I wish both teams would have lost but that can't happen when they're playing each other!).
All I need now is a nice good night blow job and it would be one of the best Sundays ever!
ps:M for man-time will be back tommorrow!Conclusion of the first part?Hunting for quick hook ups in the clubs is a waste of time and money!Also believe it or not boys, girls you meet outside the club can give it up to!I am not shallow but I have decided to leave the relationship bizness to Kenyangal...


POTASH said...

Hehe, its the return of the PO. well, I see the 'Carnal draught' I hope not to catch it, not for a good night blowjob...ish!

Babe said...

"Yes I know I may have said that The Acolyte doesn't like the phone but there are some people worth talking to for hours on end."

AAAAWWWWW....that is so sweet! Enjoyed it too. Have a nice day sweetie!

kritik said...

so this is the other side of you.
whats this beef you got with d-shy?
its quite an exchange i must add.

yea..all the gooners, liverfools and fake chelski fans are awed by the red man-u monster!

acolyte said...

@ potash
The drought is not a good thing at all!
@ babe
@ kritik
shhhhh don't tell anyone!Don't even talk about d-shy,that mama is a few bottles short of a crate.The end of the season is shaping up pretty well!

nick said...

babe ni nani? tuambie?

sundays are the best yet the worst days esp for me...time to relax and then it turns into a time to get ready for dreaded monday. puke!

nitey BJ???what is one supposed to say???
-all the best?
-cum well?
-enjoy it till the last drop?


acolyte said...

@ Nick
Yes that is the only probo with Sundays!It means that Monday is round the corner!As for gnite bj, a man can dream for a while.....

kelitu said...

acoooo i guess 2day is mantastic monday ama?!I swear if i hear that M-word one more time...

Prousette said...

Thought you are on the chastity train whatever happened?

acolyte said...

@ kelitu
Will you manhandle me if I say it?lol!

acolyte said...

@ prou
I am still on it but I have my moments of weakness!

kelitu said...

Acolyte: how rough do you want it? ;)

acolyte said...

@ kelitu
How ruff can you make it?

kelitu said...

LMAO! I can get pretty rough. Hope you are into bondage,whips... oh lala

acolyte said...

@ kelitu
I can take as good as I give!What about you?wink wink

Mocha! said...

Kelitu & Aco.....get a room!

Ama this is babe? Ebu toboa Mr Acolyte!!!

Milonare said...


I demand to know who babe is also!

LOL at Mocha and Kelitu!!! LOL

Ice-cream after alkie? Neva tried that. Is it sawa?

Kelitu said...

I don't mind being tied up as long as i can return the favor...Won't say more, don't want to get explicit...

eehhh no i'm not