Thursday, June 15, 2006

450 Posts Strong!

When I was young lad I loved to read comic books and had quite a large collection.I remember that when a series ie Superman would reach a certain number of issues they would see it is a major milestone.
These would be issues like 35,75,100,150,250 etc.What they would do is make the issue double sized and with time they became more commerical and make alternative covers,glow in the dark covers, enclose trading cards etc.Of course this was an excuse to make the comic more expensive and make more money.With time I discovered soccer,computers, women and beer; so comics were put on the backburner.
Anyway this milestone made me think that I should post something different but then I thought since ya'll are reading this blog for free you don't deserve it!So I guess you will have to make do with my personal reflections about my blogging instead.
First of all the fact that I could get to 450 posts gets me to wondering about me and other long term bloggers and blog hoes (people who comment on all blogs).Who is doing our work?!I have the excuse of one crappy job where I wasn't given much to do and the trend has been repeated with my two jobs with the Uni.One day I did try to read all the blogs that I found interesting and even though I work a job where I have a light workload, I ended up doing almost no work that day and I had to spend most of the next morning getting back on track!If most bloggers were in Kenya I would lead a campaign saying that if people blogged less and worked more our economy would grow by an extra 0.01%!But seeing as most of us are not at home, let's blog away!
I once recall reading one of those devotional books (yes once in a while I do read religous literature) and there was this Preacher who said that it baffles him at times when he gives what he thinks is his best sermon and only 2 people come forward to accept Jesus in comparison to times when he has given what he has thought are pathetic sermons only for droves of people to approach the altar.Then the story went on about how God's grace made the difference yada yada yada.My point is that at times I have slaved and written what I thought were super posts so as to initiate discussion and the response I have gotten is dismal, then at times I have written off the cuff posts only to get loads of responses and dialogue.
For a long time I think almost one year I blogged for myself.This was in the pre KBW days, I joined KBW when it had less then 50 members.When you get readers your blogging style changes, depending on your love for the limelight (or mouse click) the change may be more drastic in other cases.For me I must admit as I got to know people in KBW my blogging style has been cyclical.Sometimes I blog for the people and other times I blog for myself.It has also been great making friends on KBW even though I am happy to say I am not part of the inner KBW circle that I have heard e-whispering about.It has also been fun (at times) disagreeing with people and makeing cyber enemies.There are two UK based blogs where due to displaying dessenting opinions, my computers IP number was blocked and on the other any comment that I make (no matter how benign is deleted in record time) but the owner doesn't know that I am the King of aliases so I have been commenting on their blog and interacting with them very cordially (Bwehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Try and figure out who I am!).But I don't take these disagreements personally and I don't try to make them personal.If I disagree with you about your politics, theology etc that is all it is about, I will not make personal attacks and in turn make accusations of being attacked by a shadowy group of sorts.I mean life is too short for me to be bothered about people who don't give me the air that I breath, the food that I eat, the clothes on my back and whom I can't see and most probably never will.
Despite my efforts at keeping details about myself secret, I have been busted by a handful of people.But even when they outed me other then suprise I had nothing to be ashamed about as there is nothing private or overtly personal (ie explicit strokes exploits) that I have put down.But still I prefer being anonymus and that is why when I am in Kenya anytime soon I will attend the meet-ups in disguise!
What I had worked on but then I lost it was a list of classic Aco posts.The most funny, controversial and touching.So now I have to trawl through 450 posts afresh, aaaargh!!!!!!
But I have to admit that looking at other blogs is like looking at what everyone else is packing after a game when you are in the showers.You forget what you have as you seem so inadequate when you look at what others have and what other bloggers who keep on visiting them say about it (I'm sorry I could help it but I had to make that cheeky analogy!).There are some blogs that are written with such focus and definition that you begin to doubt your writing ability and subject.But that is when I remind myself that I started blogging for myself initially (but I still love having ya'll visit) and then I soldier on!
Here's to 450 more posts!


Joseph Walking said...

i didnt want to the first here i actually expected dshy to be first am sure she must have a question or two for you . i on the other hand just want to know about the name.Why do you call your self
Acolyte-were you in the clergy,
Acolyte - are a devoted follower or attendant
Acolyte,are you an Indonesian manga publisher. please clarify.i know you said one question but is it true you were once in seminary on the way to becoming a priest

egm said...

Congrats! I am at a meager 14 posts, having just started a month ago. And like you, there are times I am intimidated by other blogs on their level of sophistication and finese of the writing they display. And just like you, I realise I started this to put my reflections, observations and randomn thoughts on record for myself, thus use that as a way to soldier on in my own unique way.

Here's to wishing you another 450 posts fellow blogger!

Prousette said...

At my current rate when I finally reach 450 I will have grey hair.
I do admire you for being able to write and consistently so for this long.

Who is doing our work? The wonders of being underemployed no one has to.

All the best for the next 500 posts!

acolyte said...

@ joseph
It seems D shy and Guess are off duty today or it may be the U.K time difference at work.Other then the fact I am not a publisher the other two thoughts of my name hit home in some way or other.I will answer them in the answers post!
@ egm
You should be proud as many don't get past the first post.As long as you remember why you started blogging and grow at your own level I have discovered it stays fun and relevant.
@ prousette
I too am amazed that I have managed to stay at it this long!So if our workplaces used us better they would have better profits!But then we wouldnt be able to blog ho, so let it stay as it is!
Thanks for the good wishes!

AK said...

I think you have done a good job on your blog.

I have only been here a few months and I have enjoyed reading your posts. Keep em coming!

I always have to remind myself too why I blog. My main reason was to improve on my story telling abilities, as I have a very short attention span, so thought blogging would help!

I am yet to figure if I have made any strides.

BTW it is easier and more enticing to be a blog hoe than an author.

dangerously_shy said...

Too right i have a few questions

1. When did you and Joe form this unholy tag team?

Actually thats the only question i have..but i also come with beef, sasa whats with dropping a bombshell and then following it up with my laugh, sasa wont people put 1 + 1 pamoja and come up with kumi?


Kudos on the 450+ posts, well done and may there be many more..

guessaurus said...

Oi, I am here. I have to remind you that you write your new posts at work, so I get to read them +5hrs later, which means - erm - you get to work, do a few bits and bobs, check your new comments and reply, do a few bits and bobs, decide what to write on the day, write it, edit it, post it.

Let us assume that this gets done around 4-5hrs after you get into work - which means if you start work at 9 (or 920 like me - dont mind the tardiness; I dont) this will mean that you post after Guesswork here - lunchtime your time. Assuming that your lunchtime is after 12pm, this means that I get to read your posts when I have already finished work and at home, and seeing that today I didnt come online till 2300hrs my time.. well there you have it :)
(I think Mutumia would be better at this, but I am learning)

Disclaimer - on behalf of UK based KBW bloggers, it wasnt me who blocked your IP address, I swear. And no, I will not try to Guess who did, its too much work and holds no interest to me whatsoever.

Oh and I know your real name and where you live, so this anonymi business is mute - tihihihi

Aside: I always get asked why I am always typing furiously at work, without any paperwork infront of me - and I do not own up to commenting on blogs or writing my posts - helps when you have a corner spot in the office with a wall behind you facing everyone else. And going with Ms K's outing, I always close all windows when I have to get off my desk - and I am the resident geek in my department so I know all routes to finding what I have been browsing, and deleting it once in a while incase anyone is nosy enough to log onto my computer.

Now to your post (is this too much too late :(

I find the fact that you can post daily a challenge - the most I do is two posts a week, and that to me is too much - I am finding my blogging mojo fledgeling (sp) and might take a hiatus or ten - lets see

Happy 450 posts, I am still lagging in the 100 and something line

Most of my blogging is for myself, a chronicle of what I am thinking about then, so I can go back and read what I was going through or thinking at any one time. It has been a year or so, and I can track my thought processes for that duration. There is a whole lot of posts that havent been posted cos I thought they were too personal and narcissistic - which would come under blogging for others - so there goes blogging for self.

Why do all my comments end up being mini-posts? I Guess I can either type rather fast (which I can) or I think faster that I type so the old fingers have to do the walking faster.

Why am I still typing?

Shiroh said...

To 450 posts and more.

To be honest sicne i dont have internet connection at home, i do my blogging off the office.

I do it when i am tired or under employed.

m said...

450?!! Duuude! Your fingers must have biceps and squoks.

You must share what time zone you use because I doubt it has 24 hours in a day!

Congratulations. I wish I had the time to keep up but my job involves a lot of being nowehere near the office!

Cheers jamaa!! Here's to milestone 1000 when we'll call you the Blog Kibaki

Kenyananalyst said...


mocha! said...

Hey Aco,

Congrats on your milestone of 450 posts.

Its funny how you start blogging for you then it all changes because of the amount of traffic you are getting to your blog.

As long as you are away!!! I enjoy reading your experiences.

And I am with mimi on the IP blockeage. LOL!!!

acolyte said...

@ ak
Thanks for reading my posts!Yes blogging is very challenging hence the fun of being a blog ho!
@ D shy
Thanks for the good wishes!I have answered your question in my other post.
@ Guess
I see you put some thought into that timeline.I do get in at 8am and I post anytime between that and noon.Well my I.P is blocked on one particular U.K based blog and since I changed machines I am no longer blocked but I know who that person is and it isn't you.
Like you I have quite a few unpublished drafts, so I don't blog for myself all the time too.I dont type as fast as some people but I guess I type fast enough.
@ shiroh
You should get tired more often as you have interesting posts.
@ M
My fingers havent grown any larger but I think having a job where you have quite a bit of free time allows me to post quite a bit!Thanks for the good wishes!
@ Kenyananalyst
Asante sana!
@ Mocha!
Well having many readers is a double edged sword, it helps you get to know more people and interact but also as you noticed your blogging style changes to meet their desires.It's good that you enjoy reading my blog.As for I.P blockage I know who it is and I have resolved it as I have a different machine now.

Kenyangal said...

Congrats!! I must say I am impressed at the way you post quality posts daily and have kept at it for a long time. heres to another 450 posts!

acolyte said...

@ Kenyangal
Thanks for the good wishes and compliments!

nick said...

dude how do u count them posts...but enyewe u post like the energiser at sqouks in em phalanges

keep it up aco!