Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What is the Kenyan Dream?

After writing this post 2 different ways and none meeting my criteria.I have decided to make this simple.The American dream is seen as a wonderful spouse, a beautiful house in the surburbs (with a white picket fence!), 2 kids, 2 cars and a dog.
I would like to know what you would have to have in your life for you to say that you have achieved the Kenyan dream.Where would you live, what would you own (or not own), who would you hang out with, what would you eat, what would you drive (or not drive), what would your hobbies be?
I know there are other things that you can add and please feel free to do so.Kenyan society be it at home and abroad is very diverse but I would like to know if there is anything we have in common when it comes to aspirations.
Comment as long and as much as you want!


Blue Poet said...

*Old Papa Smurf drags himself here- checks his glasses to make sure he is actually first!*

I think I am living in very rapidly changing times. Not long ago the Kenyan dream was owning a house in the city, a sedan, as many acres as one could afford in shags and a pickup truck there. The more cattle the better.

For me today if i can own a nice house in a decent suburb(so that I dont have to pay rent) and adequate savings or a small business to pay my bills,subscriptions a couple of books and golf twice a week.. then that would be my dream. No dog, no cows... just me and my house. Te he he... that rhymes!


Irena said...

From what I hear from others, Kenyan dream = own a benz, have three huge homes, one in Runda, the other two in chags,one for you and the other for your mother. Own some vast land somewhere in Nanyuki. Have a devoted husband with some 3 kids all attending some very nice baording school and eventually roll to an American/UK university. Have enough money to go for mugithi /nyama choma somewhere in Kitengela every weekend. Now that is what I have heard. My kenyan dream ..wait am coming back for that

Prousette said...

Own A house in the leafy suburbs of the city plus a country home with a farm, a cow or two, two cars (one offroad) 3 children, a cat.

hobbies swimming, salsa, ballet and piano for the kiddies,
that is off the top of my head I will think of more things to add to that list.

acolyte said...

@ blue
Good to have you here!Yes the dream has really changed and that is why I wanted to take stock to see what direction we are going now!I have noted down your dream for record!
@ irena
Thanks for clueing me into what the other folk you know want.I eagerly await your version!
@ prou
Since you have the spouse and kids you are in a better position then most of us!I will save your list!

egm said...

At one point I would have said a huge house, the best cars, and an unlimited entertainment (read travel, parties, luxury purchases, etc) budget.

For now, a wife, 3 children, house in a suburb sized just right (none of them wierd rooms aka parlour, foyer, dressing room, family room, entertainment room... Jameni, give me just a sitting room, dining room, kitchen, two bathrooms, and 4 bedrooms!), a car that comfortably transports the family of 5 and 5 bicycles for us to ride through the leafy surburbs on a warm Saturday afternoon.

guessaurus said...

Whatever Blue said would work for me! Minus the golf plus the dog(s)

Now, I have some of those things that Blue mentioned above, and I would add considerable money to run a children's orphanage. The more money the more orphanages - oh and if I have so much money, I might run an animal orphanage for all those discarded animals on the street.

Then my life would be perfect

acolyte said...

@ egm
I have noticed a notable temperance of our "dreams."The super large mansions are becoming less and less prevalent.But the bikes is a new one I must admit!
@ Guess
In my case dogs would be a must.I would also most def have a KSPCA kind of set up too!Thanks for the comment!

AK said...

own some cool paintings that will bring back millions in less than 10 years, more than the recent Van Gogh.

Oh! in the meantime, they'd need expansive walls to hang on, so that means a nice suburbian house.

this house shall have no wall units (unpretty, hideout for roaches) but a library and just a couple of comfy sofas or beanbags on the lounge (it won't be a wall to wall sofa shop.

also a flower garden with a Kenyan flava (sukuma wiki and spinach in between the stargazers) and a braai (bbq) area.

and some upward moving stocks too on a balanced portfolio

a daily running business, plans have been hatched.

what else..one cat, and one child.

a car is a basic!

Girl next door said...

To achieve my Kenyan dream, I would have a farm in Kitale or Kericho with a few cows, goats, chickens, dogs, an apartment in a major Western city...and a home at the Coast (primary residence) with a huge well-stocked library, I would have invented and patented some brilliant idea or product that would reassure me, my family and future descendants of a steady supply of cash. I'd buy lots of shares in a beer company too. I'd be an expert and published consultant in my field of study jetsetting around the world when I wanted and spending time with the intellectual giants and brilliant leaders. Apart from the degrees I'll work for, I wouldn't mind an honoray degree or two from reputable universities. At home, I'd like a Land Rover and a driver. I'd have a personal chef that travelled with me and fixed everything from ugali and kuku to creme brulee and tea sandwiches sprinkled with caviar...I would destress by soaking in my backyard hot tub & getting massages. I'd play in an orchestra, mentor schoolchildren, and find and/or establish scholarships for Kenyan students. I'd be known for my ideas but few would know what I looked like, so I could blend in almost anywhere. When I got older and more powerful, I'd like to be mayor of a town and put some of my brilliant ideas into practice.

spicebear said...

i would have to say that my dream would have to be a shamba somewhere that has cows, goats, chicken and sustainable farming (i'm still a farm girl at heart) that would maximise the use of water and solar energy among other alternatives.

a small cottage somewhere at the coast to go and chill out when i'm not working or need to get away and to be my own boss!! even if i have children of my own one day i would want to adopt some cos its something i've always considered. oh yeah, and a cat cos i am very much a cat person.

i see myself getting very involved in conservation work but not the kind that glorifies animals or puts humans first at a price ... i would work towards some kind of balance.

now that everyone lives in the suburbs in this kenyan dream si we will be squashed? haha. would like to live the way i grew up - away from the urban areas but stil close enough to be able to get to town easily when i want to.

Prousette said...

@spicebear the leafy suburbs will have to be extended, maybe at the end of the day the unleafy ones b upgraded.

in addition I need me a girls school to run till the day I formally retire from this world, working very hard towards that one.

Shiroh said...

Now where do i start

First Kenyan Dream,
Hook up a plum job in Government and form a company and supply to the Govt at super prices and make as much money as you can.

Second Dream
After getting the money, Build 4 homes; one in leafy suburb, second one in coast and the other in Naivasha and another in Shagz.

Third Dream
Get the kids to IGCSE, and other co-eds then take them to Ivy League if they are not wajingas.

Fourth Dream
Go for holiday abroad with the kids. What about the stories for after holidays in School

Fifth Dream
Go on a shopping spree with mistress (for guys) to Dubai, buy her an apartment in Kileleshwa and buy her a good moti you know.

Sixth Dream
Own the whole of the District and everyone is a squatter on your land (the best)

kip said...

i love milk, i wont mind if you add three cows in the backyard

Joseph Walking said...

i realise most people want three kids why three

You can always tell what kind of background someone grew up in by what the want

acolyte said...

@ ak
Your painting wish is a new one!I rarely hear Kenyans talking about owning art.
I too dislike wall units!Having the sukuma in the flower garden shows me there are somethings that are immutable about Kenyans!The stocks do show up more with under 40 folk like us more then the older peeps!But the biz dream is very old school that I do know!
your dream has so much diversity which is great!A mixture of the old and new!
@ Spicebear
Nice combination of wishes.It seems that we all love the 'burbs!
@ prou
Seems you plan to show them how a girl's school should really be run!
@ shiroh
If there is an award for dreams, my dear you have won!You have put forth enuff variations!
@ Kip
You can take the Kenyan out of the farm but you cant take the farm out of.....
@ Joeseph
Please explain the rule of three kids to me!

Joseph Walking said...

acolyte i cant am also waiting for someone to explain it to me

Irena said...

Acolyte: My Kenyan dream is to own some sizeable piece of land around Athi river, Kitengela area or some area close to NBO but far from all the noise, traffic etc. Build my own house with my own design, custom made just the way I want it (another day for the description), .One dog, fish pond, some nice "English Garden" with a Kenyan flavor . Have my own business which will give me enough flexibilty to do other things that are close to my heart such a volunteering in children home etc. Have a few kids biological or otherwise. Have a patner in crime =husband /lover/whatever ,just someone I'm very close to as a companion , does not have to ati married(that is just a piece of paper). Have enough time to go site seeing in all corners of Kenya. Have a beach house in Mombasa ,now that would be ultimate! Apart from all that materialistic stuff, see all other Kenyans live comfortably as well.

acolyte said...

@ joe
I we'll have to wait for the voice of truth to come by.
@ irena
Nice dream and what I like about it is that it is attainable and not a pie in the sky kind of dream.