Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hoe Tales part 3

I remember reading a story from the annual Kenyan newspapers' prostitution series.Remember many posts back I said that once or twice a year Kenyan newspapers have to do a story about prostitution ie how prevalant it is, how elite brothels operate, the day in the life of a prostitute etc.
Anyway I remember them talking to some of the people the the street walkers in Nairobi interact with.The author interviewed a watchman for one of the buildings that was on a street where the girls peddled their services.The watchman said that they would charge the girls a small fee for using the lobbies of the buildings to change in and out of their "work clothes".If the girls were having a dry stretch and did not have the money, they would instead service the watchmen.While they were doing this they at times would not use protection.
On that note the interviewer asked the watchman whether him and his collegues did not fear being infected by HIV while doing this.His answer was, "Quite a few of my friends have died after becoming sick when they slept with those girls but at least they died like men!".
When I read that line I burst out laughing, it didn't help that I was in a quiet waiting room but I couldn't help it.Died like men?!Being that stupid doesn't make you a man and besides I bet they died crying like little bitches!
On interviewing one of the girls she also said that when they were arrested by policemen and didn't have money to bribe them, they would have sex with them instead.That reminds me of something one of my friends told me about Kenyan police and hookers.He used to live in Karen when the crime rate their was very low and as a result most of the people you would find in the cells were those who had committed petty crimes like being drunk and disoderly and being "drunk and disorderly" (please note the difference).
So what would happen on some nights is as the police would do a Saturday night patrol in the city centre and arrest some hookers and pile them into their Toyota Land Cruiser.They would release the girls who could bribe them and those who would opt for the sex for freedom program would enjoy a ride to Karen Police Station.The driver would then talk to the Officer in charge at the police station promising him and the other policemen on duty a piece of the action in exchange for use of the cells for you know what, the prisoners would find themselves free all of a sudden and they boys in blue would get busy.Please note that that is a story and there is no evidence to support is so do not go and hound the current OCPD of Karen Police Station (but it does make for a good story when you are catching pints with the boys).
Speaking of girls being arrested that reminds me of a friend of mine who was doing an evening class at University of Nairobi.She had been at the campus earlier and had left her books there and was running some errands in the CBD before going back to class.She happened to be walking back to class at the same time the police were conducting a sweep and since she was a girl on the wrong street at the wrong time she was bundled into the the Land Cruiser.To make things worse she did not have her student I.D with her.She told me she has never prayed and negotiated for her freedom like that in her life.Yes she was let go.
Anyway there goes my Prostitution supplement of the year!
Ps:I am still tabulating your versions of the Kenyan dream, please keep them coming!


Prousette said...


Prousette said...

One evening I was walking home from campus around 7.00pm, had just crossed the road on university way walking along the vic preston petrol station towards koinange street. Suddenly a white Mercedes stopped very close to where I was walking and the door was opened. The occupant, a male said come on let's go. It took a while for me to understand what was going on and I realised I was walking too close to the road because the car door was almost touching me.

Lesson from that evening, when walking in town be aware of your surroundings.
Those watchmen have a thing or ten to say about women never positive one remarked about the passing p**sies he was seeing.

The pretence that goes with the swoops should stop arrest the men as well.

Last year there was another article on "massage parlors" all over the city; some unfortunate fellows who took them at face value were totally shocked at what they found.
I still wonder why there are boxed adverts in the paper for the same "massage" with emphasis on the Asian/European girls. kwani there are no masseuse in this country?

Non comment said...

Following closely on Pruo's heels.
I have no comment on this post cos damn, what can I say?
Well, how is this for a comment? It is 1015hrs and I am hungry, and pissed off that the England game is starting at 5pm - I finish work at 1645hrs - takes me at least 45minutes to get home...

OK that is a non comment.
Should have read: G woz 'ere

acolyte said...

@ prou
I remember at certain hours of evening certain parts of town were out of bounds for "decent" women.
As for those watchies, I won't even comment!
I do remember the raid that netted some MPs but remember they are a law unto themselves.
Well some of those massage parlours are legit but when they start talking about race of the girls just know that some other body parts are being massaged!
@ Guess
Thanks for passing by anyhoo!Pole bout that, seems that you will have to watch only the second half!

POTASH said...

Okay this word verification thing has messed my long comment.
A) I hadn't actually noticed those articles are an annual ritual...hmmm!
B)Ati dying like a man..that one i chekad. wonder what Jacob Zuma would say in answer to the same question.
C) Ati Toyota landcruiser...I am street so I notice such things: Landcruiser came with Murungaru- if you are talking of a crime less Karen then it must have been the days of the Landrover Defender...before Mahindra even. gotcha!

acolyte said...

@ potash
When I was a sharp reader of the dailies (seeeing as I was underemployed) I made it a point to observe trends in Kenyan journalism.
I do recall their being land cruisers in the police force pre-Murangaru seeing as though I had to cross the road a couple of times to escape them but I will concede that their numbers did increase vastly after the Mahindras died off!

kelitu said...

Yes, i have been hassled by kenyan cops several times and i tell you, it makes you wonder on whose side is the law leaning on.

I have been told that i am an illegal immigrant (read Ethiopian) and should thereby unleash 3k to secure my freedom. Please not this is around 10am and i am on my way to colle. After telling them REPEATEDLY that i am a kenyan citizen. I am told to produce a kipande (which got lost in the rave and never bother to get a new one) so i only have an old photocopy of it and my college ID. College ID gets dismiss chap chap as for the photocopy? forgetaboutit!!
I had to jitetea so that i am not wekwad pingu, coz they say i did not have that kind of money with me.
This went on for awhile till finally told my folks who went and saw the head of dept and the harrasments stopped.