Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Answers part II

Well people Ask Acolyte is closing on Monday so please if you have any leftover questions please send them in but as from Monday evening it is business as usual!Now to deal with the other questions....

Girl Next Door asked;
a) If you could have any pet, with the exception of a dog or cat, what would it be?
b) Imagine that you're going to spend a summer in a Tibetan monastery, which 3 books would you take with you?

For question one, I would say maybe a bird like a dove or maybe a fish.Both take minimal care and can't kill me!
That's a hard one, all I can say is that the Bible and one of the holy teaching of eastern religion would be among my choices.

Kenyanmusings asked;
1. What is your dress style?

2. Have you ever been in a long distance relationship and for how long?

I would say I have no definite dress style but I can say what my dress style isn't.I am not one of those people who are always formally dressed,nor do I do the tracksuit thing (unless I am going to the gym),and designer labels aren't really my thing.So I guess I would say my dress style is man on the street.

Does having a mama who is a boarding school while you are in a day school count?If it does I would say like one and a half years.

Mutumia asked;
Why did you dump me?
Well all I have to say is that Mutumia's allure and intensity was interfering with my focus in school so for my own good I had to walk away!

Spicebear asked;
what is the one thing about "the acolyte" that would make the whole KBW gasp (followed with long drawn out pause with instrumentals a la my fave soaps) with shock? it cannot be something we already know and the more shocking the better like for example that you really are a woman writing under a pseudonym (ok, now that would just be hilarious).in case you decide to duck the question, what's your favourite icecream?

I have decided to duck, my favourite Ice Cream flavour is mint chocolate ripple.


Alexcia asked;
If i am not too late

1. Do you drink your beer or soda or juo from the bottle or from a glass?

2. When wearing trousers do you close the zip before or after you tie the belt

-That depends on where the glass is from.If I am at someone's digs or at a high class joint it is always from the glass but at a local or crowded bash where you are not sure of the cleanliness it is always the bottle!
-Zip first then belt second!A strange question!

Mocha asked

If you do decide to get married and have kids, where would you live and educate your children and why?

-I would most def live in Kenya and raise my kids there.It is easier to be hands on in Kenya and it is also more acceptable for you to be firm on your kids.I just don't like the way kids are brought up here!


alexcia said...

If i am not too late

1. Do you drink your beer or soda or juo from the bottle or from a glass?

2. When wearing trousers do you close the zip before or after you tie the belt

Acolyte said...

@ alexcia
You are not too late.I have added your question to this post.

spicebear said...

aco, you are such a wet blanket. c'mon, don't be shy, tell us a secret! regardless, i shall wait for the revelation to end all revelations ... (as you can see i am in need of a soap fix, hahaha)

mocha! said...

All I can say is....Great minds think alike.

Have a nice day!

acolyte said...

@ spicebear
I am sure the bomb will explode when you least expect it!
@ Mocha!
Yes they do!Have a good day too!

Mutumia said...

washana nayo!!! And that, that is why you're my baby-daddy-ex-hubby homie-lover-friend.

I love that answer Aco... now point me to the direction of people who are giving you tabus and you know, I'll do damage... au sivyo?

acolyte said...

@ mutumia
When they show up next I will most def point them out to you!