Monday, June 19, 2006

Sundays back home!

When I was in Kenya one of my favourite days of the week after Saturday was Sunday.Why Sunday?Well you see the thing is that since I used to work outside the cbd most of Saturday was spent running my errands ie going to the bank, going to pick up movies, shopping etc.So much I was not at work, wading through the masses in the city centre was not that much fun, add to that the heat and the traffic and you have one tired Acolyte.But then again it always did beat work and some of the sting was taken away by the times I would meet my friends for a drink and a soccer game, go see a movie etc.
But it still didn't beat Sunday.You see first of all Sundays for me back home always felt so relaxed and tranquil.When I would walk through the estate to where the newspaper vendor was I would notice the absence of human traffic as most people had the day off.Then there were the Sunday papers to look forward to even though I must admit that over time the Sunday papers became less and less enthralling and fun to read.Of course there was the Sunday breakfast of french toast, bacon and scones ( I don't do eggs). When I was in my church going phase, I also loved the way there was almost no traffic on the roads.Uhuru highway which was usual as fast moving as a river of molasses was mine to do with as I pleased (as long as the traffic cops were not present).
After the service and the usual gathering and catching up that would follow I would be off home to kick back or to go watch a movie seeing as I didn't have time to go to the cinema during the week.When I quit going to church I would instead start the day by shopping for my groceries.Ooooh Spicebear, this is the confession that you were waiting for......I love Nakumatt (esp the Uhuru Highway branch).I know guys are not supposed to love shopping and I don't but that Nakumatt was my kryptonite.I could spend hours on end starting from the the far end where the shower, bedroom fixtures were to the main supermarket part (I swear as long as it had a name those people sold it!) and end up in the clothes and sports goods section (the clothes they had weren't all that but once in a while a good bargain could be found). Of course I could also never miss out on going to Books first! the book franchise that was in all Nakumatts.They had a book selection that was different from what was on offer at Book point and other book shops in Nairobi.Plus I did love the food!At that time Nakumatt used to have offers printed on the back of the receipts and once in a while I would get a B.O.G.O.F (Buy one get one free) offer for certain meals.Here is another fact about me, I am a sucker for those kind of offers.I remember a shoe shop once had such an offer so what I did is that I bought two pairs of the exact same shoe (people used to wonder how long lasting my shoes were!).So I would always haul over a pal to enjoy the free meal (I don't think a chic I would be trying to impress would think highly of a dude who pays half of his tab with a coupon).Back to Books First! again, I remember the business when it used to be ran from a small shop in parklands then it moved to Westlands where they began selling books wholesale till they got to the point they could run their own shops alongside that and I was with them the whole way (If you are good to me, you have a customer for life!).
Anway other then going shopping, I loved going for Sunday drives. I only used to go out of town when I was with pals (and someone else's car) but I loved going to places like Muthaiga and Village Market.I have lived in may parts of Nairobi ie from Buru, Golf Course, Madaraka, Spring Valley, Westlands, South C ( I guess my parents took the label upwardly mobile to heart) but the places that stayed with me longest were Westlands and Spring Valley so I tend to be attracted to quiet leafy areas.That is one reason I loved the drive to Village Market and hanging out there (even though it could put quite a dent in your wallet). I also loved going to Sarit Centre as it also holds many memories and as they expanded it there just happened to be more for me to do and see!I managed to get a complimentary for the gym there (I don't know if it is still open) and that is a gym and a half (indoor pool and all!).Oh it's here that I confess that I was quite a connoiseur of gyms (I guess that's what happens when you were a student of yoga and different martial arts and have to follow your teachers all over town!)
But let's not forget there was also the odd premiership game that I would have to get together with my pal's to watch over the weekends ie Man U vs Arsenal, Arsenal vs Liverpool, Liverpool vs Arsenal, Liverpool vs Man U then being the soccer afficianado that I was, if we didnt have female company with us we would also watch the La Liga matches after that.Then of course let's not forget the occasional visit to Ole Polos for nyam chom.Then of course there was always soul at K2 when it took over from Carni!I remember when Soul at Carnivore used to be the thing, do any of you have memories of having friend pass by your house around 8 or 9pm and ask you to accompany them on an errand only to find yourself in Carni with a t-shirt and a track suit?Damn those were the days!There is a urban legend of a chic who was at Soul in her pyjamas as her friends came to see her when she was just getting into bed and asked her to make a round with them but the veracity of that account is in question but it is a funny story none the less!But of course K2 got cocky and brought in the ticket thing at the door and like many Kenyans I am allergic to any form of an entrance fee so my pals and I took our business to ka-choi aka Choices (btw has anyone noticed how the decor of that place never changes?They are almost as bad as Jeans in Nairobi West which only changed when pubs in Nairobi West had to close by 11pm leaving people like Milo with no where to black out.That reminds me that I have to do a post about clubbing in Nai soonest!).
But Sunday adventures would always end early as there was work the next day.Now the million dollar question is when I come back to Kenya next year on holiday, are there any bloggers who are willing to sacrifice Sundays to hang out with me?
Before I go.....
A lady lost three panties in her house & blamed her maid
In front of the husband, the maid replied:

"Baba wewe unajua vizuri mimi hua sivai


Joseph Walking said...

Dude am actually shocked i dont jua you . maybe i do ,spring valley and olopolos BBQ.May be its an age thing. Ama you lived across the road. Did u guys live near the shops or across from the shops or near the cop station coz i jua you never used to hand a left at the roundabout.OLopolos was a plot back in the days especial with safo i remember once getting dissed by colin mcrae trying to get autographs needless to say anything british makes me sick to this day

Milonare said...


A brother takes an involuntary break from KBW due to internet related manenos and storos of blacking out sijui Kibera, West and Ol time Jeans start appearing??

Why why why? Ama its cause Im black?

Udi said...

lol. u guy, the storo of the mboch has just made me cheka like a nonsense

kelitu said...

lol! @the mboch statement!

Please i can't wait for the clubing post.
BTW my sundays used to be spend "shooting pool" in K2.My pals and i would literally open the bar at around 3pm and eventually get to play pool at around 7pm. Then head over to carni for soul. That was when soul was s-o-u-l!

Jeans at 6am was the place. lol@ milo blacking out at N-West. But for the love of God i would not dare eat those pizzas anymore!

Side bar: I know i must have left home long time coz when was a Nakumatt located on Uhuru Highway? I left Nakumatt downtown still rocking... it's time for a trip to mama land.

Jeans at 6am was the place. lol@ milo blacking out at N-West.

spicebear said...

dude, in my world when shocking confessions are made there are audible gasps, dramatic pauses and bad instrumental music in the background. yaani its that big. your getting htere though, it seems like it will come out of you bit by bit!

sundays here are for lounging and sleeping in but back home sunday was usually family day - mass mid morning, lunch with the extended family (most of us went to the same church) and visiting aunties and uncles here and there. before you know it its 10pm and you're pooped.

we once made my cousin go to K1 in sweatpants and sandals (well, more stylish than your average but still) so maybe there was someone in her pjs at soul once upon a time.

kipepeo said...

You my dear have just been tagged....mwahhahaahaaa (evil laughter!!)

Mutumia said...

kwanza--- that story of Soul just might be legit. I ended up in Soul in flip flops!! what am I calling them nice names for? Pati pati za Bata!!! We were going to buy these 'meat pancakes' from Town and Country resto near Main Campus when I ran into jamaa on his way to see me hukos Box. I get in the mots with a ka-sweaty pau note as (him lying) we were going "for a bash w/ his buddies and what's the big deal as we're gonna remove the shoes at the door anyway"? Riggghhhttt!!!!! Me? I ended up at Soul in slippers!!! Which had excess dust on them as the walk from from Box to Town and Shags had also included a short walk to collect my pau that my girl in Hall 12 owed me*sigh*

Nice memories Aco

acolyte said...

@ Joe
Well maybe we know each other in passing but the cop station was kinda far from our digs since we lived closer to Kyuna then spring valley but since ppl relate to spring valley more that is the name that I would give them.As for Colin Mcrae I dont even know what the ego was for since he is now a has been whose legacy is only video games!
@ milo
Now my guy, why disown the way you used to catch pints with me and Kmusings?You know we were together!Ebu admit it!
@ udi
I can imagine the zack sweating big time huko!
@ kelitu
Now the clubbing post will be like 2 parts coz the mzururos that I have not done in the name of catching pints!If you didnt wacha Nakumatt Uhuru highway then it must have been sometime since you were digs!
Jeans food only rocked when you were wasted, I once bought a burger when I was sober; yaani those bastards used to put BB in them yuk!!!!
@ spicebear
Usijali I will work my way upto explosive confessions.As for Sundays I do envy you who had an extended family you got along with, for us other then a few cuzos it was kila mtu kivyake.Then as ppl began leaving the motherland it was just me and mums.
I too have made it to K1 in just a t-shirt and tracks on a freezing evening!
@ kipepeo
That's what you think!Mwahahahahhahaha!!!!!!
@ mutumia
Pole mami!Soul in slippers covered in vumbi!LMAO!But I have also been in Carni after going to buy bread and milk so who am I to talk?
More rave memories coming up soon!

Joseph Walking said...
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Joseph Walking said...

whats with not going to church by the way ama you worship on your own

Wambui said...

lol at the maid's response! I used to spend Sundays back home watching Renegade, Walker Texas Ranger, and whatever movie my brother bought with all my cuzos at my house..anyways, thanks for the visit

acolyte said...

@ joseph
I prefer to meditate and study the word on my own.Plus the fact that God can't brake racial lines here really rankles me.
@ wambui
That sounds like a good enough sunday to me!

nick said...

LOL manze right now my Sundays are almost sacred but boy oh boy that post has brought some memories...akina shade hotel...swimmin in boulevard and safari park...chillin for kenya times to collect posters...ngoja tu a post is comin right up

LOL at nakumat bein ur kryptonite. i love pushing the trolley like its a ka-moti and makin perfect turns and swings

Acolyte said...

@ Nick
I see you have taken up the flashback mantle!I have the perfect memory tool for you!It's called weed!
Nakumatt Uhuru highway rocks!It beats Walmart in my point of view!

Movie Buff said...

Before I even comment on this one, can u please retract any negative statement about Wal-mart.... just playing.... lakini for real.. Sundays were just it! I remember the drive to Kyuna, Village Market...... Shade.. [LOL].... and all that... Good TIMES! Memories of Kenya Returning to me [By the way, what was the ad which had this song??

Acolyte said...

@ movie buff
I cant remember where that song is from but seems many of us had great sunday drives!

Prousette said...

Sundays are sacred day for waking up at 12 pm after having woken up earlier for breakfast, village market and all is cool lakini the carni bit is a little too much.

I cannot stand that Nakumatt Mega store if I go on a day that everyone has brought their whole clan to shop with them, it is horrendous; the place is so full you would pass out from lack of air even the way it stretches one whole kilometre.

You like freebies? Some men would have to be held at gunpoint for them to admit this, I don't think it is a negative point.