Sunday, June 18, 2006

Coupons,gestures, music and a Kenyan model

I am sure that with the heat that is checking in some of you are cooling off as much as possible.Well my coupon for my Eddy's Ice Cream came in the mail yesterday, I talked about what led to me getting the coupon here.
Anyway some of the mail that we get is for the house's previous occupants and the amazing thing is that for a very long time the house that I live in now has always had Kenyans living in it.So it is not uncommon for us to get mail for Julius Chege or Michael Kamau.Seeing as I will be leaving at the end of next sem, it will be upto my room mate and the next Kenyan who moves in to carry on the trend.
Other then that it hasn't been a weekend of note.I watched most of Something New (the Sanaa Lathan movie) with the Derailer on Saturday.It is actually a good movie and I didn't regret watching as much as I did.She is also a fan of House, so as a small gift I managed to download around 12 episodes from Season 2 and put them on dvd for her and she was overjoyed.Broke as I may be most of the time I still do think one can make a meaningful gesture once in a while.
Anyway I have been listening to alot of Anthony Hamilton.
I think his music is simply amazing and that they don't make music like his anymore.Plus is there anyone out there who can show me how to cultivate the rugged look that he has without me looking like I haven't slept in my house for the last 2 weeks?
ps:How low can you go?I just read this in the Buzz Magazine that comes with the Sunday Nation and I didn't even know what to say.
After being dumped by a British boyfriend, one of our gorgeous beauty queens has decided to display her semi-nude pictures at several tourist firms so that she can get a new boyfriend, the catch he must be British!
Sources told ‘Buzz’ that the beauty queen has vowed to spend the rest of her life with a Brit
through thick and thin. And now she has decided to advertise herself. According to a source at one of the tour firms, one Briton took her on a week-long holiday at the Coast but came back disappointed.
The man claimed that he felt wasted and in return did not get the hot romance and sex as he expected. “The guy, who lives in South Africa, said he spent more than 3,000 dollars and he felt cheated. He went back home a very disappointed man,” said the source. However, the queen will not relent on her quest to get a new Brit boyfie. “I will not mind whether he is old as a junk or he is a gardener in his country,” the model was heard saying.
I guess for some people white equals right.Be it a geezer or a gardener.Or is there something about British Men that I don't know?U.K bloggers if that is the case please set me straight.


spicebear said...

i heart anthony hamilton ... he is one of r&b's underrated artists. to think that they say that chris brown is the new face of r&b. the horror!

something new kinda disappointed me. i was so happy that i watched it on dvd instead of going out to the movies cos i would have felt very cheated.

acolyte said...

@ spicebear
Anthony Hamilton beats Chris Brown hands down!But I know lots of 16 year old girls dont agree with me at all.Well we watched the movie at her digs so no great loss for me!

nick said...

acually they say he is the new prince of R&B ..kwani who was the old one? i like his songs 'run it' and 'gimme me" but cammon have u seen the latter video-why copy MJ's smooth criminal and rock my world and is that usher dancing? The kid is trying but he aint all that

Now Hamilton ni nani?

mocha! said...

Glad to see you got your coupon....ebu weka a sample of that ice cream on frozen ice and send it my way. LOL!!!

As for Anthony Hamilton....that voice tuu.....

It is sad...when in Kenya jungus seem all that, wacha you fika their boma.... Anyway, you know what they say, if you wish for what you asked for you might just get it and more (i think that's how it goes).

Ms K said...

Anthony Hamilton is pretty good and yes, very under-rated. But anyway, those who know him love him so I guess that's cool.

That rugged look only works on the following kind of men
1. VERY rich men
2. VERY good looking men
3. VERY confident men.

If, you know, you got any of the above, you're good to go.

I don't think it works on Anthony though.

I hadn't read that Chris Brown part. Chris Brown? HOW? Argh that is such a non-started argument.

WHERE is my Norah Jones?

Ms K again said...

Heh heh that Nikii story is too funny! Enyewe that chile is BLONDE!

acolyte said...

@ Nick
With that question you sound as ignorant as my roomie but I ain't mad atcha as Hamilton's music isnt top 40 stuff.
Forget about MJ, that man's days are over!
@ Mocha!
Yup Anthony Hamilton has a very soulful voice!
I hope that mama gets her gardener so she can run back to Kenya with her tail in between her legs!
@ Ms K
Thanks for the 3 criteria for the entering the ruff and rugged club.I'll start working on them!
I do feel you on that arguement being a complete non-starter!
I didn't know that storo was about Nikki, if so she has really de-valued herself!

Shiroh said...


Was the buzz saying ukwelis lakini.

acolyte said...

@ shiroh
I wonder about that too as they have been known to publish rumours!

Rista said...

Very thweet gesture to hook derailer up with the dvd. loved something new, simon's a total hottie as is sanaa in that movie. that 'rugged' look is very popular here in S.A., there are days i just want to buy combs and razors and sambaza them to guys i meet along the way!

acolyte said...

@ rista
I have always thought that a heartfelt gesture can make up for a lack of bling.I have always loved the way Simon Baker carries off the emotionally overloaded chap, he looks like he has some anguish that is eating at him slowly.
Well I have the rugged look small time but not to the level that I look lost and homeless.