Friday, July 28, 2006

Dildos,smut magazines,breastfeeding cover

I was reading this article in the Standard, and it hit me how puritanical Kenyans can be.The fact that dildos are sold on the d.l like drugs is amusing.It reminds me how those smut magazines from Uganda and Tanzania used to be sold, the buyer would point one out,give the vendor the money,walk away for a moment and the vendor would give him an old newspaper containing the magazine.Of course there were some bolder individuals who would buy the magazines in the open without a care for what everyone else thought.
I remember a few years back watching a special feature on EATV (East African Television) on prostitution in Uganda.Two dudes were openly interviewed on camera (knowingly) admitting they use the girl's services, what kind of girls the prefer and how often they use them.With my knowledge of Kenyans, you can't pay one enough to show up on camera and admit they visit prostitutes.
Speaking of puritans, parents in the States have been raising a storm because a parenting magazine showed a baby sucking a breast.See cover below:

Some said they were offended and even shredded the magazine while others said there was nothing disturbing about it.Other then the fact that I for one do not see anything sexual about a mother breastfeeding, I think this is a bit of an over-reaction esp coming from Americans.Turn on your tv and I am sure before an hour is up you will have gotten to see alot of flesh, be it music videos,movies,soap operas.Also let's not forget that this is summer with people walking around in halter tops and bikinis.Let's look at that picture one more time, I don't see anything sexual about it at all!In fact I think it can be a good tool to break the ice when the young uns ask about the birds and the bees.Plus on the wacky side that could be a man boob like Nick's or even someone's gut ie Nick again!So I think this is much ado about nothing!
Anyway it's midnight and here I am blogging.I think it's time I went to sleep.Have a good weekend all!Plus if anyone in Nairobi went to see Ja Rule at the Carnivore, please blog about it!


Kagz said...

1st here :)

Archer, je uko wapi????
Ama you are still analyzing that video to be sure its not Lorna??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Kagz said...

Me 2nd here. is NOT Lorna!!!
(ha ha ha)

Its 1.20am, i've just come 4m watching the opening of "John Tucker Must Die" and me not sleepy so i've read the article & here are my "great thoughts"...

I think there's nothing offensive about a woman breast feeding,its VERY natural....& then again i'm not surprised some people are offended ...coz this is America...the land where people put their aged parents in a nursing home & yet have a private room/bathroom + walk-in closet for their DOGS/CATS !!!

God help us !!!

Good weekend to you too.

Archer said...

@Kagz: enjoy 1st place while it lasts. You're lucky coz I'm quite hangied right now, I just popped in to book my place but clearly you've been camping here since Friday morning. We sorted out the Lorna issue. Check out my blog.
@Aco: intelligent comment will follow later. Lemme catch a snooze first!

Couch 'tato said...

1.that is one cute kid
2.i love how im usually readin a post nicely,nodding along mindin my own bizness and Nick is dissed and i laugh out loud then it hits me-wait one dawg gone second...THATS ME!!!!
3.achana na kenyans and there moral grounds

acolyte said...

@ Kagz
I see you dont waste time!Trailers for that movie have just been showing and you have already seen it!I dont plan on seeing that movie at all!
I think you said it really well, Americans seem to have really mislaid priorites!
@ archer
Nice to have you pass by, enjoy your snooze!Holla back!
@ couch tato
1.You know me and kids, so I didnt notice that.Its the drama the pic caused that made me put it up.
2.You know I have to spice up the post dont you?
3.Kenyans have the weirdest morals if you ask me!