Monday, July 24, 2006


I was listening to Capital FM online, and it seems that Ja Rule is going to be performing at the Carnivore.
I thought after being dusted by 50 cent the dude had decided to stop rapping and doing those silly duets with Ashanti and instead concentrate on acting in B rated movies ie Half Past Dead with Steven Segal.
But no, seems the dude is going to be at the Carnivore courtesy of Celtel.I wonder if he's going to get a good turnout?Let's see how fickle Nairobi's youth will be.
Other then that I have just realised that lately the need for an afternoon nap has been slowly reducing.I still take one as I have the free time in the afternoon but I am no longer nodding off at 1pm as used to be the case.
Anyway it's the last week of class!Woo hoo!Just got done with my 10 page mid-term, will do my grant tommorrow and then Ill just have to wait to get hold of the take home exam.I shall be free (For two weeks, then the new sem begins)!


savage said...

can you like check with and see if you can't get free login information. Used to work a while back

Udi said...

me i would go for Ja Rule. not because i jua what the hell he sings. But because there will be mamas in plenty at that joint. Ngai fafa, i miss Nairobi

Archer said...

I thought after the 2004 stampede at Carni they put future events on hold? Whatever happened to that case? Events at Carni ain't like they used to be. Now they get way too packed & too many obez watching your every move and 12 yr old toiz in miniskirts misperforming all over the place.

acolyte said...

@ savage
Thanks for the site!I hope it can help me get to the premium content!
@ udi
I feel you!The joint will be full of fly mamas!I miss nai too!
@ Archer
There have been loads of events at Carni since then!The case was dropped as it couldnt be said that those being charged were directly responsible for what happened.I know peeps will be jacked bigtime!Plus underage drinking will be the order of the day!

binti said...

Ja Rule's lyrics and class are much better than most rappers, including 50 cent (who in my opinion sucks). You can't deny that those duets rocked ... its just a mindshift ... 5 yrs from now some new rapper will come up and claim that 50 is garbage ... then everyone's gonna be like "yenyewe, 50 used to suck!". Its a vicious cycle (+ marketing gimmick).

My 2 cents tho ... just throwin them out there.

back to my chai. ;)

acolyte said...

@ binti
That could have been the case like 5 years ago but the fact that he sounded like DMX and he used to do too many duets with mamas turned him to crap.
Shame is that 50 is doing alot of singing nowadays too, have you heard him on lloyd banks latest track?
Enjoy your tea!

Kibet said...

Ja Rule's event will definitely be well attended. Only thing i see that might discourage Kenyans, is the recent lacklustre and brief performance by Shaggy. That aside, Kenyan's (just like Udi) will leap at an opportunity to congregate before any US artist of Ja's stature.

Caveat: Being Christian, i respectfully feel that Ja's music takes away, more value than it gives to me.

Kenyanchick said...

Rap music sucks.
There, I said it.

The.Hanyeé said...

Oh wow! Nairobi gets a performance from a has-been rap artist! And the watus will be there in the thousands? This concert 5 yrs ago would have made sense. Now? I think its utter rubbish for anyone to be excited about Ja Rule in this day and age. I wouldnt pay anything above 5 bob to watch Ja "Cookie Monster" Rule sing anywhere!

Nairobi deserves better entertainment!

acolyte said...

@ kibet
I dont know what they are charging.I think if it is too high they may not get as high a turn out as they want.
I always thought his music lost it's gloss a long time agao
@ kenyanchick
Ummmm okay.
@ the.hanyee
That is the thing that irks me most, that we get a has been whom people in the States have forgotten about!
but I am sure as kibet says there are some people who will rush there just because he is american.