Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pestimonies,character actors and the grass isn't greener on the other side

I remember back home when I would be in an matatu during rush hour traffic when once this lady sitting next to me turned to me and asked me if I was saved.At this point I knew it was a case of damned if I do and damned if I don't.If I said yes, she would want me to share and if I said no, she may want to give me her testimony.To save time I went with "no."What happened is that she told me what had been going on in her life and from what she told me, the hand of God seemed completely absent (yes I know God acts in hidden ways too, so shut up!), so from then on I began to refer to these long winded accounts as pestimonies (due to being pestered).It seems some christian folk are ashamed of their pestimonies and decided to walk in sin for sometime so they can claim how God delivered them from sin.After all if you were born in a christian household and never strayed, your testimoney may seem like pestimoney.

Have you ever watched a movie and seen this dude who seems to be an extra or have very small often repetitive movies in many movies that you watch?This dude is either a thug or some other sort of bad guy.These character acters always have you scratching your head saying, "it's that guy!Whatsisname??" Well people there's a book appropriately titled, Hey!It's that guy! I intend to get myself a copy as soon as I have some stray bucks lying around.

I read this great post from one my fave blogs.The post is called the Grass is not greener on the other side...

I have alot of friends of different races and nationalities, and when the topic comes to women, there is always this "the grass is greener" over there mentality.
For instance, alot of my white friends prefer Asian women, they all have yellow fever. The reason they give? They are more feminine, gentle and lady like.
It's kind of funny to see a once beer drinking, chicken wing-loving former frat boy all of a sudden get into anime, weird Japanese RPG games and want to quit his job to move to Japan to become an English teacher because they just love "Asian Culture". That's nonsense, it's just a smokescreen for easy access to Asian pussy, which is their sole driving force.
I've gotten a few guys to admit that it was indeed the reason for their interest in Asian culture.
Alot of my black friends, prefer white women, the reason? They say that white women are not as aggressive and hard to handle like black women.That sure looks true from where I am!
My Asian friends tell me they can't get dates with Asian women because they all want white guys. They also say they can't get dates with white and latina women because they don't like them and they in general do not want to date black women.Poor dudes, they always seem to
My hispanic friends don't care, as long as she's ready, willing and able...isn't that right Ricky? {inside joke}
My opinion? Women are women. I've dated women from different ethnicities, and other than their ethnicity, it was pretty much the same thing. The grass ain't greener on the other side. Women act how society dictates they act.If you remove a woman from the society that makes her act in the way that made her desirable to you and bring her to the culture that spawned the women you don't like, it is only a matter of time before she becomes like them.Women adapt very very fast to new cultures so at the end of the day the differences will only be skin deep.

I think that is the same thing that applies to the way some people decided after they have settled in the states for sometime to send for their boyfriends/girlfriends from back home and in many cases things fail to work out.I think the old dynamic that made the relationship work is gone when you go abroad or to cut to the chase, one party grows horns as the saying goes.For you KBW folk out here, if you had an boyfriend /girlfriend you left back home, would you send them a ticket to join you in the States/Europe or would you leave it till you get back home or split up?


egm said...

I think I'll check out that book too. I did recognize Trejo's name even before his pic loaded on Wiki. But reading his story made me realize how far he has come from life. From dealing drugs on the streets he grew up in to signing autographs years later (for honourable reasons) on those same streets. Just goes to show past actions shouldn't necessarily dictate who we are today.

Udi said...

LOL aco- ati pay for a ticko for a chile to come here. She would discover bath and body works and tema my ass for some white character.

POTASH said...

Well aco...but God does work in mysterious
(Knowing me that i smysterious ways his blunders to perform!)

Anyways, it is a lond day and my mind is to hit boondocks... story of my life.

Acolyte said...

@ egm
Yeah Danny Trejo has come a long way and has a large large large body of work!
@ udi
I see you are a cynic like me!If my mama cant bring herself here then too bad coz 70% of relationships carried on from home gnash!
@ potash
He sure does, most of which I am ignorant of!
Well have a safe trip home and a good evening!

Movie Buff said...

Ati buy who? what? where? ha ha ha ha.....Once you ingia that plane, you tema that person. Call it a WRAP and move the hell on! Damn!

More power to those who believe I guess!!!

Hey Aco..... Message on facebook!

acolyte said...

@ movie buff
A lady after my own heart.That mambo of seeking lost love and passion should end there and then!
I've seen the message and hollad back.

Kagz said...

You say..."70% of relationships carried on from home gnash!"....that means i'm in the 30% that succeed.

Me was in a long-distance r/ship in Kenya and tho' i did not want to come to the US, one of us had to make a move or end the r/ship. My dude paid for my ticket (despite ALL his pals saying our r/ship will not succeed) & still pays for ALL my bills including my school fees!

-He is NOT desperate.
-We are an EXTREMELY happy couple.
-Long-distance r/ships DO work.

Now dyou see why i call him Mr.Nice???

Archer said...

However much I know from experience that long distance r/ships rarely work out, I'm currently in one myself. To be honest, I don't think it's working out. Its the temaing part thats a beef coz I'm not one to burn my bridges and importation is definitely NOT an option! Seen enough domez from that too.

Jadekitten said...

Some long distance r/ships work, some don't.. I think you can only judge each case on it's own merits, and that largely depends on both parties' expectations.

If I were going out with someone and they left the country, I would prolly want us to make a clean break as soon as they left the think that's radical? I think it's fair. It saves months of sometimes unreciprocated communication efforts, the danger of stringing each other along, and a long distance heartbreak. I've seen it happen to someone I know and it's NOT pretty.

If ever you come back and we can make a go of it, well and good. If not, too bad....

acolyte said...

@ kagz
Kudos for the success.I do hope both of you continue putting in the effort to make things work but remember long distance relationships working are the exception and not the norm.
@ archer
I get what you are saying.Long distance relationships take a lot of work so when you call it off it's obvious someone won't be too pleased about that.
@ jadekitten
I agree with you, I think the longer you are going to be away from the country, the fewer the chances of your relationship suceeding.
But there are some who think they can make them work,so good luck to them!

Kenyanchick said...

Pestimonies? That's BRILLIANT! And you're right: you're damned if you do, damned if you don't when it comes to answering those annoyingly intrusive questions that these pestifiers always ask. You may as well have some fun with it, like the time a pinch-faced one asked me, "Do you know Jesus?" and I mumbled, "Yeah, we've met once or twice, why? What'd he do now?" For some reason she didn't find this funny.

Brother Jero (BJ) said...

Hi Aco, I haven't been very active on your site. I see you are on it and doing pretty well.

Hey thanks for your input and you have a great day.

Udi's Disciple said...

buy a ticket for kamau ama Odhis ?? heeelll no..I second Udi's motion, I expect return dividens on my investment if a tikiti is to be purchased with my hard earned money....bbut since that might not happen, wacha I deal with the raias who already are here...if they get on my nerves I jus delete nambari from cell phone...EASY !

Joseph Walking said...

i dont know where to start ,with kagz and her man who pays her school fees or with you and testimonies.

lets begin with me for a change .no i wasnt called up in the reserves to lebanon but i was thinking of testimonies this morning.personally i want my whole life to be a testimony. infact i think everybodies life is a testimony.A testimony of good things and bad things . The only difference is that as A saved guy i want my bad and good to give glory to God .Yes even the bad because it speaks of what and where God has done/removed.Testimonies are a powerful thing!lives are changed and reflected upon with the help of testimonies. How can you serve God and not give testimony for the good he has done in your life . Dont get me wrong i dont mean pestering you. To those who pester i say Your unique experience in coming to Christ can be an effective tool in communicating the gospel to others. A testimony adapts well to either group situations or casual one-on-one conversation. It enables you to speak confidently, knowing that your words are well-chosen, biblically accurate, and appropriate to the situation.

So Acolyte its not that testimonies are bad its about the appropriateness of situation . Giving your testimony is not a bad thing you just have to choose well how to do it.So when you visit the east coast and see that nice glossy expensive car with "jireh" Plates thats a testimony that God is a provider. as you admire that is a testimony.As football season begins and that guy makes a touch down and raises his hands thats a testimony.So Aco why dont you have a testimony

Kagz:yor man pays your school fees has he taken mbuzis/cows to your folks am going to be polite your man needs help thats all i can say .can anybody say whipped(sound of a whip cracking)(insert a mental pic of kagz in a ringmasters outfit )

Acolyte said...

@ kenyanchick
I see I am not alone in suffering pestimonies.Some of them can be really persistent too!I have nothing against testimonies but everything in it's own place!
@ brother jero
I try to blog when I can.As for inputI try to help when I can!
@ deviousone
It seems we both feel udi coz bringing someone all the way here often opens up a whole new can of worms.You invest so much and when things go wrong you have so much to lose.But with a raia you found here as you said DELETE!
@ joe walking
I do agree that your lifestyle should be your greatest testimoney.There are some people whose talk and actions dont go together at all!
I also agree there is an appropriate testimony for every time and place not a case of one size fits all.
You have to give props to Kagz for playing the game well.She's gotten all that she wants.

Joseph Walking said...

on the question of kagz i guess her man can ask whose your daddy? and not get mistaken for being lewd.

if he pays your bills and pays your fees then his a daddy lol

Kagz said...

All this "Kagz" being mentioned makes me wonder if i'm on my blog or Aco's (LOL)

Archer : If things are not working out simply move on. The sooner the accounting its called "closing the books" i have to teach you everything????????????

JK : My theory on long-distance r/ships is, if s'one can't make a move to end the distance then its better to end the r/ship coz an indefinite long-distance r/ship is defn a NO NO!

JW : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEN!!! least you spelt my name RIGHT this time :) least you removed those spooky things that were near your name :)

3rd...mbuzi hazijafika :)...and a big NO to whatever else you may be thinking coz i DO NOT "unleash the goods". Lets just say "God stopped making guys like him".

Aco I receive the props :)...LOL.

Joseph Walking said...

kAGZ i wasnt thinking anything about goods being unleased! lakini if you dont marry that jamaa a travesty will have been committed. schools here are not cheap. atleaste pay your own bills it will save you alot down the road trust me i have insight on some things.

Kagz said...

JW: saying "who's your daddy" in my world means only ONE thing and i.e __________

Travesty ??? Me need to contact Potash to explain that one :)

1st you were a you are a R/Ship consultant (LOL)...kindly xplain what you mean by "it will save you alot down the road" ???

Meanwhile, i still INSIST that God stopped making guys like Mr.Nice :)

Joseph Walking said...

lol what are they teaching in schools these days am its coz your fees is paid lol (am joking)travesty from French travesti, past participle of travestir, to disguise, parody :Something so bad as to be equivalent to intentional mockery; a travesty:

ps read my statement about whose ur daddy again ama without being lewd went past you. i am sure your man is a goodman. ill will stick to what i know next time pole sana

acolyte said...

@ kagz
The fact that your man has done all those things and hasnt had a taste of the goods makes me say he has alot of faith or is just plain whipped.
Many good men have been wasted by women in this day and age.

Kagz said...

JW : ati "what are they teaching in schools these days am its coz your fees is paid"

Ha Ha Ha.

ati "am sure your man is a good man."
even me i am a good woman(LOL)

Aco : Simply put...Mr.Nice is a rare breed. How many times dyou want me to say that God stopped making guys like him????????
I can testify (not testimoney or pestimoney :) of God's goodness.

Archer said...

LOL @ Kagz in ringmaster's outfit! Hehe! Not that I'm trying to get into your biz or anything, but are you comfortable with your BF paying your fees and supporting you? Take a worst case scenario. What would you do if things don't work out between you two and he cuts off the taps? Do you have a plan b?
@Aco: I'm sure you have a testimony to share with us.

acolyte said...

@ kagz
I do concure with Archer's suggestion.If things go wrong, do you have a plan B?
@ Archer
I feel you on that comment.Some mamas do place too much faith in their men.I think we all have testimonies to share

Kagz said...

To Aco & Archer

This is my LAST comment on this topic.

1st...My faith has & always will be in God & not a man. Even he knows that.

2nd...About Plan B, we broke up in Jan & he still paid my bills. His pals caused like crazy but....
Anyone who knows this guy knows he's a rare breed indeed!
...thats why i have a testimony :)

3rd...I am the type who can go back to Kenya if things got really thick. People would talk but so what? Wacha waonge, usiku watalala.

4th...Anyone who knows me knows i am not house-wife material. His theory is i should start working ONLY if i get a PROFESSIONAL job. He doesn't see why i should do jobs that i'll never put on my resume (e.g CNA/Fast Food/Retail etc)
So my focus now is on Grad School & Professional Certs.

whether this makes sense or not...lets all move fwd.

thanks for the concern :)

acolyte said...

@ Kagz
Faith in the guy upstairs should be paramount!
1.For paying your bills even when you broke up I second his pals comments.
2.I think you are brave for being able to go back if things got narrow coz many people I know are here gnashing knowing pride wont let them go back as pals at home have moved on but they are still here working as CNA's and other minimum wage jobos.
3.I agree with his point of view bcoz my grad assistantship is something I can put on my job and that can help me move on but these many dead end jobs that kenyans do huku cant help me (other then pay the bills).

Girl next door said...

The term 'pestimonies' describes the situation well. There are times random people have come up to me to ask if I know Jesus--I mutter yes and then look for a quick escape. It's so true that the 'grass isn't always greener.' Behind the image, people are just people--with varying personalities 'n looks.
I don't like the idea of buying a ticket for a boyfriend to join me. It could work maybe if we were already in a serious relationship that we'd both invested in. I don't generally believe in long distance. People change with time and the dynamics of the relationship will be imbalanced.

acolyte said...

@ Girl Next Door
Pestimonies piss me off big time!There is a time for everything and those people should wait for that time.Long distance relationships aren't the best but carrying over a relationship that hasn't aged is also a recipe for trouble if you ask me.