Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sleeping, Cheesecake and Cable

Remember those personals that people used to have in Kenyan newspapers and magazines where when asked to list their hobbies people would list things like socialising,talking and sleeping?I am thinking of adding sleeping to my list.I am on allergy medication so I am drowsy half the time, it also doesnt help that it's summer so one of the first things that I want to do after walking in the sun is drink something cold and take a nap.I think there is something relaxing about sleep.When you have tucked yourself in your bed, that is the one place where your problems can't follow you (unless you're married or in a come we stay).That is why one of the symptoms of depression is sleeping longer then usual because reality is too hard to face.I was reading somewhere that Americans on average sleep the least in the world, due to the break neck pace of life here I understand.How I will miss my naps and long sleep hours when I have to get a job.Anyway depressing thoughts aside.I see Milo has decided to call it a day from blogging.All I can say is thanks for the great posts, humour and come back soon bro!

Something interesting happened yesterday.I was craving a piece of cheesecake and I even went to the cafe to see if they had any but they didn't seem to have any.So I went back to the office and got back to work.A few minutes later one of my workmates entered the office and said that she had brought us something to share.A cheesecake!!!!!!Seems my powers are kicking in big time!It also rocks that the small office fridge is next to my desk so I can reach over and help myself when I'm feeling peckish!

Does anyone in the States know where I can get a burger that tastes as good as those char broiled (or whatever call it) ones that were sold at Steers?I think one of the worst things that those chaps did was to open a branch like 10 mins drive (it would have been 3 if it wasn't for the messed up roads).So on some Sundays that was my guilty pleasure.

Anyway I have decided to downgrade my cable package.I am taking advantage of a special offer at the moment which will end first week of August.I don't plan to pay extra, so as soon as August checks in, I opt out.I mean it's ironic that the people who can afford to pay loads for cable, don' t have the time to watch it and those who have the time can't afford the big cable packages.


Joseph Walking said...

ruby tuesday kijana ps i might catch there and share my tesimony.

Movie Buff said...

I agree with joseph walking. Ruby Tuesdays has some AWESOME burgers... nothing will ever taste like home so yeah... do the best with what you got!

PS: I hate cheesecake.

Habari yako Aco????

egm said...

Ah, for them days as kids we were required to take naps but resisted with all our might! Whodathunk!

I haven't tried Ruby Tuesdays. Lakini I kulad some Java burgers and was sold. NOTHING elsewhere compares to those in my books.

Came here, loved cheesecake, then hated it after eating those served in the school caf, then loved them again after a friend shared one his wife had made. Now it has to be from specific places if I'm to eat it.

kelitu said...

Ditto: Ruby Tuesdays. Those burger are huge.

Ditto: Cheesecake. My 1st job ever was in a bakery, so i used to feed on those things like that was a 2nd job.

About cable, i have a pal who during long weekend holidays will call his cable company and ask for VH1 Soul and Mtv Hits then come tuesday, he will disconnect...

acolyte said...

@ joseph walking
Thanks for the link!I think Ill try them out!I hope the peeps enjoyed you sharing!
@ movie buff
I'm sawa!Your two votes have done it for me!I do know that alot of the stuff here tastes nothing like home but something close will tickle the taste buds silly!
Cheesecake rocks!
@ egm
I also recall shunning naps as a kid.
I think cheese cakes are very sensitive to who cooks them.You have to get them just right or risk disaster.Good to have you back on the cheesecake train!

acolyte said...

@ kelitu
Ruby Tuesday it is!
As for the cable trick, I have to try that one of these fine days!Nothing beats free cable!

Kagz said...

1st...i HATE cheesecake tho' strangely enough i LOVE cheeseburgers.

2nd...i will try that ruby tuesdays/java burgers everyone is talkin about. when i feel "burgerish" i usually do Angus Steak Burger at Burger King.

3rd...there's NOTHING good on tv during Summer so if i were you, i'd disconnect instead of downgrading cable.

acolyte said...

@ kagz
Cheeseburgers don't work for me, but I'll still eat them though.
I think Ill try the angus burger too!
I agree with bad summer TV, it seems all the good programs restart in Fall.

Udi said...

ati Ruby Tuesday. Daddy, let me welcome you to the world of real burgers. Five Guys. That is like the Halle Berry of burgers.

All Burgered Out ! said...

nothing tops off Johnny Rockets burgers and their milk shakes kick serious ass kabisa... there's also backyard burgers ama fuddruckers...ama a joint by my digimo called padriacs....aiii now i'm hungry !

Medusa said...

Aco, Udi is right..NO ONE does burgers like Five Guys- I dunno If the franchise extends to the dirry dirry though- So If you're ever in the nation's MUST have WILL see the light, I guarantee it!

Cheesecake is good for my soul..

I'm running on 3hrs of sleep today, I'm d r a g g i n g.

gishungwa said...

Bless the day i discoverd no bake cheese cake then wenesdays, oh bliss the wackiness if buy one get one free at Steers...
Aco, tis too early to hin of this its 8:39am plus too cold bless dial a delivery...
will ry the java burgers and report back to you.

mdkims said...

hope you get well soon ... for being drowsy and lying in bed should certainly not be someone's favourite hobby ... i tend to sleep a lot nowadays ... i tend to think it is my body trying to psychologically avoid something am not ready yet to face ... no, but that is taking things too far ...

nways, your piece from Alice Walker was a real treat ... and it is great to know that you have dreads ... there is something very natural and African about it though am not a proud possessor of such

hope you get your cheeseburgers!

Stunuh Jay said...

As far as burger go, Milwaukee WI, There is a square right next to this old church and next to the MSOE Library, The sqaure is next to the bestest reastaurant known to man....I know exactly where it is, I can picture it now! Their buggers did not play!Real juicy meat patties that were not ashamed to be big and beautiful!

mama mia said...

Aco, were you paid to mention all my fave foods? this is plain torture so early in the morning ... love cheesecake, can never have enough of it, but only at very specific places... very difficult to find one that's done juuuust right...

acolyte said...

@ udi
I dunno if we have that franchise down here but if we do, I will most def give it a shot!
@ deviousone
I have had Johny Rocket, their burgers aren't bad, their milk shakes rock; but the price!Kinda expensive!
@ medusa
I will most def give that joint a shot.Why are you operating on 3 hours of sleep?Deadlines at work?
@ gish
I used to be a regular for buy one get one free at Steers, probo is that those punks would make the burgers smaller!Well baked cheesecake is to die for!Holla back asap bout Java burgers.
@ mdkims
I am feeling better today, thanks.As for you feeling sleep, do it to charge up and not to hide coz the issue will still be there when you wake up.
I do love the fact that I can have locks here with minimal backlash unlike back home where there was so much backlash.
@ stunuh
I see you are an international burger gourmand!Where are the good burgers in the UK sold?I plan to visit next year.
@ mama mia
Seems we have similar tastes in food.My dear you forget this is the states where you can buy a burger early morning and no-one will bat an eyelid!Good cheesecake rocks!

Girl next door said...

@ Acolyte,
I feel you on sleeping! It's one time you can just focus on yourself and recharge before facing the world. Cheesecake is delish--the best I've had is dulce de leche from The Cheesecake Factory.
@ All burgered out,
I love Johnny Rockets milkshakes! The burgers are alright.

acolyte said...

@ Girl Next Door
Good to see that you have discovered the wonder of sleep!Lala salama after your slice of cheesecake!